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The Chambers Street station has a long history of changes, with trains entering the station from the Williamsburg Bridge originally, then the Manhattan Bridge when it was completed. This post was excerpted from our roundup of 9 Abandoned and Incomplete Subway Platforms and Levels in NYC. Well, i moved, and here it is 2013 and the station is just as disgusting as it was six years ago. Today the New York City Subway system celebrates 107 years of operation and continues to be one of the busiest mass transit systems in the world with 486 stations in operation. This intriguing fish with a clear, glass-dome-like head shielding its internal eyes is called a Barreleye fish.
Once went into the old subway beneath the Central Parkway in Cincinnati, 50 years ago;lots of cold war supplies as i recall. The closed off platform at Aldwych station is now used as the shooting range for King’s College Rifle Shooting club! Ever wondered why they would have put a stop just 5 streets from 96th Street to begin with? New York City is quite a different place from what it was in 1999 and evidence of habitation has clearly been removed from this station, based on these photos published on Under City Sun in March of this year. I remember seeing that station as I’d go by it on the way to visit my grandparents as a kid. During Andre Kuipers time at the International Space Station, he captured a series of 300 photographs that are extremely popular on Flickr.
The New York City Subway is one of the oldest public transit systems in the world, so it’s no surprise that Manhattan has its fair share of abandoned subway stations.
Underneath Williamsburg at South 4th Street there’s a 6-track station of the IND line that was never opened. I’m an employee and have come across many abandoned sections of the subway system in my two years working.
There are more: the PATH system has an abandoned station at 19th Street and 6th Avenue (closed in the 1950s) that can be seen from passing trains.

New Jersey itself has an abandoned station on the Newark Light Rail, formerly the Newark City Subway for streetcars. It’s a shame that everywhere you go the losers and their spray cans have to spoil everything with their worthless graffiti. The Transit Authority wanted to connect the shuttle with the extension of the IRT Lenox Avenue line to run service from 145th Street to 155th and 8th Avenue and then up through that shuttle to The Bronx.
You can still see Masstransiscope if you take the Q from the Dekalb station towards Manhattan. My father(and many others) used the Myrtle Ave Station for years when he worked at the Con Ed Hudson Avenue power plant. If you are ever on the l going toward canarsie we can see abdoned stations and tracks of the el.
Michael, What you see from the L train between Broadway Junction and Sutter Ave stations are the remains of the old Fulton St and Pitkin Ave elevated lines.
There was also a Rockaway Beach service that originated from Chamber Street from 1913 to 1917, operated by the Long Island Rail Road and Brooklyn Rapid Transit. As the city grew, so did the Subway system, and in the process of keeping pace, some stations had to be completely abandoned. At the time, the 10 blocks between 86th Street and 96th Street was considered too far of a distance between subway stops. Were you guys on the LandmarkWest tour this past weekend, where John Tauranac mentioned the closed 91st St.
We previously toured the unused City Hall station but there are many more, hidden from the public eye.
In 2009, over the course of a year, street artists PAC and Workhorse invited 100 street artists in and out of the station to create work there overnight. I know there are plenty of other places and I intend to find them all, or as many as possible. But the Anderson Avenue Shuttle, being the last remnant of the Ninth Avenue El, had different third-rail connectors from the Lenox Avenue Subway, and the Sedgwick-Anderson tunnels were too narrow to accommodate the subway-style third rails.

Dad used to ride that shuttle to visit rellies in The Bronx or to go to Yankee Stadium or the Polo Grounds to watch the Yankees or the Giants. I saw it around 1998, 1999 when my PM southbound train dipped down and we slowly went through here, due to some construction work going on at the regular platform. Actually, we just did a post about abandoned platforms and levels in the NYC subway system and included Bergen Street. Until 2 years ago when they started fixing the Smith 9 Street station nothing was done to the express tracts.
The eastern section of the old Fulton-Pitkin elevated service is still used today by the IND A line. These are Untapped Cities’ favorite abandoned spots in New York City and the surrounding area. Interior demolition has begun, with plans to convert it into a hotel and conference center. But with a 200 foot platform, the station was retired in 1959 for similar reasons as the abandoned Worth Street and 18th Street stations. There was enough of it to confuse future archeologists, whose job, it suddenly occurred to me, is not only to dig up the past, but also to scrape the rubble of squatters from that of the great civilizations whose abandoned homes squatters made their own. Opened around 1935, it was closed in 2001 when the adjacent Franklin Avenue-Branch Brook Park stop was expanded.
Now if the trans go express from Jay Street to 7 Avenue and reverse when they go slow you can see the under ground station not in use. The idea was to create an underground gallery, but as PAC describes, apart from recruiting artists they could trust from pre-existing relationships, everything “happened organically along the way.” This video tells the story and shows the art well, and the project went on to be replicated in Paris. With one entrance to the 96th Street station just 100 feet from 93rd Street, there wasn’t much use for the 91st Street stop anymore.

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