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Forgotten NY was the first recipient of the Outstanding NYC Website award by the Guides Association of NYC in March 2015!
Forgotten New York is a program of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, a non-profit organization supported by the Long Island City community. Until now, I have somehow missed this terrific neon sign for Mitchell’s Wines • Liquors on West 86th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway. It’s just one of a large number of classic liquor store signs, whether plastic, painted or neon, I have found around town since the 1998 Dawn of Forgotten New York.

In many cases, liquor stores, like funeral homes, stay in business for decades, since there’s always a demand. Our multilingual staff provides attentive service to local Upper East Side residents and international tourists.
And, the signs seem immune to trends and fashions since they get the job done in a straightforward manner.
In addition to a superior selection of fine wines and spirits, our sommelier staff is available to offer food pairing suggestions and party and event planning services.

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