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Vimeo director of design Justin Dickinson captured video of a Brooklyn-bound New York City Subway “L” train at Union Square in Manhattan covered in a brightly colored ad wrap by his employer.
Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Solid hardwood upper body with magnetic connectors to play on all standard wooden railway tracks (including Brio and Thomas). For the better part of three decades, the debate over subway graffiti has consumed New Yorkers. Just two weeks after famed graffiti artist Iz the Wiz passed away, Transit and the NYPD say that graffiti hits are down by 46 percent this year over 2007. Police patrols and Transit surveillance teams have slashed the number of subway graffiti attacks nearly in half, officials told the Daily News.
Over the years, the agency has tried to combat another form of more destructive graffiti — scratchiti, the use of acid to etch glass windows — with less success. You think this will force them to do something more permanent like scratching the metal exterior?
I like how on the R160s they learned from the window rim scratching on the R143s and put rigid metal there.
IN the old days, they came north on the trains, shipped in boxes and sent out of Grand Central Terminal, and were tossed onto platforms for the ticket agent to dole out to riders on Metro-North. They are the pocket-size schedules often found in racks by the door or the ticket window of stations along the New Haven line.
Now, with ticket machines replacing agents, some stations have gone months without the schedules.
Visits to 18 stations from Greenwich to New Haven this month found that the schedules were either hard to come by or nonexistent at a third of the stations. At the bigger, busier stations like the ones in Stamford, Bridgeport and New Haven, schedules abound. While the Old Greenwich station doesn't have a ticket agent anymore, it does have Jack Kennedy, who helps out at the newspaper stand by giving out schedules when he has some to give out. Rowayton is another station without a ticket agent, but it does have five people who try to make sure there are some schedules around.
Dominick Tesauro, the parking attendant on the New York-bound side, keeps a stack in his booth.
Eventually, some schedules make their way inside the Rowayton station to the concession and newsstand operator, Bob Diroma, but even those run out quickly. Dan Brucker, a Metro-North spokesman, said that any station with a ticket agent has schedules dropped off.
According to Metro-North's Web site, only eight stations on the main artery of the New Haven line still have ticket agents.

In the last two years, ticket machines have replaced ticket agents at a number of New Haven line stations, including Old Greenwich, Noroton Heights and Greens Farms. So fewer than half of the New Haven line stations have agents, leaving 11 stations where parking attendants or newsstand vendors are taking it upon themselves to get schedules. The pocket schedules are produced by Viacom Outdoor for Metro-North and cost the railroad nothing, Mr.
GREENWICH -- Next to the ticket window on the second floor are the racks for the schedules. A woman boarding the 10:19 to New York said she liked to take a bunch to keep for visitors going into the city. ROWAYTON -- No ticket agent, but has its Team Rowayton of parking lot attendants making sure there are schedules.
BRIDGEPORT -- Plenty of schedules, although the ticket agent said she ran out of them all the time. Hong Kong Photo Gallery - To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.
New York, London, Prague, Iceland, Rocky Mountains, Angkor Wat, Sri Lanka, Seoul, Myanmar, and much more! Interesting that you enter on the mezzanine level and either go up or go down to the seats. These could help alleviate the overcrowding into Manhattan until the new tunnel is completed, though I don't understand why NJT insists on buying new push-pull cars instead of buying some new EMU's.
The train bears the slogan “made with [heart] in NYC” on the outside and continues the colorful vibes inside the train. As I explored in April, some feel graffiti is art while others believe graffiti exhibits simply glorify vandalism. The agency also struck a new arrangement with city police: The agency would focus on the far-flung railyards while NYPD squads would target tracks between stations, where some trains are parked overnight. As part of an effort to deter graffiti, Transit will not put vandalized trains on the tracks until they are clean, and it can take the agency up to three hours to clean the outside of a car. As Donohue reminds us, Transit unveiled a pilot program of scratch-resistant ads late last year.
Those who perpetrate the crime think it a victimless one and will not stop while those fighting it will have to stay one step ahead of artists who have the run of a wide open system. Commuters have become so frustrated that they have been returning from Grand Central and other stations with stacks of schedules and supplying the stations themselves. At the moderately busy stations, the ones without ticket agents, like Old Greenwich and Rowayton, let's just say it takes a village to get a schedule.
Kennedy said that some commuters had been stocking the station with schedules, taking them up from Grand Central, but it is never enough.

Kennedy in Old Greenwich said he heard a barrage of questions about the missing schedules and he had a stock answer. At many of the stations where commuter traffic is light, it ''does not pay to have a ticket seller there,'' Mr. Soltesz said people often pulled up in cars to his parking booth at the Rowayton station and ask for schedules. Fresh ones are printed at least twice a year when Metro-North fine-tunes the schedule of the New Haven line. A ticket agent, Scott Coady, is restocking them in a never-ending battle of supply and demand.
No ticket agent here, but Belinda Ramos makes sure she has a few of the large accordion-like timetables available behind her coffee counter.
I think times should be set so that they come at the same time each hour (eg: 5, 20, 35, 50 minutes past the hour) so people can memorise the times. At first i though these were jsut slightly different but its obviously they more than slightly differ from the normal bi-level cars.
NJT has both high-level and low-level platforms though (LIRR is all high-level), so I assume these cars can handle low-level platforms as well. No matter the outcome, New York City Transit and the NYPD are hard at work combating these markings. With increased cooperation and manpower, they have been able to cover more ground and get results, DeMarino said.
According to Donohue’s sources, the MTA spent $350,000 in 2007 and just $125,000 in 2008 to clean up the trains.
That program, according to Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges, is too expensive to implement throughout the MTA’s rolling stock. She could go to South Norwalk and pick up a supply of smaller ones, but said most people just looked at them, picked their train and tossed them out. A waiter at the nearby Shell Station restaurant produces a timetable upon request from the waiters' station. It works outside of peak and weekends here, but frequency is usually good enough to just turn up at the station at any time.

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