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New mom Wanda Dueno, 24, gave birth to a baby boy in the last car of a J subway train in Manhattan early Wednesday morning.
The train crew discovered mother and son in the empty car after she pressed the intercom repeatedly as the train headed toward the Chambers St.
Dueno a€” whose due date was July 1 a€” was heading home when she began to feel pain, Steven said. When the police arrived, the woman told Stevens she was embarrassed about a€?the guysa€? seeing her.
EMS paramedics arrived, cut the umbilical cord and took the mother and infant to a local hospital.
Each course includes an instant provider card you can download as soon as you pass the exam, so you can earn your card with our NYC PALS certification or recertification course seven days a week, day or night. Yes, we now offer online NYC BLS cert and recert courses for medical providers in New York and throughout the United States. According to the 2010 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene report on vital statistics New York residents are living longer. Originally founded in 1624, New York City is one of the most powerful and well known cities in the U.S. Local residents who call the city of New York home range from aspiring actors and actresses and high class socialites to city slum dwellers in the citya€™s five boroughs.
Other attractions center on the arts and entertainment industry with Broadway shows drawing in millions of visitors from all over the world. Accommodations in New York range from the largest upscale luxury hotels and resorts to small motels and rental apartments. There's a whole slew of celebrity cameos in the campy 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' Look for Al Roker and Matt Lauer, Kelly Osbourne, Billy Ray Cyrus, Andy Dick, Robert Klein, Judd Hirsch, the Naked Cowboy, Downtown Julie Brown, Kelly Oxford, Marc McGrath and more. Therea€™s as many cameos as makos in a€?Sharknado 2: The Second One,a€? which chums the water with more celebrity bait than its stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid can shake a chainsaw at. Kelly Osbourne: The a€?Fashion Policea€? presenter plays a flight attendant flying the unfriendly skies. The Naked Cowboy: The camera lingers on the Times Square street performera€™s skivvies early in the flick. Downtown Julie Brown: The former MTV VJ scrubs in as a nurse at the fictional Manhattan General Hospital. Sandra (Pepa) Denton: The rapper hams it up as a friend of Ellena€™s (Wuhrer) who flees from lower Manhattan by Citi Bike (hello, product placement).

Tiffany Shepis: The horror movie scream queen loses her voice (and maybe her face) during a shark-infested ferry ride.
Judd Hirsch: The Bronx a€?Taxia€? legend plays a Times Square cabbie who picks up our heroes - and kindly turns off the meter.
Judah Friedlander: The a€?30 Rocka€? funnyman bleeds Mets blue while escaping the storm of sharks at Citi Field. Richard Kind: The a€?Spin Citya€? star plays a fictional Mets homerun hitter who knocks sharks outta the park. Jared Fogle: The Subway mascot is munching one of his signature sandwiches when sharks start chomping commuters in the subway tunnel. Al Roker and Matt Lauer: The a€?Todaya€? show hosts provide running commentary throughout the storm . Benjy Bronk: The a€?Howard Stern Showa€? jokester portrays a doomsday prophet preaching the sharkopalypse. Daymond John: The a€?Shark Tanka€? mentor and FUBU CEO has a close encounter with the Statue of Libertya€™s head. Stephanie Abrams: The Weather Channel meteorologist reveals that sharks are falling at a rate of 2 inches an hour. Raphael Miranda: The NBC4 New York weatherman reports to Lauer and Roker from the flooded city streets, which are swimming with man-eating sharks. Robert Klein: The comic actor plays the mayor of New York City who begs Ian Ziering for help and hands him a chainsaw - perhaps Hizzoner Bill de Blasio wasna€™t available?
Kurt Angle: The pro wrestler muscles his way in as the fire department chief on duty for the climactic Empire State Building showdown.
A 24-YEAR-OLD man was killed after hitting his head while a€?surfing,a€? possibly atop a train rumbling through Brooklyn early Friday, authorities said.
Rubio, who lived in Queens, was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital with head trauma, but could not be saved.
An official for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the doomed man hit his head while riding on the outside of a subway car a€” possibly on top, officials said. Rubio hit his head on a low hanging piece of metal as the train entered a tunnel, officials said.
The MTA has repeatedly warned commuters about the dangers of surfing along the side or on top of subway cars.
Three people leaped in front of subway trains Friday in the Upper West Side, Queens and the Bronx, leaving one dead, officials said.

It was the first on-board birth shea€™d been involved in during her two decades on the job.
However, as soon as you successfully pass the NYC ACLS certification test you will be able to download a PDF of your card and print it right away.
For further information on handling extreme emergencies please readA Ready New York: Emergency Preparedness Guide. It is notorious for its big city urban environment with the largest subway system in the country and streets lined with cab drivers. In fact, this city is so diverse that different areas represent both the most luxurious, high class areas in the nation and some of the worst neighborhoods in the nation. Not only do Americans consider it something that must be seen at least once in a lifetime, but it is visited every year by travelers from all over the world as well. Visitors also enjoy visiting Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, and watching free live shows in the famous Central Park. Some of the most famous boutiques are located on the famous Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Even the smallest apartment in the city is extremely expensive to live in, which makes rentals higher priced as well. Fox, Marc McGrath and Kari Wuhrer also lead the sea of familiar faces in the Syfy feeding frenzy.
Shopping trips also usually include destinations such as Brighton Beach and Jackson Heights. Last year I actually live-tweeted [the original a€?Sharknadoa€™] movie," Friedlander told the News during filming last February. You can catch them all during the July 31 premiere with the Daily Newsa€™ complete a€?Sharknado 2a€? cameo guide. Medical providers in NYC required to carry PALS should be pleased to learn that infant mortality rates continue to decline.

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