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It’s no surprise that the Big Apple is America’s most expensive metropolis, but just how pricey is its Left Coast counterpart?
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I voted for NYC ( duh!) but I don't get it when people in Cali, says why would NYC would count NJ, CT, and PA, as part of its metro area.
Well this thread was a sad investigation into the failure of America's public educational system when people actually thought that RHODE ISLAND was part of the NYC metro area. Prior to moving to the “Right Coast” (as New Yorkers affectionately call it) I worked professionally in both San Diego and Los Angeles.
Therefore, flexibility is key here, and background work is just about as flexible as you can get. As I was searching for photos for this blog, I found a blog post talking about some of the general differences between NY & LA and another fun one about some of the lifestyle differences.
This means that they don’t sign contracts when you first start working together, opting to “date openly” rather than being “exclusive.” Oddly, NYC actors seem to be ok with this, even though they know that an agent who doesn’t sign is not usually as serious about promoting their career. A select few are well-reputed in this city, and most of their teachers approach the event for what it should be – an Educational Opportunity, with the added bonus of building relationships.

The average price is easily $500-$600, and that doesn’t count makeup, retouching, and a myriad of other things that NY photographers charge for. This means that you can easily go to 5-6 auditions in a day, 8-10 if some of those are quick commercial or print go-sees.
NYC humidity, rain, and wind will take my carefully coiffed hair and turn it into a Greek tragedy. Having a stereo and a (virtually) sound proof chamber is an amazing way to warm up my voice before a musical audition.
Find out more information and view her materials on her website, or read the rest of her blog posts. Some of the more successful photographers will have the option of studio lighting and natural light, usually from a huge window. Again, that’s just a small taste of the culture shock I received when I moved to The Big Apple. I get really ticked off at people who push onto the train before others get a chance to exit. But in NYC, I find it amazing that you can find a way to be with people but get your “alone” time…at the same time.

Like lightning, when the sun peeks out my body shoots outdoors all ready to stretch and regenerate. I’m just letting you know that, in NYC, there is no stigma for actors taking part in them, and I think that is because there are a few companies (like my friends at The Network) who do a nice job of making sure that actors know that they are being trained, not auditioned. I also will turn into Regan from The Exorcist if I get hit one more time by someone’s gigantic bag that they refuse to take off their shoulder in a crowded subway!!! Right now it’s 11pm, and there are 2 jackhammers going at it on the street below my apartment.
And the company is very good at weeding out those instructors who get complaints from actors about lack of content. That all said, it is still a personal choice for the actor, and it is every actor’s right to demand that they receive apt education for the money they are paying.

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