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The filing said the investigation was also looking at whether the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) had made false claims to the U.S. Nick Paolucci, a spokesman for the city's law department, said the Department of Health is cooperating in the investigation.
More than 400,000 people reside in the New York City Housing Authority's 328 public housing developments, according to its website.
The court filing on Wednesday by Bharara's office related to an investigation into possible violations of the False Claims Act.
The investigation, which dated back to at least November, has also looked at the city's Department of Homeless Services, according to the filing. Beyond information about people with elevated blood-lead levels in NYCHA public housing, Bharara's office has sought "documents ref1ecting complaints of unsafe, unsanitary, or unhealthful conditions," the filing said.
Some of the records sought include notification letters and lead-based paint evaluation results, according to the filing. The health department has agreed to produce the information, but required a court order to legally do so, lawyers in Bharara's office wrote in a letter seeking an order from U.S. Waveline is a 5,000 square foot multi-purpose theatre adjacent to an existing community center in Queens, New York.
Within a 90' x 50' site footprint we designed a structure that is as large as possible to accommodate theatrical productions.
At two community meetings called by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), tenants expressed angry opposition to plans by the authority to use public property to build luxury high-rise apartment buildings. Hundreds of residents showed up at NYCHA-sponsored meetings on March 21 in the Frederick Douglass Houses on Manhattana€™s Upper West Side. In a presentation that bordered on blackmail, NYCHA Board member Margarita Lopeza€”a former Democratic Party City Councilwomana€”maintained that the authority had no choice but to lease some of its land to private investors.
Lopez was echoing NYCHAa€™s argument that the only way to deal with the authoritya€™s budget deficits was to give wealthy real estate investors the right to construct fourteen apartment buildings with 99-year leases that would, it is claimed, bring in an estimated $30 to $50 million a year.
Lopez dismissed the concern of tenants that the leasing of public lands would be the first step towards the dismantling of public housing.
One speaker after another from the audience stated that the leasing was really just the first step towards the abolition of low-income housing in the city. One resident, a 77-year-old woman, told the audience that she has been going to community meetings since she was 17, and this was the worst of them all.
Another meeting took place on March 14 at the Washington Houses in East Harlem in Manhattan. Raul Ortiz spoke for many in the audience when he said, a€?This is about systematic gentrification.

At both meetings, tenants voiced many complaints about the disrepair in their apartments and buildings. NYCHA, the citya€™s largest landlord, has over 400,000 tenants and a backlog of approximately 350,000 repair orders.
NYCHA is proposing to use 14 parcels of land in eight housing campuses in Manhattan, amounting to three million square feet. A one-bedroom apartment can easily rent for $3,100 per month, and many are even more expensive. The citya€™s Educational Construction Fund is also considering allowing developers to build apartment towers on top of three public schools in Manhattan.
The WSWS spoke with public housing residents in both the Washington and Douglass Houses after the recent meetings.
Idalise Santiago, a tenant in the Frederick Douglass Houses, came to the Washington Houses meeting. Tanisha Borden has lived in the Washington Houses for 20 years and is an employee of NYCHA.
Teddy Feliciano has a grandmother who has been living in the Washington Houses for 55 years. Francis De La Cruz, a resident for 22 years in the Douglass Houses, was one of those who could not get into the meeting there. Kimberly Hall lives in the Grant public housing complex just a mile north of the Douglass Houses.
Justice Department said on Wednesday it has opened a civil investigation into the health and safety conditions in New York City's public housing and the extent residents have elevated blood-lead levels. Attorney Preet Bharara asked a federal judge to direct the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to produce information in response to a civil investigative demand. Public attention over lead poisoning has grown in the wake of the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan.
The roof, the principal design feature of the new building, is a bent plane running east-west and resting on columns.
If NYCHA failed to do so, she claimed, the severe shortfalls in funding would not only cause the current state of building disrepair to get worse, but also threaten the continued existence of public housing in New York City.
Given the reaction at the meeting, Douglass tenants clearly did not believe the official denials. There, NYCHA is planning to replace a parking lot, a community center, a health care facility and a landscaped plaza in order to allow developers to create 919 apartments in an 850,000-square-foot area. A young woman from the Washington Houses said that a fire took place in her apartment a number of years ago and that a€?absolutely nothing has been donea€? to repair it since then.

It blames this accumulation on the current deficit of $60 million in its operating budget, along with $6 billion in capital needs. They would be leased by private investors to create 4,000 to 5,000 apartments, of which 80 percent would be rented at market rates. A number of libraries are to be demolished and then rebuilt on the ground floor of new high-rise apartment buildings, ostensibly to pay for the $230 million needed for repairs of 60 branch libraries. Three such projects have taken place since 2008, but the Board of Education wants to accelerate the pace. He complained that the housing authority has not modernized her apartment as it is supposed to do every 16 years.
I they are saying their mandate is low-income housing, so why is the ratio of market to affordable housing 80-20? Attorney Preet Bharara asked a federal judge to direct the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to produce information in response to a civil investigative demand. It will be visible from the 10-story high housing blocks surrounding it and was designed as a sculptural shape with standing seam stainless steel cladding. The agency is seeking to lease three parking lots in the Douglass Houses to real estate developers.
Residents were skeptical when Margarita Lopez, representing NYCHA at this meeting as well, tried to convince them that construction would not bring with it a lengthy period of disruption, in addition to threatening more direct attacks on their homes and communities. These deficits are the result of more than $1.5 billion in federal budget cuts for New York public housing since 2001. The housing authority is also looking for more sites to make available to developers for luxury housing in the other boroughs. As with the libraries, this will require shutting down the schools until construction is completed.
He explained that her bathtub is too low, that the home care attendant therefore has to give her a bath in the bedroom, but the authority has not updated her bathroom to solve this problem. The roof shape is also a direct response to acoustic studies, developing optimal sound projections for theatrical productions in the space.
I have a feeling the money they will get will be misused as they have with other funding they have received. For people who live here so many yearsa€”I have lived here since I was littlea€”I wondered why it was being condemned back then, but now they are making it luxury housing.

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