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The neighborhoods that scored the highest were deemed the best hipsterhoods in the country. The crew over at┬áNYMag’s culture site┬áVulture is currently going over the last century of music in New York City.
This map is perfect for the people who grew up during the rise of Hip Hop culture, as it shows legendary music venues like The Tunnel and The Kit Kit Club (Harlem World is absent for some reason).
Their examination covers all the trends, superstars, cultural milestones and hits that have made NYC one of the worlds greatest musical meccas. Covering NYC’s rich Hip Hop history, the site has posted an awesome illustration by artist Sarah King. The greatest thing about this beautifully illustrated map is that it reminds us that before Hip Hop became an institution preacticed and performed the world over, it started out here, in NYC.

The city that never sleeps lives up to its name because of all the great bars, clubs and lounges.
This illustrated map of NYC not only features the birthplaces of prominent Hip Hop acts like the Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J, Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z and others, but also features lyrics from Hip Hop’s greatest writers. The locations used in their songs shout out major neighborhoods and locations that helped shape Hip Hop culture in NYC. Indie rock bands, jazz bands, and other local bands can all be found in NYC lounges.Most hip hop lounges in NYC have an incredible environment. These amazing lounges present late night house beats, hip hop and you are likely to find one that suits your musical taste.
The interior decor of these lounges are worth seeing, huge lights boost the ambiance of the lounge in fact people also enjoy a lot when they see hot crowd with loud music and also big lights.If you're an adult, what better way to have a night of fun than in a hoppin' bar, club or lounge in NYC.

After filling up your stomach with the finest drinks NYC has to offer, why not switch it up and head to a lounge that plays some rock and roll music?Looking for a more traditional lounge where you can host your wedding reception? You know a reception party includes dance and fun and here is the basic ingredient and that what makes it an amazing party of all.

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