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Mikeabono saidA he started researching the city's best coffee shops using articles, blogs, Yelp, Google, and Zagat reviews, trying to avoid duplicates. New York's subway stations see more than five million passengers every weekday alone, so when a death happens within a station, the body needs to be removed immediately — even if that means stashing it in a closet, according to The New York Daily News. But every minute that the trains are delayed by a dead body, tens of thousands of NYC commuters are left stranded.
And so because of the danger it may cause other commuters, the bodies are removed as quickly as possible.
The space agency has been discussing a potential partnership with Bigelow Aersospace for its expandable habitats for a couple of years. In a 2010 interview with The New York Times, Bigelow said he was willing to spend up to $500 million of his own money to make inflatable space stations a reality.
More information about the spacecraft will be discussed at a press conference at Bigelow's Las Vegas headquarters on Wednesday, Jan. In a remarkable upset this year, minivans are no longer the go-to vehicles for the best car insurance rates. The tool at the right lets you search average auto insurance rates for more than 750 vehicles in the 2013 model year.
Minivans have been “Edged” out: The Ford Edge SE is the first crossover to snag the best position on our list. Also notable is the appearance of a small car in the rankings of least expensive vehicles to insure: The Honda Fit squeaks in at No. Mercedes-Benz drivers must have worked hard in the past year to increase insurance claims costs and thus their auto insurance rates. The 12-cylinder Mercedes-Benz CL600 coupe earns the unenviable top spot for the highest national average car insurance rates.
With an MSRP of about $160,000 and an annual average insurance bill of $3,357 (and that’s for a gooddriver), the CL600 is expensive driveway candy.
But will the handling and performance of the seventh-generation 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, plus the improved interior and redesigned exterior, make for a substantial upgrade over the outgoing — and very capable — car? The shape of the C7, as well as its return to the Stingray sub-title, hint at the past of the Corvette, bringing the best of its formative years into modern focus. Free of any played-out retro feel, while paying homage to its own history, the 2014 Corvette has managed a subtle balance — with not-so-subtle design cues. The round tail lights are gone, replaced with a set that's more reminiscent of the Camaro; the hood is vented and finned. Materials have been significantly upgraded over the previous Corvette, which basically required an upgrade to the optional leather package to be adequate.
An advanced instrument cluster provides a high-tech feel for the driver's view, and improvements to the technology and infotainment features bring the Corvette fully into the modern era, placing it on equal footing with rivals from Germany and Japan, as well as its American competition, the SRT Viper. A large and thoroughly modern infotainment display is mounted in the driver-focused center stack, the instrument panel has its own display, and the angular, stylized look of the exterior is reflected in the shapes of the dash, the controls, and other aspects of the cabin. This makes it the most capable standard model ever, able to accelerate from 0-60 in less than four seconds and achieve more than 1 g in cornering grip (when equipped with its Z51 Performance Package). This is partially thanks to a seven-speed manual transmission, just like the one in the latest Porsche 911, but also cylinder-deactivation technology.
The Z51 Performance Package is designed for track enthusiasts and includes an electronic limited-slip differential, dry-sump oiling system, integral brake, differential and transmission cooling, suspension upgrades, as well as a unique aero package that’s said to further improve high-speed stability. Under the pretty sheet metal, the all-new Corvette Stingray shares only two parts with the previous generation Corvette.
Dimensionally, the new car’s wheelbase is approximately an inch longer than the previous generation, with front and rear tracks that are almost an inch wider.
The car features standard 35 mm-piston Bilstein monotube shocks that connect to dual-path aluminum shock mounts that separate the shock rod and shock body load paths. At the core of the Corvette Stingray’s driver-focused technologies is the cockpit-mounted Driver Mode Selector dial on the dash, which allows drivers to optimize the car for their driving preference and road conditions via five settings: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and Track. The Corvette Stingray also gets the latest Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system, which is accessible via two eight-inch displays.

