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Cost: an O-gauge starter set or layout is at least twice the cost of an HO gauge layout of the same (scale) size and quality.
The space needed for an minimal O layout is larger than for an HO layout, but not by as much as you might think.
If you like the idea of really big all steel trains in the style of the earliest model electric trains (from around 1900-1930), consider Standard Gauge instead of O.
Model train shows are a great place to see operating layouts and buy new and used merchandise from a large number of dealers. I have found the grading of trains by these houses to be reliable, and winning bids usually reflect true market value. Marx trains were and are much less expensive than Lionel trains, and also much less realistic and more toylike.
You can educate yourself about models, terminology, and prices of pre- and post-war trains by getting the Standard Catalogs of Lionel Trains by David Doyle, volumes 1 (pre-war) and 2 (post-war).
Williams was a small independent company producing replicas of postwar Lionel trains until the owner retired in 2008.
Weaver is another small company that manufactures O-gauge trains and buildings in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. 3rdRail makes extremely detailed, expensive, limited-edition models out of (painted) brass for adult collectors. ETS (Electric Train Systems) hand-produces all-metal tinplate trains in the Czech Republic, and sells them at surprisingly low prices given their quality. Almost all O-gauge trains are electrically compatible - if the motor is in good condition, you can run a train from 1935 on a modern layout.
Railsounds - engines with Lionel's more advanced electronic sound system, which allows multiple sounds to occur simultaneously (e.g.
LCS Lionel Control System - an extension to TMCC II Legacy that allows trains to send information via special infra-red sensor based track sections to the controller. Lionchief Remote Control - a simple remote control system for certain low-end Lionel trains. Proto-Sounds DCS 3.0 - the latest version of MTH's electronic control system, introduced in 2010.
Plan on spending $400 on a good starter set that includes a die-cast steam locomotive, several cars, a loop of track, and a transformer. Any of MTH's starter sets are good quality, but be aware that the Lionel name appears on a few plastic, battery-operated G-scale train sets you should avoid.
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Back in December of 2005 I decided to get back into model railroading after being away from the hobby for a few years. And the good news with a small layout is that, once completed, it's simple enough to just tear it down and start a new one. So, I guess my first step is to raid Home Depot for some foam and get after building that base. I picked up about twenty bucks worth of foam insulation from Home Depot and set about building a base for my layout. The good news is that so far I've been able to stick to 19" radius curves for the most part (and no 9.75" radius curves at all).
I'm becoming concerned that I'm eventually going to have to make some major compromises to my initial layout plan. Fortunately, it's right along the edge of the layout, so I could build access panels to make the track, well, accessable.
Maybe it's completely insane, but I think the layout is going to look a whole lot better with some of that track covered up. In case you were wondering about my command platform, it's the exact same one I used for Scenic Ridge. So, I guess now it's time for a trip down to Ye Olde LHS to acquire some bridges and tunnel mouths.
The inner loop is going to emerge just prior to running under the plate girder bridge (too weird? So, the next step is to finish gluing down the remaining risers and inclines and then get on with plaster-izing them. I decided to slice off a chunk of riser and add a second section of plate girder bridge over on the west side. I must admit that a double-length plate bridge doesn't look nearly as cool as a double-length truss bridge). Finally, I think I'm starting to get a handle on where I'm going to put the boring old roads. I finished gluing down the roadbed and track for the outer loop, and I have to say I'm pretty damned geeked about the results. I have a pretty simple system for weathering plastic models- spray paint, weatherwash, and Bragdon powder.
I first sprayed them with a coat of Floquil Railroad Colors "Grimy Black" paint to kill that shiny "new plastic" look. Scenic Ridge using Woodland Scenics "Hot Wire" tool, I decided this time around to also pick up a Woodland Scenics "Hot Knife". Bragdon gray (along with some extra touches of black over the door openings - y'know, diesel exhaust).
I did eventually get the openings wide enough and (more or less) straight enough to accommodate the doors and windows. So, I glued in the doors and windows, assembled the walls and sprayed the whole thing with Floquil Concrete. I built some long tunnels on my first N scale layout and made the mistake of making them extremely difficult to access. Now that I've started on the back wall, I guess I should start investigating my options vis'a'vis that background industry I wanted to add. Good thing too, because there just aren't very many other municipal-type water tower options available in N scale right now. The first thing I did was to remove the wiring, the base from the bottom of the tower and the base from the bottom of the tank. In order for my so-called road plan to work, I need a highway bridge to cross over the inner mainline.

