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I just returned from New York City where I had the opportunity to work with schools in the New York City Public school district. I worked closely with a few administrators from the district, as well, who are dedicated to supporting the teachers in their network.
This blog shares information about the lessons I've learned (and continue to learn) from my experiences traveling the world while creating curriculum, conducting teacher training, and teaching literacy and English to Speakers of Other Languages.
The school seeks out students who not only have high grades, but also have outstanding achievements under their belts — from overcoming homelessness to starting their own nonprofits.
Many things in life — like landing a job at some Wal-Mart locations — are harder to achieve than getting into that prestigious university.
The store received more than 23,000 applications but only hired 600 associates, NBC Washington reported.
While many Harvard graduates can expect a 6-figure income, Wal-Mart employees pocket an average of $11.83 an hour or nearly $25,000 annually,,according to the company. The company uses an algorithm based on the popularity and relevance of posts, along with other factors, to decide what goes where. If you want to boost your chances, posts with photos do far better than links or text-based posts. The report analyzes the number of people who were born into the lowest income quintile but ended up in the highest income quintile.
Even at the top of the list, people in San Jose, California showed just a 12.9% chance of living the American dream. It’s no surprise so many people want to work there, as Fortune magazine named Goldman one of the 100 best places to work in 2014. The full responsibilities of the Secret Service are well, secret, but agents remain with the president and his family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For these reasons, the Secret Service accepted less than 1% of their 15,600 special agent applications in 2011, Bloomberg reported. Li hasn’t picked the first class of attendees from a batch of more than 1,000 applicants, representing more than 80 universities. Concord High School in Staten Island had a four-year graduation rate of less than 20% in 2013, according to data published by the local radio station WNYC. Attendees were then invited to an early hands-on session with the devices across the road in a specially built showroom.
Apple has already sold 4 million units of the iPhone 6 in pre-orders, while the Flint Center only had a capacity of 2,500. Comparing the number of people who want an iPhone 6 with the number who got their hands on one that day, you had less than a 0.1% chance of being in the room.
In 2009, Apple’s much-anticipated Upper West Side store opened its doors, Gizmodo reported at the time. The odds of obtaining a Green Card (known officially a Diversity Visa) vary depending on the applicant’s region. The Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad (IIM-A) received 173,866 for its 2012-2014 class. Foreign language skills are highly valued by the company, with as many as 30% of hires speaking a second language. In his words, Google receives about one million applications every year — but only hires 1,000 to 4,000 people. They go through recruiter screening, two or three phone interviews, and then four or five in-person ones on site, not to mention jumping through other professional hoops. Writers in the Public Schools Fellowships Each year, several students admitted to the program are named Writers in the Public Schools Fellows.
Niche’s rankings are based on a combination of statistics from public databases and user reviews.

Most of the schools on Niche’s list are magnet schools, meaning they pull in qualified students from around their city. Students at Stuyvesant rave about the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and how prepared they feel for college, with one student saying, “I felt that the educational opportunities at Stuyvesant prepared me to be leaps and bounds ahead of my peers at college. I spent the last week in New York City following up with administrators, teachers, and students at several public high schools that I visited the first week in January. Monday: At the first high school I visited, I introduced a teacher to the Haitian-Creole native language translation feature on the Reading Horizons software. Tuesday: I observed a couple high school ESL classes who are using the Reading Horizons software. Wednesday: When I visited this particular high school in January, I had an opportunity to do some model teaching of the Reading Horizons direct instruction method for a couple ninth-grade classes while ten or so teachers from the school observed.
Thursday: I spent the whole day at one particular high school on Thursday and was able to meet with several teachers and visit several classrooms using the Reading Horizons software. Friday: I had the opportunity to go to the Board of Education building to meet with network administrators Janine and Geri who are helping to oversee the Reading Horizons pilot.
I also was able to meet with a friend Shaun Parry, Broadway performer, as I was heading out of town. I'm grateful for all the good that goes on in individual classrooms in various corners of the nation and the world. Do you have an experience with witnessing unrecognized good being done in the classroom, in either a traditional or a non-traditional context?
Niche's rankings are based on a combination of statistics from public databases and user reviews. Most of the schools on Niche's list are magnet schools, meaning they pull in qualified students from around their city. Students at Stuyvesant rave about the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and how prepared they feel for college, with one student saying, "I felt that the educational opportunities at Stuyvesant prepared me to be leaps and bounds ahead of my peers at college. In June Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the School Diversity Accountability Act supported by New York Appleseed.  The Act is an important step towards reducing racial and economic segregation in New York City schools. STV provided construction management services to the New York City School Construction Authority for the $100 million conversion and replacement of boiler systems in 43 public schools throughout the five boroughs.
I visited several middle schools and high schools and met with teachers, conducted teacher trainings, and taught a couple high school classes where I did some model teaching of how the Reading Horizons method can be implemented in the classroom. The students who manage to catch the attention of admissions officers overcome exceptional odds, but they should maintain some perspective. Since the ranking began in 1984, Goldman is one of just five companies that made the list every year. While many programming PhDs have solid research skills, few can meet the pace of a startup. Meanwhile, the Green Dot Charter School in the Bronx had a four-year graduation rate of nearly 99%. The rate is about 6% in Oceania (because of fewer applications and relatively higher quotas). The university has the luxury of being extra choosy because of India’s large population and the vast number of students with outstanding grades and test scores. T&W seeks to educate the imagination by offering innovative creative writing programs for New York City students and teachers, and by providing a variety of publications and resources to support learning through the literary arts.
News’ yearly high school ranking, Stuyvesant came in at #69 nationally, and #12 in New York state. The purpose of my visit this time around was to discuss the Reading Horizons pilot that is currently being conducted there.
He was very excited to learn about this feature since he has a student in his class from Haiti who is frustrated because he wants so badly to show what he knows, but his low level of English proficiency limits him.

