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New York City 1980s; I had to deal with this crap (and so did that crazy lady I drove to work every day).
The external structure of a subway car contains asbestos, which isn’t harmful once submerged in water, but is expensive to recycle on land. Much of the ocean floor is naturally muddy and often sandy, with very few rocks to be found. While New York has no more trains heading for retirement in the near future, the reef will continue to expand. Credits: Jacqueline Nelson for bottom part of text after the * and Stephen Mallon for photographs.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and executives from T-Mobile, AT&T, Boingo Wireless and Transit Wireless announced on Thursday that wireless connectivity is now available in 30 additional subway stations in New York City. Verizon Wireless and Sprint aren’t yet activating networks in the subway stations but plans are finalizing for customers on those networks to receive the same access.
Representatives from Verizon and Sprint were also on hand to announce that both carriers are finalizing agreements to participate in the network, meaning that all four major carriers are expected to provide cell phone and data connectivity to their customers in underground stations in the first two phases of the project. The 36 stations that are now online have an average annual ridership of approximately 7 million customers per station. While the network allows full cell phone and Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling voice and data functions such as phone calls, text messages, emails, music and video streaming and more, all underground, it also enables important services that improve safety and security.
Transit Wireless and the carriers are paying 100 percent of the cost of the project, estimated at up to $200 million, including the cost of NYC Transit forces that provide flagging, protection and other support services. Transit Wireless has also established a sublicense arrangement with Boingo Wireless to manage and operate Wi-Fi services – including sponsorship and advertising support – for the subway station network. Transit Wireless expects to provide service to the remaining 241 underground stations within four years and has already begun design work on the next 40 stations in midtown and Queens including key stations Flushing-Main Street, Grand Central-42nd Street, and 34th Street-Herald Square.
Additionally, the next generation of customer talk-back devices is being deployed to more than 100 stations during the current capital program. Wireless carriers who have contracted with Transit Wireless to provide voice and data service to their customers in underground New York City subway stations co-locate their Base Stations with Transit Wireless’ Optical distribution equipment at a Transit Wireless Base Station Hotel, which is a resilient, fault-tolerant commercial facility with redundant air-conditioning and power.
Remote Fiber Nodes are located on every platform, mezzanine and at various points within public access passageways. Sprint will participate in the multi-year project to provide cell phone and data connectivity to customers in New York’s underground subway stations.

Transit Wireless and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that 30 new subway stations in mid-town Manhattan, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle, are now online. Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority sustained $4.7 billion in damage after Sandy — two years ago to the day this Wednesday. A seven-foot-tall steel wall has been installed along the A line tracks across Broad Channel, to prevent another washout that stranded Rockaway commuters for months after Sandy. Since some of the water that infiltrated the R tunnel came through the South Ferry Station in Lower Manhattan, the MTA built a steel door to seal the station off from the tunnel in case of flooding.
And of course, it is all good for nature according to the MTA since these cars are going to form a nice little reef for happy little fishies (I can bet your New York Derriere - look that up will you - that the MTA will have ticket booths - unmanned of course - installed right at the bottom of the ocean)!  No way these fishies are in for a free ride. But whatever their regular route, many cars no longer fit to run the rails have the same final destination: the bottom of the ocean. The stainless-steel cars, with their windows and internal components removed, are the perfect structures to encourage marine life such as muscles and oysters, which require a firm surface to grow. Delaware has partnered with New Jersey and Maryland to sink a 563-foot-long navy destroyer in the next few months. Cuomo announced today that 30 additional subway stations now have wireless voice and data communication capability allowing New York City subway riders to make and receive cell phone calls, send and receive texts and e-mail and access Wi-Fi underground.
E911 will allow dispatchers to know when a call is being placed underground and the approximate location of the caller. The MTA and Transit Wireless evenly split the revenues from occupancy fees paid by the wireless carriers and other sub-licensees of the network. Wi-Fi access is currently free to consumers thanks to a sponsorship by HTC One, and can be accessed by choosing the SSID: FreeWifibyHTCONE.
Embracing technology to modernize service for customers means providing real-time information and making it easier for customers to access that information.
Help Point Intercoms (HPIs), the two-button customer communications device, will put riders instantly in touch with either the Rail Control Center to report an emergency, or the station booth for customer assistance.
These Base Stations connect to Transit Wireless’ Radio Interface and Optical Distribution System in the Base Station Hotel. Coaxial cable is connected to each Remote Fiber Node and extends signals to strategically located antennas throughout each subway station.

And it will take much more than that to protect the nation's busiest transit system from another mega-storm.
Because of its proximity, Delaware has received the majority of NYC’s cars (1,329 to date). Jeff Tinsman, Delaware’s artificial-reef program manager, says divers monitor the reef on a regular basis.
That means customers on those networks will be able to place calls, surf the web and send text messages while waiting for the next subway train to arrive. Employees and first responders will also have enhanced communications capability in an emergency. Transit Wireless is paying MTA a minimum annual compensation that will grow to $3.3 million once the full build out of the network is complete. Together with cell phone connectivity, customers now have more ways to contact first responders in case of an emergency.
Radio signals are combined, converted to optical signals and distributed on Transit Wireless’ fiber optic cable through ducts under city streets to subway stations where the optical cables connect to multi-band Remote Fiber Nodes.
Utilizing this approach, low-level radio signals are evenly distributed providing seamless coverage from above ground to underground stations. 7 line between Midtown and Queens, and has said it would embark on the Cranberry Tunnel (the A and C lines) next. Bus Time, which provides real-time bus tracking information, is already operational and a full citywide rollout will be finished by spring 2014. A Network Management System monitors the service; detects problems and provides alerts so technicians can be dispatched if needed. In addition, some 540 openings in Lower Manhattan, such as subway entrances, will need to be covered in the days or hours leading up to a major storm to prevent another catastrophe.

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