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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I voted for NYC ( duh!) but I don't get it when people in Cali, says why would NYC would count NJ, CT, and PA, as part of its metro area.
Well this thread was a sad investigation into the failure of America's public educational system when people actually thought that RHODE ISLAND was part of the NYC metro area.
It’s no surprise that the Big Apple is America’s most expensive metropolis, but just how pricey is its Left Coast counterpart? If you are obsessed with fashion and can thrive in an area that never seems to slow down, New York City might be the place for you. Both cities have a host of tasty restaurants to choose from, but what’s there not to love aboutNew York Style pizza? If you choose to take the subway or put your two feet to work, you can say goodbye to the rush hour traffic and actually get to work or any other important activity on time. Tired of being forced to wait at a red light to make a right turn, even if absolutely no cars are driving by? HAVE YOUR NOVEL AND SAVE TREES TOO: With the release of the Kindle 2, it's time for writers to consider publishing their written word -- and saving a few trees by going sans paper. Enter your email address for Free People BLDG 25 news, offers, and other promotional communications. Among Americans recently polled by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes, 46 percent say New York is the place they'd most like to spend the rest of their lives, if they had to choose between the coastal rivals.

58 percent of those under 45 prefer New York City, whereas more (48 percent) of those over 45 preferred LA. Of course we've been documenting NYC's superiority for a while, but it's encouraging that the rest of country is beginning to understand that the Big Apple always beats out the City of Angels. But if you prefer a steady climate year round or dream of hanging out with your favorite celebrities, Los Angeles might be worth a shot (although the latter may never actually happen). It’s certainly possible to find a reputable pizza parlor in Los Angeles, but its specialty happens to be Mexican food and chances are, its oversized pies can’t compare with what you’ll get in the Big Apple. Not to mention get home in a flash after a night of partying without having to worry about traffic delays in the middle of the night.
Well, it’s mandatory if you reside in New York City, unless you want to be slapped with a traffic citation.
While the New Yorkers are up hammering away at their to-do lists, those in sunny Los Angeles are more than likely nestled in bed.
Without forcing writers to give up their rights, Atiz, a Los Angeles-based company, works on creating digital copies of books.
Submit a photo of you wearing your favorite FP piece and tell us which city best suits your personal style! Hard, indisputable data that New York City is better than that spread-out-suburb of a city they call Los Angeles. Both cities have an array of benefits to offer their residents, but there are also drawbacks you must consider.

Your wallet will thank you too, since you’re not forced to shell out a hefty sum of cash each month on gasoline. And even if they’re awake, no one on the East coast expects them to actually respond to emails until 11ish when the West Cost workday officially starts, which leaves more time to sort things out prior to diving in head first. This isn't something to be proud of: According to Inrix, a research group that measures traffic, Los Angeles beats NYC as the nation's most traffic congested city.
Starting at $1,595 and up, it gives authors another option besides going through media giants like Google.
We will select a winner for New York and a winner for LA, who will each receive a $250 gift card. Best of all, those in Los Angeles can cruise through the latter hours of the workday once the New Yorkers have called it quits and the incoming correspondence comes to a screeching halt. It means outside lunches and daily strolls in the park without having to worry about bundling up.

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