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After a massive hiring spree 20 years ago, the New York Police Department will soon find itself in the midst of an unprecedented wave of retirements. Crime has jumped about 4.6 this year and the department is already working with a smaller police force than it had about 10 years ago.
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NYC Rules provides a public overview of the City's rulemaking process, notice of proposed rule changes, and the ability to comment on proposed rule changes. NYPD VIDEO: The New York City Police Department has created an awareness video regarding this scam. The NYPD is asking anyone with information about this scam to contact their local Precinct or call 1-800-577-TIPS.

Utility Companies do not ask their customers to make immediate payments using this particular payment method.
When in doubt hang up, call back your utility company and inquire about your account status.
If you receive a call and are asked to make a payment using a Green Dot MoneyPak Card – It is a scam! Please Click Here to see the NYPD flyer or continue reading below for additional details and tips about how to protect yourself. You are supplied a callback number and are told to contact the perpetrator once you have the Green Dot MoneyPak Card. When you call the perpetrator back you are asked to scratch off the back of the card and read the serial number of the card to the perpetrator.

The perpetrator then uses that number to cash out the card, thus stealing the money that you put on the card. If you have information about this scam, please call your local police precinct or 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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