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An economical rigid, precision tool for removing wheels, drivers and gears from axles and shafts. Same great features as the Chopper with a longer work surface with two additional work stations ready for installation of optional handle assembly.
Cut Edges Truing Tool: The adjustable angle guide allows you to accurately repeat any angle for proper fit on mitred corners as well as square cuts. I have found the True Sander to be incredibly helpful for my kitbashing projects, but modelers should be aware that the metal fence used to brace the part during sanding is not always at a true 90 degree angle to the sander.
Rigidly constructed for precision repeatability - no sloppy, "fits all", cuts any angle (whether it maintains the angle you want or not) complexity.

If you're cutting a lot of styrene, and need accurate square cuts, this tool gets the job done without issue.
For O scale, can also do G, S, HOAn economical rigid, precision tool for removing wheels, drivers, and gears from axles and shafts.
I had to use a right angle ruler to align the separate aluminum angle fence to make sure it was truly perpendicular to the sander and then clamp into down with the two integral plastic clamps while holding it in place against the right angle. Unlike some motor driven sanding tools The True Sander gives you that delicate touch needed for working with small parts. Retains the high precision, extremely sharp, inexpensive single edge razor blade as the cutting tool to assure economy, clean cuts from a blade you can find when you need it - at most drug, hardware or paint stores - and can afford to replace as often as necessary for clean, sharp cuts every time.

However, I still think this tool is every useful, and I wouldn't want to work on my kitbash projects without it.

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