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Through photosynthesis, trees turn sunlight into food for insects, wildlife, and people (apple or pear anyone?), as well as create wood for fuel, furniture, and homes. Trees release beneficial chemicals that seems to help regulate the climate; others are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.
Even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a back yard, you might be able to find a tree-planting initiative in your city. And, of course, our amphibian friends need trees, especially those arboreal frogs in the Hylidae family, many of which live in tropical and temperate forests. For more information (including information about where to buy tree seedlings), see the Arbor Day Foundation. Enter your email and name below to stay informed on the latest from Frogs Are Green and receive Chapter 1 of Frogs, Amphibians and their Threatened Environment, and our special gift poster, Red-Eyed Tree Frog of the Rainforest! Green Web Hosting CompanySupport green web hosts like iPage and you are supporting the environment!
Frogs Are Green on TumblrNational Novel Writing Month Very excited to share the book cover I created for young writer Rowan Hadley titled: Sword of Midnight.
If you are in search of a rotund, jolly man in the red suit, Lapland is the place to go looking for him. This fairy tale wonderland abounds with soaring castles, many of which now welcome guests with opulent 5 star resort facilities, quaint cobble-stoned villages and breathtaking alpine landscapes. In 2005, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation organized a street tree inventory. The 2013 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, December 04, with live and taped performances from 7 P.M. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a world-wide symbol of the holidays in New York City. El encendido de las luces del arbol de navidad de Rockefeller Center supone el inicio de la temporada de navidad en Nueva York. NEW YORK timelapse from dimid This video was shoted in September 2015 during a trip to New York. Everyone hungers for a little taste of New York‘s luxury lifestyle, even those on a budget.
New York City is one of the most visited places in the world, but when winter rolls in, it’s a veritable winter wonderland.
This high end department store might be out of your budget, but you can join the rest of the masses and ooh and aah over the extravagent window displays that the department store puts on every year.
Rolf’s German restaurant explodes in a sea of Christmas lights, decorations, and ornaments. Macy’s department store has been a symbol of Christmas spirit since the release of Miracle on 34th Street.

An 80-foot tall Norway spruce was decked out with 30,000 lights in New York City's Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was lit during the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony in New York, Wednesday, Nov. New York —  An 80-foot Norway spruce that made it through Superstorm Sandy was transformed into a beacon of shimmering glory Wednesday when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others turned its lights on at Rockefeller Center.Thousands of onlookers crowded behind barricades on the streets that surrounded the center during the traditional tree-lighting ceremony for the Christmas holiday season. Trees contribute to our emotional well being by providing beauty in our surroundings and much needed shade. They keep the concrete and asphalt of cities and suburbs 10 or more degrees cooler and protect our skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays.
Some years ago, I planted a small tree (about a foot high, purchased from a nursery) in our backyard with my sons.
New York City, for example, has an initiative called MillionTreesNYC, in which volunteers plant trees or adopt trees and care for them after they’re planted. Extravagant decorations, sparkling lights and delightful events and shows attract thousands of people to this glamorous city.
Delight in the extravagant traditional celebrations of a magnificent European city in Zurich, where the country’s largest market bustles around the most spectacular Christmas tree adorned with over 5000 Swarovski crystal decorations. Este ano 2013, la ceremonia dara comienzo el Miercoles 06 de Diciembre, a las 19.00 hora local de Nueva York, e incluira diversos actos. Es habitual que sea un abeto rojo el elegido para ser iluminado con 30.000 bombillas de tipo LED (y 5 millas de cableado) y coronado con una estrella de cristal de Swarovsky.
Festively decorated store fronts, twinkling Christmas lights, and bustling shoppers turn this metropolis into something straight from a holiday postcard. These displays have a different theme each year and look like something straight from a Hollywood movie. This is a Bohemian’s dream store with its eclectic collection of art, home decor, clothing, and jewelry. You’ll skate amidst other holiday revelers, and you can even take lessons from skating instructors. Finish your shopping, indulge in belly warming dishes at iconic restaurants, or simply stroll the streets and soak in the cheery atmosphere for a truly delightful Christmas experience.
A video screen projected an image of the tree for those who did not have a direct line of sight."It makes me want to sing and dance," said Zuri Young, who came several hours early with her boyfriend to watch the lighting for the first time. The examples he cites include some of North America’s most ancient trees, the alpine bristlecone forests, which are falling victim to a voracious beetle and an Asian fungus. Fishermen have replanted forests along coasts and rivers to successfully bring back depleted fish and oyster stocks. The tree is now about 20 feet high and we enjoy watching the leaves change each fall and the birds hanging out on the branches.

It’s a great urban destination that offers famous experiences like the Macy’s Parade, the world’s tallest Christmas tree and live viewing of The Nutcracker.
Tens of thousands will crowd the sidewalks for the event and hundreds of millions will watch it live across the globe.
Every year, thousands of children drop postmarked letters to Santa in a special mailbox, assured that their letters will be safely delivered to Santa before Christmas Eve. There are a variety of shows and activities throughout the holiday season, making this an absolute staple in NYC’s Christmas festivities.
The 10-ton tree had been at the homestead for years, measuring about 22-feet tall in 1973 when Balku bought the house. Allow the mountain air, and the world class wellness treatments, to revitalise your body, mind and soul. Instead, you’ll be treated to fairy tale themes like Carnival of the Animals and High Fashion on Ice. If you want to stay for dinner, make sure to book your reservations a couple of weeks in advance; New Yorkers flock to this staple during the holiday season. If you have someone that’s difficult to shop for, you can probably find the perfect little gift for them right here. She said she hadn't planned to come, but was in the neighborhood.Standing next to her was Donna D'Agostino, 48, and her 17-year-old daughter. She said she lived in New York City her whole life and decided this was the year she was going to see the lighting."It's a bucket list item," said D'Agostino.
The spruce survived, and Erik Pauze, the head gardener at Tishman Speyer, one of the owners of Rockefeller Center, picked out the tree. He said he found it by accident when he got lost while returning to the city on a tree hunting expedition."It wasn't even on our list. It was a good find," Pauze said.Pauze said workers prepared for Superstorm Sandy by bracing the tree with cables to secure and protect it. Prior to that, the tree-lighting event include performances from Rod Stewart, CeeLo Green, Scotty McCreery, Il Volo, Victoria Justice, Brooke White, Mariah Carey, Trace Adkins and Tony Bennett, along with appearances by Billy Crystal and Bette Midler.The tradition of a Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center started in 1931, when workers building the center put up the first one. No tree was put up the following year, and in 1933, the first tree-lighting ceremony took place.People will be able to view the tree until Jan.
After its stint in the spotlight, it will be turned into lumber for Habitat for Humanity.RECOMMENDED: How much do you know about Christmas traditions?

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