All Corvette trims get a fully-wrapped interior, where every surface is covered with premium, soft-touch materials.
We'll be driving the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray soon — look forward to our first drive report as well as an in-depth review from our sister site The Car Connection in the near future. Anyone hoping to test one for them self will have to wait until the car's showroom debut in the third quarter of 2013. Then the car was switched from parent company to parent company like it was in a game of hot potato. Enter Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) — a partnership between China's National Modern Energy Holdings and Japan's Sun Investment — which bought Saab Automobile, Powertrain, and Tools. According to Brand New, the transition won't be too tough since Saab has been leaving the griffin out for a while. Nissan said it would slash the price of its pioneering all-electric Leaf sedan to boost sales, after a disappointing 2012.
The company announced at the Detroit auto show that the price could drop as low as $18,800, depending on local credits for fuel-saving cars, down about $6,000 from the previous price. The company has sold over 50,000 units of the Leaf, but sales last year grew only 20 percent, well below the planned 50 percent growth.
In the US market, they missed by much farther, with sales creeping up only 1.5 percent to 9,819 units, compared to the goal of doubling sales. The sticker price on the Leaf will start at $28,800, which Nissan said will make it the lowest-priced five-seat electric in the US market. But given various discounts that states can give for electrics and hybrids, the price could be $10,000 below that. The company is now assembling the Leaf at a US plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, and the battery packs are built nearby.
Chrysler revealed its highly anticipated 2013 SRT Viper at the New York Auto Show in April, and now the cars are starting to roll out of the auto maker's newly reopened plant in Detroit.
The first Viper will be complete later this month; the cars are expected to retail for around $97,000.
The New York Times visited the factory and created this awesome time-lapse video of a Viper coming together. A San Francisco politician has introduced legislation asking voters to rename the city's airport after slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk. A charter amendment sponsored by Supervisor David Campos would put the question of creating Harvey Milk-San Francisco International Airport on San Francisco's November ballot.
If five of Campos' colleagues agree to submit the proposed name change to voters and the amendment goes through in the autumn, the city would become home to the world's first airport honoring an openly gay person, said Milk's nephew, Stuart Milk. Milk, who runs an international gay rights foundation in his uncle's memory, said that adding an airport to the list of public venues named for Harvey Milk would mark a milestone since flights to and from San Francisco International serve 68 countries where homosexuality is illegal. About 41 million passengers pass through San Francisco International every year, "and the idea that millions of people can learn about Harvey Milk and what he represented is very moving," Campos said. Campos said the San Francisco Board of Supervisors could vote on the amendment in as little as two weeks.
Milk became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the United States when he won a seat on the board of supervisors in 1977, inspiring a generation of activists with his uncompromising call for gays to come out.
The airport renaming, if it is approved, would make him the recipient of an honour most often reserved for former presidents. The plane, which had been  carrying Missoni, his wife, two family friends, and two crew members disappeared near Venezuela January 4.
The Missoni family has said they don't believe a plane crash is a likely scenario because physical evidence would have turned up by now.
Apple's new Maps app seems out of character for the company, because they are hilariously inaccurate. Even worse, Apple Maps removes public transit directions, so you can't look up subway or bus schedules. He also enlisted the help of his friends, and on the weekends tried to find out what type of equipment and beans were used at each shop to help determine quality.

Two high profile pushing cases last month have put a spotlight on murder by incoming train, what many New Yorkers consider to be their worst transit nightmare.
A transit official explained to the Daily News that, “Unnecessary interruption of train service can inconvenience thousands of passengers and endanger public welfare.
When a person is killed by an incoming train, the passengers are removed from the subway cars, the platform is cleared, and witnesses are interviewed by the police. These expandable spacecrafts, which are tightly packed at launch and then inflate in space, are designed to hold more astronauts than the ISS, which currently supports a crew of six.
In the past, minivans have dominated our annual rankings of “the least expensive vehicles to insure,” but in the 2013 model year, crossovers and SUVs have taken control of the top 20, including models from Ford, Jeep, Kia and Hyundai. Mercedes models control half the list of the 20 “most expensive vehicles to insure” for 2013 models. She estimates that only about 20 percent of car buyers will research the auto insurance rates of a vehicle before they buy it. Consumers who diligently research invoice price, fuel efficiency and how to negotiate at a dealership will overlook auto insurance costs. Averages were calculated using data from six large carriers (Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm) in 10 ZIP codes per state.
Now, the standard package is much more detailed, and build quality is noticeably improved — leather-wrapped surfaces and high-quality plastics abound. A multi-function steering wheel puts the controls at the driver's finger tips, without getting in the way of the thick, sculpted rim.
It is also expected to be the most fuel-efficient Corvette, exceeding the EPA-estimated 26 mpg of the current model. It incorporates an all-new steel and aluminum frame structure and chassis, the aforementioned new powertrain, as well as completely new exterior and interior designs.
At the same time the turning radius is decreased by approximately two feet for greater maneuverability in tight turns. New Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat tires developed specifically for this seventh-generation Corvette have also been fitted. The Z51 Performance Package adds 45 mm-piston Bilstein dampers and is available with the latest version of GM’s Magnetic Ride Control adjustable dampers. There is also a new Launch Control setting available with either manual or automatic ‘Vettes. The screen in the center stack features touch-screen capability with gesture recognition and can be lowered to reveal a hidden storage that includes a USB input for device charging or uploads. Available materials, depending on the trim level, include Napa leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and micro-suede.
The previous Corvette has been on the market for nearly nine years now, and while it still contends with the world's best on performance and value marks, the new car looks set to raise the bar. If no crime has been committed, firefighters or the police Emergency Service Unit officers will remove the deceased from the tracks to a room on the upper level of the station. Although few details about the BEAM have been released, it's likely that the module will be used as storage space for the scientific equipment. Customers also have two seating choices: a regular GT seat and a Competition Sport seat with more aggressive side bolstering for greater support on the track. Saab planes and trucks, which aren't owned by NEVS, will still get to use the mythical beast. An officer is then posted outside the door until a medical examiner can come to remove the body, which means oftentimes train service has already resumed before the deceased has even left the station.

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