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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hugs his son, Dante de Blasio, at his election night party Nov.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made waves with the police union last week after his comments that his biracial son needed to take special precautions when dealing with police. De Blasio, who has refused to endorse the grand jury's Garner decision, didn't back down from his position that the way black children are policed in this country differs from their white counterparts. De Blasio noted that he didn't believe that he was any different from any father who has children of color. Today is Mayor Bloomberg's final day in office, but that didn't make him quit work ahead of time and go to an early happy hour. Here's why e-cigarette fans are sure to hate this a€” because the "smoke" coming out of an electronic cigarette is actually nothing more than water vapor. Smokers turn to them to get their nicotine fix in bars and restaurants and funeral homes and operas and anywhere else that smoking is banned.
Through noon on Sunday, the National Weather Service said, high winds made it feel as cold as minus-25 to minus-36 in New York City and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey and as cold as minus-35 degrees around Boston.Boston reached minus-9, breaking the record set in 1934 by 6 degrees.
Some people decided to bundle up a little during the run,A in which people don their Valentine's-themed underwear and raise funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation.Connecticut Natural Gas said customers in Berlin started reporting outages around 4am on.
New York City begins its months-long budget review process as Mayor Bill de Blasio released his initial fiscal year 2017 budget alongside complaints of state overreach.
All told the proposal includes about $740 million in new spending, the Gazette reported, including $62 million for ThriveNYC, a new mental health services initiative, and $53.7 million for homelessness prevention.

The initial budget proposal also included setting aside funds for the city's general reserve, though the Gazette noted these savings were not as substantial as in previous years. Council members have asked the mayor to implement a Program to Eliminate the Gap before issuing his finalized executive budget. New York Mayor Richard de Blasio's initial budget includes funding to address homelessness and school overcrowding.
Under Cuomo's proposal, state budget cuts would leave New York City responsible for providing more funding for both state Medicaid programs and for the City University of New York.
Public sector budgeting requires not only balancing current spending and revenues, but also making educated assessments of a municipality or state's future financial needs. With Questica, cities can utilize an all-encompassing public sector budgeting platform to manage, balance and plan complex budgets through web-based software.
Through its Operating and Capital Budget platforms Questica allows for unlimited multi-year hypothetical budgeting that help cities to prepare for changes in fiscal obligations or revenue.
Municipalities finalizing their budgets for their upcoming fiscal year should contact Questica today to learn how flexible and comprehensive budgeting software aids in accurate fiscal planning. Temperatures in the city broke Valentine's Day records on Sunday, reaching minus-one in Central Park'These temperatures can be life threatening - especially for seniors, infants and people with medical conditions,' New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. It reached minus-16 in Worcester, Massachusetts, breaking the 1979 record of 11 below zero.
Several city council members have already called for de Blasio to increase recurring savings and build up additional reserves before final approval of the budget is granted.

Previous administrations have utilized a PEG to create specific spending reduction guidelines and goals for individual city agencies. For a city that needs to balance funding for new initiatives and citizen priorities with fiscal conservatism and state obligations, being able to accurately forecast beyond the current fiscal year can help to weather economic setbacks. In addition to providing a streamlined, comprehensive and real-time solution to inefficient spreadsheets, Questica offers several analytical tools that provide for sounder budgetary decisions. Stay indoors and take care of each other, he counseled.'It's so important to take this seriously, to stay indoors to the maximum extent possible, go out for as little time as possible.
Providence hit minus-9 and Hartford minus-12, also breaking records from 1979.Areas across Massachusetts are facing freezing wind chills, with the coldest in Worcester, where there is a wind chill of minus-44. I lived in Boston all my life,' said Eddie Brown, 51, a delivery truck driver out on his rounds. Though de Blasio did not implement such a program with his initial proposal, the Gazette reported the mayor has stated he is seriously considering doing so moving forward.
Finally, through the Performance Platform, cities can set quantifiable goals for initiatives that are being prioritized to ensure spending is being utilized effectively. And they've said to me over and over and over again that they appreciate someone finally acknowledging that they have that conversation with their sons.

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