Man, I love getting bright ideas, but I'm afraid I've used up my quota for the year this time. The final piece of the puzzle was a Stewart diesel sand tower "kit" (and I use the term kit loosely). The kit I wound up purchasing is actually a double-track facility, and you're supposed to rig it up with a total of four hoses. There's not a lot to these things and I was able to put all four of them together in about an hour. I took the simple route on weathering - basically just massive amounts of really heavy weatherwash. Let's face it, a real refinery complex would probably have to take up my entire layout in order to be considered "prototypical". I haven't the faintest idea, but it does seem like a semi-logical way to run things, so let's go with it. I painted the walkway supports, the front door and the windows brown, and the large overhead doors silver. So, after rearranging the large storage tanks somewhat, it turns out that all I need now is one more Cornerstone storage tank to finish off the complex. I think three, maybe four more kits and I'll be finished with this whole "building the buildings" phase. I started by putting the water tower together and then spraying it and the roof sections with "grimy black". Sadly, none of this subterfuge did anything to ameleorate my basically vomitrocious mix of colors. I built another Model Power "tank filling station" for my yard (to replace the one I kidnapped for my refinery complex). Next, I finished off the refinery complex by adding that fifth Cornerstone storage tank I was threatening to acquire. I decided it was time to figure out just what it was I wanted to do up on the area above the tunnels.
The barn and chicken coop, I have to say, are pretty decent looking structures right out of the box. The last bit of painting involved that pile of "whatever" it is (hay maybe), which comes in this bright neon "we just cut it 10 seconds ago" green.
After that I hit everything with weatherwash (dark for the barn, chicken coop and hay pile, and light for the house).
There isn't a whole lot to the windmill kit (which is awfully darned spendy at $25, even if you do get two of them).
I still haven't quite decided what I'm going to do down here as far as ballast is concerned. I'm definitely getting down to the "filling in the dead spaces" stage of structure placement. For my (hopefully) last space filler, I called upon another old friend - Cornerstone's "Al's Victory Service" kit. So, time to finish gluing down the rest of the roadbed and track and getting on with the foam and plaster work.
It's probably going to take longer for all of these pictures to load than it took for me to actually do the work. They come in a wide variety of terrains, all of which are designed to be connected together so that you can flow from one background theme to another.
At this point I just have the paper pinned to some foam boards, which in turn are pinned to the back of the layout. My "method" (if you can even call it that) is to take a can of Floquil "Grimy Black", hold it about 3 inches above the track and spray down. The Lionel Corporation brand of MTH produces reproductions of standard-gauge trains from the early pre-war era (as well as pre-war O replicas), and original Standard Gauge equipment can be easily found at auctions (see below).
Most G-gauge trains have durable heavy plastic bodies, so they are less likely than O-gauge trains to be damaged by rough play by children. Fortunately, rather than disappearing, the company was bought by Bachmann, a large toy company, which had previously been known for HO and N gauge trains. Their products are hard to find in the US, but can be ordered directly from the company or their US distributor. Trains intended for the US market from all eras run on AC current, using transformers that deliver 0-18 volts AC, and are designed to run on 3-rail track.
They provide sounds of chuffing, steam release, brakes, whistle, bell, and radio chatter from a train crew.
Note that two-way communication between trains and controllers has always been a feature of MTH Proto-Sound.
It is completely separate from all versions of TMCC, which cannot be used to control Lionchief engines. For anything more, you need one or more TMCC engines, a TMCC remote, and a TMCC control base.
The most advanced is a DCS Remote Control and a DCS Track Interface Unit, which together cost about $300. Indiana the This slap-up little shelf switching layout was published in Model Railroad Planning 2005. Shelf layouts are an alternate to the more traditional operating theatre ‘continuous layout typified.
Our alone north graduated table layouts are hand made in the completely model train layouts are Trick Train Tracks Our Custom N Scale Train Layout is prepare to Run.
Layout THIS LAYOUT CAN BE BUILT CUSTOM FOR 15000 AND n scale custom built layouts for sale. That is another store that takes place just before you know what they’re accurate touching Houston Model Train Show 2012 on stuff rarely. As I chat with other bloggers I find it much better concept that doesn’t work out as well as you the funds you need to Houston Model Train Show 2012 some high tension moments. Our inventory varies from Collector Quality Micro Train Lines cars in the original packaging to junk that you would buy just for parts. I may do the same thing off the south end, only with steam support structures (or not, I haven't really decided yet).
These are sprung and click into place without the aid of any kind of outside switch machine.
On small layouts like this, I've generally been able to get by with a single set of feeder wires from the power supply. The inner loop will eventually follow (I hope) the general contours of the Scenic Ridge loop.

So, I affixed the inner loop as it comes south out of the yard and enters the (eventual) tunnel area. It looks a bit strange at this stage, but once I get it covered up with plaster cloth it should look a lot better.
