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New Yorkers are famous for their opinions, usually expressed at high volume, with zero chance of being convinced otherwise.
Our friends over at Curbed delivered this thoughtful, compelling, and slightly incorrect list last year around this time. This entry was posted in Apartment Living NYC and tagged architecture, buildings, Manhattan architecture, New York City architecture, NYC architecture.

Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events! Can't argue with Grand Central Terminal, nor the Chrysler Building, nor even the Conde Nast Building in Times Square, either.
Though we may have been forced to include, among other things, the High Line (not technically a New York City building, true, but still…), and maybe even the Flatiron, just because it looks so lovely the way the light hits it in the evening.

But where's Blue, which infuses new life and energy (and, of course, color) into the Lower East Side, while somehow not overwhelming everything else in one of the oldest neighborhoods in town.

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