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Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic was unimpressed with the subway maps he came across while traveling the world. Earlier this week Radiohead deleted their entire online presence; social networks, website, everything. Sure, we all have romantic notions of giving up our boring 9-to-5 jobs, getting rid of all our crap that doesn’t matter, and taking our loved ones on an trip across America in a retro Airstream trailer. On May 30, 2013, the Landsat 8 satellite began its mission to collect and archive medium resolution (30-meter spatial resolution) multispectral image data affording seasonal coverage of the global landmasses for a period of no less than five years. The World Photography Organisation has announced the winners of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards and, as expected, the top photos are simply incredible. Minneapolis’ favorite son was a whirlwind of creativity that knew no bounds, the purple-minded genius releasing dozens of albums on his own, but also mentoring and producing dozens of bands like dirty-minded girl group Vanity 6 and synth-funk dynamos the Time. Prince stepped up to the award show stage to perform Purple Rain and knocked out of the park.

Since April 22, 1970 people have come together to reflect about the Earth, it’s people and what we can do to change our daily habits and routines to help the environment. 35-year-old photographer Julien Grondin has spent the last three years capturing the greatest sunrises and sunsets across the globe.
About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains. This year, the competition’s ninth, saw a record-breaking 230,103 submissions from all over the world across numerous categories. The ’70s were a time when Americans were slurping leaded gas through massive V8 sedans. In that time, he’s traveled throughout the US and all over Europe and Asia, amassing more than 50,000 images in the process. Beginning with his native Serbia, then moving on to Paris and Madrid, Cerovic created simple maps with lots of information but very little clutter.

Well yesterday out of the blue, the band premiered their first glimpse of music in 5 years since King of Limbs. Along the way, he developed a standardized system that he tried to convince the cities to adopt. However, convincing the various cities to agree on a standard proved impossible, so Cerovic opted just to sell the maps on his website.

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