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It's difficult to have a bad time in NYC, but if pizza and Coney Island aren't your idea of an ideal vacation, make sure your vacation to NYC is luxurious, iconic and unforgettable with these tips for where to stay, eat, drink and play. In a huge win for the sharing economy in New York City, Airbnb announced an important legal victory this week for those who rent out their spare rooms using the online platform. Airbnb, like Uber, Lyft, Hailo and other collaborative consumption companies, has recently found itself on the wrong side of the law in some major cities. New York alone has about 30,000 Airbnb hosts, generating about $1 billion in local economic activity per year. This is good news for the thousands of New Yorkers who open their homes to travelers while also occupying the premises. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
On January 20th 2015, the New York City Council conducted a hearing on short term rentals and the legislation affecting them.
Changes are coming to the way the city deters illegal rental activity, which will have a large effect on city residents and tourists alike. New York property laws set the length of time and manner in which a unit can be lawfully rented, and limit the conversion of units from permanent residences into transient hotels. Among the controversial legislation is Chapter 225 of the Laws of 2010 (NY’s “Illegal Hotel Law”) which bans certain apartment rentals of less than 30 days. The hearing focused on community concerns regarding the proliferation of “illegal hotels” (apartments in buildings with 3 or more units are rented out for less than 30 days to visitors instead of permanent residents).
The City Council focused on the increase in illegal hotel activity and the preventative measures which could be taken to combat the problem and suggested that online rental listing platforms are at least partially to blame for their failure to inquire into the legality of their listings.
Airbnb was less concerned about conducting due diligence and was more focused on efforts to change the law to conform to their business.
The hearing made it clear that the City Council is intent on providing greater resources to combat illegal hotel activity, regardless of the role online listing platforms play in the activity.
In fact, the OSE has already begun to implement new enforcement measures, including a mobile data platform for apartment inspections. New York Habitat works closely with government officials and applauds efforts to curb illegal hotel activity. As a licensed brokerage firm, New York Habitat’s vetting process involves investigating the property and public records to verify that the manner in which the property is advertised is consistent with the law and building policies.
You should always use a licensed New York broker or realtor when searching for an apartment, but if you book without proper assistance it is important to protect yourself. While brokers have the duty to be proactive and conduct due diligence prior to listing an apartment, online listing platforms do not.

Hopefully this explains the impact of the Council’s hearing and the importance of using a licensed broker to find an apartment or a tenant, rather than taking the risk of using an online listing platform that fails to investigate the legality of its listings.
I feel so blessed to have known NY Habitat upon recommendation of a person with a big heart.
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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In May, Airbnb host Nigel Warren was fined $2,400 by the city for renting out his bedroom to strangers while on vacation (the city claimed this was a violation of short-term rental laws).
On the surface, the platforms seem simple and brilliant – allow people to give others access to unused resources for a modest fee. Warren rented out his room to strangers, yes, but only while his roommate, a permanent resident of the apartment, was present. It changes nothing, however, for those who like to rent out their residences while out of town. This controversy affects all New Yorkers, since illegal rentals can result in safety and noise concerns, as well as overcrowding and a decrease in building services, not to mention eviction of the leaseholder and their guests. Therefore, it is important for all New Yorkers and their guests to understand the controversy and outcome of the hearing. These regulations were put in place in order to protect the safety, privacy, and quality of life for residents and tourists alike, as well as to curb the city’s affordable housing shortage.
Many apartments in NYC are subject to this, although there are exceptions, including single family homes.
When asked if the company currently lists illegal apartments in NYC, they said they “don’t look too closely at what individuals are doing” on the platform. This will come in the form of additional inspectors for the Office of Special Enforcement (“OSE”); the task force investigating illegal hotel complaints and taking appropriate enforcement action. It is abundantly clear that we must provide the [OSE] with the tools and resources it needs to hold these illegal hotel operators accountable,” said Mark Levine, a member of the City Council.
The platform will allow users to report potential property violations from a mobile device and will provide real time data to OSE inspection teams in the field to increase cooperation and efficiency in a streamlined mobile process. Companies should tailor their business models to comply in good faith with the law and reduce unfair competition. This hard work and attention to detail eliminates the need for clients to make their own determinations as to the legality of their rental activity, giving them peace of mind in what could otherwise be a stressful process. Get a document in writing from the host saying that he or she is entitled to rent the property in the manner agreed upon, and that the rental is in compliance with applicable laws and building policies.

Brokers offer additional protections such as the ability to relocate a client in the event of a problem or property violation. New York Habitat coaches its hosts on rental procedures and best practices, and guides its guests by offering advice and suggestions for their stay. I was able to share with her my situation and without hesitation she shared with me to tap NY Habitat for my rental needs.
It is submitted subject to errors, omissions, change of price, commission or conditions, or withdrawal without notice. Airbnb vowed to appeal the case for Warren, and today a judged decided that no crime had in fact been committed, and ordered the city to refund the full amount of the fine. However, the idea of peer-to-peer sharing of cars, houses, and other assets has been so popular that established industries have started to bite back over the lost business.
New York Habitat attended the hearing, since the agency actively monitors the status of laws affecting apartment rentals in order to provide the most reliable service possible to clients.
For an in-depth discussion on the law and efforts New York Habitat takes to comply with it, please read this blog post about Senator Krueger’s message on the Vacation Rental Ban Law. The Council critically pointed out that such platforms should identify and remove illegal listings.
This video shows that city officials are organizing to adapting to curb the threat of illegal hotels.
Online listing platforms drop listings with violations after the fact and leave hosts and their guests out to dry.
Initially I was able to scout rooms under Airbnb but I was surprised that I need to pay more than half of the amount and wait for the owner to accept my application (note: provision is mentioned if the owner rejects my application).
Photographs, descriptions and information about the rentals reflect conditions at the time the photographs were taken or the descriptions or information obtained. This is quite an unusual condition and reflects a negative impact on the whole system of leasing in NY. As I know, New York is a great place to explore your horizon and it is expected to be coupled by a good system of support in room rentals to further enhance tourism and financial strength of the city. I wish all the best to NY Habitat as they continue to provide excellent service to their client and contribute to the growth of US Economy.

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