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Our third trip to Manhattan, we went via the Whitestone Bridge and took Interstate 278 south to the Brooklyn Bridge. By our fourth trip to Manhattan, we had a friend living in Brooklyn and we went to visit him in Trump Village. We present some of his comments to you, as recorded during a talk Vignelli gave earlier this year at the New York City Transit Museum. When the NY MTA hired Vignelli to develop a new plan for subterranean navigation, he was tasked with streamlining the wayfinding process for riders and bringing New York into the future.
Train routes were straightened into neat angles to make a tidy diagram out of the actual snarl of criss-crossing tunnels. However beautiful, it is geographically abstract, bearing only inadvertent resemblance to the actual street grid above. For example, the Vignelli map portrays the 50th St stop on the Seventh Ave line, now the 1 train, to be west of the 50th St stop on the Eighth Avenue line, now part of the C and E, confusing New Yorkers with hardened mental pictures of the city in their mind and sending tourists wandering westward into Hells Kitchen hunting for non-existent subway stops. Just seven years after it was released, the MTA replaced Vignelli's “diagram,” as he calls it (because maps only represent geography) with a more traditional map. The MTA has announced that 13 subway lines will partially re-open Thursday, November 1st and they have issued a new map, which shows which lines and which stations are open. Shuttle service to LaGuardia Airport and Newark International Airport for connecting flights. Service to NYC suburbs and cruise ship terminals in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bayonne, New Jersey.

Did you notice this section’s title starts with “Yellow Taxi?” The city’s yellow taxis are authorized to wait for customers near airport terminals. Some taxi drivers, who do not drive yellow taxis, bend the rules by parking their cars and soliciting customers by the baggage claim areas. You will eventually see JFK Airport in the lower right corner as well as the AirTrain’s routes.
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Disadvantages: After your long flight next to a very large man who took up half your seat space, a woman who used your shoulder as a pillow and a crying baby who punctured your eardrum, you may end up on a cramped subway next to a very large man who takes up half your seat space, a woman who uses your shoulder as a pillow and a crying baby who punctures your eardrum. If you’re arriving at JFK Airport on a Saturday or Sunday, read how the Long Island Railroad’s CityTicket can save you money. On the way back we left via Interstate 278 north, and accidentally exited the Verrazano Bridge and it cost us 18 dollars to come back to Brooklyn.
Designer Massimo Vignelli's clean modern lines and bold colors changed the branding of the subway in 1972 and elevated the map to the level of modern art.
With the help of a new design team, he created “The Weekender,” a digital interactive subway map directly inspired by the 1972 hand-drawn diagram. Kennedy Airport (JFK) is located in the New York City borough of Queens, in a neighborhood called Jamaica.

9 by mistake) We took the West Side Highway to 42nd Street, parked, and walked several blocks to Times Square. Nice on a spring day, not-so-nice when it’s freezing or raining and you’re train’s delayed.
His map lasted just seven years before confused passengers convinced the MTA to replace it. Vignelli still staunchly defends his design, and in doing so, has offered some choice observations about other versions. If you buy an off-peak ticket for a peak train, you will have to pay the difference in cash on the train.
If you buy a peak ticket for an off-peak train, you will spend more money than you have to.

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