These students come from backgrounds with various challenges which impact their motivation to be in school, let alone their motivation to attend the remedial reading class that a stranger (myself) was teaching. The Reading Horizons program is embedded into their school schedule during SSR (Silent Sustained Reading), which means that several teachers and students are using the Reading Horizons program. News' yearly high school ranking, Stuyvesant came in at #69 nationally, and #12 in New York state.
I was impressed with the dedication of the teachers and their desires to help their students reach their full potential. Janine Caffrey, shares a video on her blog that demonstrates the teachers' potential to change the world by helping their students reach their full potential and teaching them how to read.
Each Writers in the Public Schools Fellow receives invaluable professional development training from T&W, as well as guidance and supervision from experienced public school teachers and administrators while they teach in the classroom during the fall and spring terms of the school year. I visited one or two public high schools each day, riding the subways to various parts of the city, including Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, and walking to the historical school buildings (some days in the rain and snow, which added to the adventure). I watched the teacher enthusiastically activate the Haitian Creole native language translation for his student and then call his Haitian student over to show him the words and instruction translated into Haitian Creole. I had an opportunity to do some model teaching of Reading Horizons direct instruction at the end of each class.
Their body language upon first meeting screamed, "I dare you to teach me something." Needless to say, this was a challenging teaching experience for me (but I enjoyed the challenge).
He is the founder and director of Promethean Spark, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching life skills through the performing arts to impoverished children throughout the world, including India, Africa, and Central America. STV was responsible both for recruiting personnel and for the administration and coordination of all construction services, including estimating proposed work, development of schedules and maintaining a strict budget.
Then I watched a huge smile form across this student's face as he saw and heard his familiar mother tongue, recognizing that this tool would help to break down the language barrier that has impeded his progress and confidence since he has been in the United States.
Since that time, the students have been using the Reading Horizons software, and I had the opportunity this visit to go back to the classroom to see how these students were responding to the software. These teachers have taken the Reading Horizons program and run with it, collaborating with each other, helping each other where needed, and teaching each other new things they discover that work well with students. He had just barely flown in to New York City the day before after being away for three months in India and Kenya. I was also very impressed with their principal who is very supportive and wants to ensure that her teachers have what they need to be successful. They responded that Reading Horizons helps them with the following skills: reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. Their teacher has implemented a reward system for students as well, which an enthusiastic student (pictured here) oriented me to. Each student's progress through the Reading Horizons lessons is charted on a poster hanging on the wall. They are also awarded for coming to class on time and staying on task with a free day once in awhile.
I was particularly impressed with one student who was previously resistant during my first visit (though he did start to soften up by the end of my class). This student goes online and works on the Reading Horizons program at home (out of his own free will), and then when he comes to class, he tells his teacher to update the chart with the lesson he has most recently completed.
In addition, he has told his teacher that he doesn't want to go to the other reading class because he wants to finish Reading Horizons, and he doesn't want to take his "free days" because he wants to get through Reading Horizons software.

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