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School of Visual Arts student Randy Gregory has been posting improvement ideas for the NYC subway almost daily on his Tumblr. Seems like Gregory predicted Mayor Bloomberg’s latest bill to make stairs hip and healthy. Relying on cellphones isn’t the answer, especially when many people have them in their pockets, bags, coats, etc. I would like to see the exterior of Subway Cars to represent the color of the line they travel.
The Stainless Steel is good, and easy to clean – but boring and can be used to convey information.
Not a flat color, rather Stainless Steel colorized to maintain the shiny, easy-to-clean cars while at the same time conveying information and uniqueness. NYC subway stations don't exactly have the best rep when it comes to having access to daylight, but the upcoming Fulton Center promises to be a different experience entirely.
Sky Reflector-Net happens to be the largest individual artwork commissioned by the New York Metropolitan Authority’s Arts for Transit and Urban Design division.
James Carpenter Design Associates reveals the structure’s innovative light-spreading ability in the following statement posted on their site: These fragments of specular material project shafts of light down to the lowest depths of the station.
The new transit center, which will accommodate 275,000 passengers per day, is set for completion next year. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The city that never sleeps is upping efforts to reach those without beds to call their own.
New York City, currently experiencing record-high rates of homelessness, has increased funds aimed at helping the unsheltered portion of its homeless population -- those who don't access the traditional shelter system and stay in public spaces instead. In 2014, the city’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS) provided $35.5 million in funds for helping such residents -- this year, it will provide $45 million, The New York Times reported.

Of the additional $9.5 million, $6 million has been allocated toward homeless outreach on New York's subways -- a new initiative launched last July to reach homeless people who seek refuge underground on the city's transit system. Previously, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) handled matters dealing with homelessness within the subway system, DHS Press Secretary Christopher Miller told The Huffington Post. The subway outreach initiative allows workers to engage homeless people at all 468 subway stations throughout the city, as well as within the individual subway cars. The $9.5 million allocated to help the unsheltered homeless will also expand hours at drop-in centers -- facilities that provide services like hot meals, clothing and medical care to those in need -- as well as benefit the city's safe haven program, Miller said. According to DHS, safe havens provide "barrier-free housing" for "homeless individuals who otherwise would not come off the streets," by offering a place to stay with fewer restrictions imposed on clients than traditional shelters.
Another reason some homeless people avoid conventional shelters is the lack of storage space or lockers in such facilities; they may fear their belongings will be stolen. As The New York Times reported, a 125-bed safe haven facility opened in the Bronx last month, one of 10 such places scattered throughout the city and the first to open since 2010. According to DHS, 52 clients were helped through the safe haven program when it was launched in 2006. Artist Gregory Kloehn digs through garbage to gather materials to make shelters for the homeless. As Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials begin to assess the damage wreaked on the city’s public transit system by Hurricane Sandy, all services in New York City remain suspended. As officials begin efforts to address wide-scale damage, the authority has reported that in addition to the flooding of seven East River tunnels, there is flooding in other areas of the subway system. LaGuardia, Newark and JFK airports also remain closed, as well as Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Could These Resilient Solutions Storm-Proof the NY Transit System During the Next Superstorm?
New York Magazine reported on the more infrastructure-related suggestions, like a stair mesh to collect water in the stations, antimicrobial benches, indications of how cramped individual subway cars are, bike racks and safe inter-car passages. But as a branding major Gregory covered a range of topics, including suggestions about passenger behavior, fun ways to engage with riders and to improve the underground experience.

The station recently installed a $2.1 million, 79-foot-high Sky Reflector-Net on its dome in order to draw in natural light.
Arch Paper reveals that the 952 perforated, diamond-shaped and triangular aluminum panels that make up the structure individually reflect approximately 95 percent of the light that strikes them. The largest reflective pane measures over eight feet tall. The geometry of the dome and its metal lining was analyzed and refined to optimize the orientation and reflection of daylight. Complete renovation costs have nearly doubled to a total of $1.4 billion since the project broke ground in 2003. For example, safe haven residents -- who can access showers, free meals and counseling services -- don't have to abide by a certain curfew.
Now, with the additional safe haven opening last month, there are 667 beds in facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island. This includes not only the 108-year-old subway system, which experienced substantial, unprecedented flooding, but also all bus services, bridges and tunnels, as well as all Long Island Railroad, and Metro North lines. The MTA has confirmed that the tunnel for the 1 train, between Chambers Street to South Ferry in southern Manhattan has flooded, as images are posted online of flooded stations in other areas of the city. At night, the dome is lit from within through strategic interactive artificial lighting, transforming Fulton Street Transit Center into a glowing icon. As of yesterday night, seven subway tunnels under the East River have flooded, in addition to commuter tunnels, subway stations, rail yards and bus stations. The net-like structure is comprised of a series of glass blades, stainless steel lattices and slender cables that hang between two rings along the dome’s 8,500 square-foot surface.

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