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Update: The map, which previously covered only Manhattan, now includes Brooklyn and Queens.
About a year ago, we reported that the number of small chain or independent coffee shops in New York City for the first time in decades outnumbered large chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. To you 18-to-35-year-old working New Yorkers, we present to you this map, which outlines dozens of coffee shops throughout Manhattan (and now Brooklyn and Queens), based on their proximity to a subway station. On December 13, 1986: Civil Rights activist Ella Baker, who worked behind-the-scenes for the NAACP, SCLC, and SNCC and whose career spanned five decades, died on her 83rd birthday in New York City. Mikeabono saidA he started researching the city's best coffee shops using articles, blogs, Yelp, Google, and Zagat reviews, trying to avoid duplicates.
New York City’s Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.
The New York City bus system contains nearly 5,000 public buses that serve over a million people a day.
Our free online travel guides are a perfect way to discover your next travel destination or inspire your travels . 2.2K Maps South Street Seaport The South Street Seaport is located on the East side of Southern Manhattan. 2.0K Maps Getting Around New York City By Mass Transit New York City has a very reliable and cheap subway and bus system that operates 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. 2.6K Maps Getting Around New York City By Bus The New York City bus system contains nearly 5,000 public buses that serve over a million people a day. It never fails to impress me (but I am no longer surprised) how willing people are to help you when you ask nicely.
It would appear that the plot was purchased by Amanda Roemhild at the time of the death of infant Ferdinand Gustav Insel. In 1880 he is living in Philadelphia, age 40, born Prussia, living with (?3d) Wife Fredericka, his three children, and three step children named Cook. Reconstructed sequence of marriages, children, and places: First known wife was Mary Francisca Hauckauf with whom he had Alvina in NY in 1866.

He also enlisted the help of his friends, and on the weekends tried to find out what type of equipment and beans were used at each shop to help determine quality. Click on the image below for a full-size version of the New York City Subway Map or download the PDF version of the New York City Subway Map. Tourism Guides provides free online travel guides for some of the most popular destinations on the planet! The Seaport consists of 12 city blocks that feature cobblestone streets lined with shops, tall ships and the famous Pier 17 shopping area.
We've scoured the Internet for all kinds of New York City maps and distilled the results down to the best of each type. Maps has two advantages over MapQuest: better printed quality and you can view a larger area. You can grab the map and drag it to pan and you can also drag the cursor anywhere on the thumbnail map to quickly jump to another area. There is a freeware PalmPilot program, X-Man, which is a Manhattan street address locator similar to the one above.
I also want to pass along the truism that you can only do so much genealogy work on the internet. By 1873, he was married to Amanda with whom he had Lillie in NY and Alexander in 1875 in Philadelphia. In cases of multiple stores, the original or most popular location of that chain was weighted more heavily. Another benefit of this page is that we've found some unusual and interesting maps that otherwise would not be found with normal searching. Used every day by nearly 5 million people, New York City subways travel above and underground. Every time I have left my keyboard, I made spectacular discoveries and met equally wonderful friends and relatives. This was a common custom in my German families for 300 years.) Next to die was Lillie Roemhild.

Some locations didn’t have great options, and Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks had be chosen.
The cemetery drove me by car to the plot to make sure I found it, but it is not far to walk over the hill behind the office.
While I was looking for some Eckers, I stumbled on some wonderful new leads about the Insels for whom my research progress had been slowing.
It is noteworthy that Lillie's mother was named Amanda, but the mother of her older sister Alvina was Mary Francisca (Hackauf). To shorten the story, I recovered the death certificates of my Great-Grandparents Johann Gustav Insel and his wife Alvina Clara Roemhild. I did not know the years of their deaths, but for the years 1900 through about 1935, the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton have all the deaths for a given year alphabetized so no index work is necessary. In a half-day I was able to recover 50 relevant certificates that would have taken many months or years to obtain through the mail (if at all). Next in the grave was the family patriarch, my Great-Great-Grandfather Gustav Adam Roemhild. In truth, save for the date of death, the information was not earth shattering as it confirmed what I already knew. She was fairly sure it referred to the Lutheran Cemetery on Long Island, a place she knew many German families used.
It was easy to call the cemetery and confirm that there were not just two, but six burials in their plot. As a throwaway gift, that same archive staff member suggested the name of the Zion German Evangelical Church in Brooklyn that immigrants used. I confirmed the correctness of the cemetery, but additional footwork and a request did not find family in that church.

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