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The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is the department of the New York state government[3] responsible for the development and operation of highways, railroads, mass transit systems, ports, waterways and aviation facilities in the U.S.
A state and local highway system, encompassing over 110,000 miles (177,000 km) of highway and 17,000 bridges.
A 5,000 mile (8,000 km) rail network, carrying over 42 million short tons (38 million metric tons) of equipment, raw materials, manufactured goods and produce each year.
Twelve major public and private ports, handling more than 110 million short tons (100 million metric tons) of freight annually. 456 public and private aviation facilities, through which more than 31 million people travel each year. In 1781, the Office of Surveyor General was reorganized from its colonial Dutch and English beginnings to survey lands that had been vested in the state during and following the Revolutionary war. In 1848, the Office of State Engineer and Surveyor succeeded the Surveyor General's Office.

In 1878, the Superintendent of Public Works took over the duties of the canal commissioners.
In 1911, the Highway Commission was abolished, and was succeeded by a State Superintendent of Highways. In 1967, the New York State Department of Transportation was formed to deal with the state's complex transportation system, and absorbed among others the Department of Public Works.
The department comprises 11 regional offices and 68 county transportation maintenance residencies. NYS DOT has several Traffic Management Centers (TMC) located throughout the 11 regions in New York State. Region 1 (Capital Region): The Region 1 TMC or CRTMC (Capital Region Traffic Management Center) is an attachment of the New York State Police Communications Section also known as SP COMSEC, formally located at the State Police Division Headquarters, building 22 on the W. It owns two airports, Stewart International Airport near Newburgh, and Republic Airport on Long Island.

Tioga County was moved to adjacent region in August 2007, Wayne County was moved from Region 3 to Region 4 in the late 1990s. You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL. The TMC moved in September, 2012 along with SP COMSEC to the new NYSP Troop G Headquarters located in Latham, NY.

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