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Cricketers are known for the innovative strokes they execute; the different ways they work out to outwit batsmen and not forgetting the captains who spend every minute on the field finding the balance between attacking and conservative captaincy. Allan Donald, the former South Africa fast bowler and now a much sought-after bowling coach was called White Lightning due to his sheer pace. Anil Kumble was christened 'Jumbo' because of the way his deliveries took off with pace and bounce off the pitch -akin to a jumbo jet. Aravinda de Silva used to play some shots, which either went over the fence or caused his dismissal. Ashley Giles, the spinner in England's 2005 Ashes-winning squad got the nickname of 'King of Spain'. Ashley Mallett, the former Australia off-spinner, who is an occasional MiD DAY columnist, was called Rowdy by his teammates.
Bill Lawry is a voice you hear in commentary during Test and one-day matches in Australia. Gavin Larsen, a faithful servant of New Zealand cricket, was nicknamed 'The Postman' by his mates because he always delivered. Graeme Smith hit the ball pretty hard so a fellow South African compared to him a buffalo which became 'biff'.
Harbhajan Singh is known as Bhajji, but 'Turbanator' came into the picture (coined by the Aussies, it appears) when he troubled Steve Waugh's Australians in the Kolkata and Chennai Tests of the 2001 series at home.
Herschelle Gibbs, who not long ago, made headlines with his controversial autobiography To The Point was known as 'Scooter'.
The willow wielders and leather-hurling personalities often come up with some smart nicknames for their teammates. No, he did not hone his skills in Spain but these were the words inscribed on merchandise mugs at the Warwickshire Club shop at Edgbaston.

By the way, for those are not familiar with Bill Lawry's cricketing background, he is a former Australia captain. No, it's not just because they needed something clever to put on their license plates (though that does make for a fun road trip game).
It's because each state has its own history and backstory that it proudly wants to let the world know about.
Our Australian informer tells us that it may have been fast bowler Frank Mission who gave him that name after he discovered Lawry's penchant for Phanton comics. US state nicknames can be fun and many have interesting origins, dating back through American history, that you might not have known. Let's vote!But funny state nicknames are just the beginning - most states in America also have an official state mottos, state flowers, state trees, and even state songs! Of the 50 US states, each has its unique nickname, earned for a variety of reasons, from major crops, physical features of the landscape, the history of the state's people, or even big ideas thought up by the state tourism board.So which state do you think has the best nickname?
Show us which USA state nicknames you think are the most fun with an upvote and downvote those you think are overdue for an update.*Okay, fine. Alabama doesn't technically have an official state nickname, but they do have several commonly used monikers that you might as well learn about while you're here. It is also referred as The Last Frontier because people looked at it as the best place in America to start life anew. Anther name up for consideration was The Grape State, but that just doesn't sounds as cool, does it?
Though it actually looks green to the naked eye, it is the bloom, not the grass that is blue. Bluegrass was in popular demand by settlers early on, and the term became so popular it was even given to a new genre of music based on the Appalachian musicians in the region.

In 2012, blueberries became the most valuable crop in the state, but they have yet to amend the state nickname. Almost half of the entire state of Michigan is covered in water, and if you're in Michigan you're always within 85 miles of a Great Lake. The state's unofficial nickname is The Land of 10,000 Lakes, though if you want to be exact, there are officially 11,842 lakes in the state. The 227 mile canyon, which was carved by the Colorado River is located entirely within the state itself. Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution on December 7, 1787 thus gaining it the nickname The First State. Pennsylvania was the second to ratify and now you have a fun piece of US history trivia with which to impress your friends! The state eventually made it the official nickname, which you can see on its license plates as of 1997.
Back in the 1830s, Wisconsin miners lived in caves cut into hillsides which were referred to as badger dens and the miners who lived in them were called badgers. The more popular nickname, however, is The Cheese State because of the state's awesome cheese.
No, it's not named after that Rachel Bilson show on The CW, it's called The Heart of Dixie because the chamber of commerce was tired with the old nickname, The Cotton State, thinking it was too boring.
Conover nicknamed Washington The Evergreen State due to the abundance of evergreen and fir forests found throughout the state.

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