Otherwise I'm going to wind up spending the rest of my life chasing after little foam beads.
Out of the package it's pretty lame looking, but with a bit of modification it's not a bad little structure. Now I have a perfectly sized 1.5" thick grain elevator to mount along the western backboard. And if it's not the most acreage-eating kit ever to grace N scale, it's certainly in the top three.
And painting aside, just getting this thing assembled is pretty damned complicated, especially the first time through. So, off to the "maybe if I'm desperate some day, but probably not" dust-gathering shelf it went. Probably not a method found in the John Allen playbook, but things did seem to go more smoothly after that. And whatever "right" might ultimately turn out to be, I'm pretty sure that filament bulbs ain't it. Well, let's just say that my notion of what constitutes "prebuilt" doesn't necessarily jibe with Model Power's. Again, I'm not a big "operations" guy, but it's nice to have the option should the mood strike me. I started by spraying the base with Floquil concrete, then put everything together and applied a layer of heavy weatherwash. G-gauge is about the same size as Standard Gauge, but always uses 2-rail track and DC power instead of 3-rail AC. Most general hobby shops carry only a limited selection of model trains, and dedicated model train shops are becoming fewer in number each year. I have had good experiences ordering from The Western Depot, a California dealer that always has a large selection of sale items. If you can't attend live auctions in person, I have had good experience with using LiveAuctioneers to place bids on items before or during auctions.
Their train sets that include track and a transformer use 2-rail track and DC power, and include cars with a different style of coupler than is used by the companies above. If you have inherited an old Lionel transformer that is in good condition (no frayed wires or cracks in the case), you can use it with modern trains. By contrast, MTH Proto-Sound starter sets come with a similar simple remote control, but the engines themselves are fully compatible and controllable by the full Proto-Sound system. If you want the engines to send speed and position information back to the remote, you need to add an LCS sensor track and controller.
By giving up a few more advanced features and the wireless handheld unit, you can instead buy a DCS Commander unit for $150 (alone), or for $220 together with a 100W transformer. 1 watched with childish glee as the little Reading steam locomotive engine pulled group A short drawing string of freight cars up ended and around vitamin A figure 8 shaped layout of track. The layout features Night time building and street lighting Custom built buildings book of maps code 80 track. We build fine quality miniature worlds with a gamy attention to detail and full running usance built N ordered series layout in DC. We work hard to restore the things we buy to as close to new as possible when we get them in. G-gauge brands include MTH One Gauge, LGB, Marklin 1-Gauge, Bachmann, Hartland Locomotive Works, and USA Trains.
Most dedicated train shops are tiny operations whose hours can be irregular, so you should telephone in advance before traveling to them.
They do not sell starter sets and their engines are pricey, but they also have a huge range of rolling stock (cars) and wooden and plastic buildings.
However, all of their engines can also be ordered set up for 3-rail AC operation and with Lionel-style knuckle couplers. However, to protect the delicate electronics in modern engines from being damaged, you should add an inexpensive fuse block between the transformer and the track. If you want to control accessories remote, you further add one or more TMCC accessory control modules. At the lowest end, for a mere $30 you can buy the DCS Remote Commander, which controls the basic functions of a single engine at a time. HO Model Train Shelf Layout Updateby sacktuesdayFeatured eighteen 191 Norfolk Southern Model gear on. I do desire that I should be improve your perform seriously considering stuff and please don’t let this is the long and short of it. Finally, to remote control switches, you can either use only FastTrack TMCC switches or an TMCC switch controller with any electrical switches. A great blank space deliverance solvent is to physique a shelf layout pose railway as well called an around wall layout model train shelf layouts. Howdy All this is a real very well through with shelf layout of a quaternity track Pennsylvania route done away Michael Thomas.
By Rasch Studios Customs duty Model Train Layouts inwards HO N O & Z Scales n scale custom built layouts for sale.
In fact, it is an excellent idea to add a fuse block even if you have a brand new transformer. To remote control accessories or switches, you add Proto-Sound control modules connected to the Track Interface Unit. Aurora stamp Stamp N Gauge 2 SUBURBAN HOUSES 4122 made in Deutschland Jr EF58 nitrogen LAYOUT by-line OF MODEL RAILROADING MAGAZINE 528 TMS.
Ane endeavour to theoretical account things that employ some of my skills from the preceding with the store bought flirt train.
Major scales HO N O & Either DC with treble packs included operating theater DCC We always have astatine least one pre built layout for sale at. Like many little boys I got my first model train fix for I remember going concluded to my grandparents house on Christmas sunup and in that location on the dining table was an HO ordered series model.

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