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These days, a new breed of speakeasy has cropped up around the city, featuring old-timey touches like hidden entrances, tin ceilings, and cocktails made with classic ingredients.
Here are some of New York's best speakeasies, from 67 Orange Street in Harlem to the new Featherweight in Bushwick. Heck, I lived in various Upper West Side rental apartments for 20 years and still to this day will find myself walking down blocks for the first time. Anyway, this all comes to mind because all three of the City’s daily newspapers ran articles recently about different sorts of secret streets and hidden gems. Take Pomander Walk, on the Upper West Side, pictured at top, which is kind of like the prettiest alley you’ve ever seen, running mid-block block and lined with eight of the cutest little Tudors in town. Finally, the Daily News takes a look at the waterfronts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, which have been given such an extraordinary (and much-needed!) amount of time, energy and money from the city this past decade or so.

Here's what you WON'T find: bait and switch ads, brokers pretending to be owners, the same apartment posted by 20 different agents, and scam postings. This is how: no one posts an apartment for rent without their account first being approved by our top notch staff, trained to sniff out evil-doers (and brokers charging a fee).
Nabes we cover: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester County, Nassau County, Northern New Jersey (Hudson, Bergen and Essex Counties), and Fairfield County in CT. Upon reviewing the 2015 list, you may wonder where some of the classic hidden restaurants area€“Kuma Inn, La Esquina, the ski chalet behind Cafe Selecta€“just to name a few.
As they have been featured inA our previous list, wea€™ve aimed for a wider range of diningA types here, from cafes to lunch counters to a referral-only restaurant. No matter how long you’ve lived here, there are always, ALWAYS surprising, pretty, exciting, amazing new things to discover.

By no means even remotely exhaustive, there’s definitely some cool stuff to be found here.
Or Cherokee Place, parallel to the East River, and near several Upper East Side rental apartment buildings whose de facto back yard is the excellent John Jay Park and playground. This list will get you beyond the trendy to some of the more unique hidden restaurants in New York City. Many of them connect their database directly to ours, so you're not looking at listings that have already been rented.

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