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Once in Manhattan, the New York subway will whisk me where I need to be (well, I make it sound easier than it is.
A sign, center, alerts commuters of a possible strike by the NJ Transit rail workers as commuters stand on the platform at Newark Penn Station, Friday, March 11, 2016, in Newark, N.J. Top Stories Grim economic news out of China Oraclea€™s sailing team reveals details about Larry Ellisona€™s pricey obsession The immigration plans of Trump and Hillary in 5 minutes Asia stocks weaker after soft U.S. A celebration of transit maps and diagrams from around the world, whether they be real or imaginary, or from the past, future or present. In August, I was contacted by Carter Green, a high school student who had been inspired by my maps (especially my map of French TGV routes) and had created his own of regional rail services in and around New York City. The use of increasingly large circles for hub stations is something that could have looked terrible, but I think Carter has actually pulled it off very well - your eye is definitely drawn to them, and it quickly gives an idea of a station’s importance.
I absolutely adore the circular treatment of routes around Philadelphia, which is new to this version of the map.

A couple of errors that can easily be fixed: the LIRR Belmont seasonal service is shown in the legend, but not its parent Greenport branch.
Our rating: Incredibly impressive work that shows a very complex network of services from many different agencies and makes it visually compelling and informative.
Sometimes it takes a little time just to find out which exit to the street level to take!). More than 100,000 commuters use NJ Transit to get into New York City, and the transit agency says its contingency plan using extra buses will only be able to accommodate about 40,000 riders.
My only experience with regional rail in the New York area is a NJ Transit train from Newark Airport to Penn Station. And it’s good to know ahead of time there’s a Newark Penn Station and a New York Penn Station, and they are NOT the same!
Immediately, I was impressed with the amazing quality of the cartography, but had a few suggestions which I thought Carter could implement.

The 'Gateway Project', which was formally proposed on Monday, would include two tunnels under the Hudson River and increase the train traffic under the river from 62 trains per day to 92 and cost an estimated $13.5 billion. He took my ideas on board, and has now got back to me with the final version - and it’s beautiful.
Voorhees Distinguished Lecture at Rutgers University on February 8, 2011 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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