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Google Maps doesn’t only cover NYC but other big cities too such as Paris and Tokyo, and offer transit directions by cooperating with over 436 agencies around the world. Google Maps adds New York City subway construction and maintenance delays to directions The popular Google Maps now allows riders to click on individual station icons to learn if scheduled construction or maintenance work will impact trains that regularly stop there.
After bringing NYC transit directions into Maps way back in 2008, Google’s mapping service will now show planned service alerts for the city’s subways starting today.
Here’s why this change matters: If you’ve ever used a subway in NY, you’ll know it can be a bit confusing the first few times.
Of course, there are other offerings, like HopStop, which I’ve found to be more accurate than Google Maps at times, but nevertheless, it’s great to see a service as widely used as Google Maps pushing for quality directions in NY. According to Google’s announcement, the team hinted at continually expanding these sorts of services to additional cities. Google Maps now offers the ability to navigate using New York City's public transit system.
The online map service now has data from New York's Metropolitan Transit Agency, one of the largest, most complicated, and most widely used transportation systems.

So you can see one reason why more than 75 other public transit agencies made it in Google Transit first. Since Google started making New York City public transit directions available in Google Maps they have constantly been working hard to provide users with the most accurate and useful information about subway, bus, commuter rail, and ferry service across the greater metro area.
From now on those who live in one of New York City’s five boroughs can take advantage of these awesome new features that will definitely make going from one place to another a whole lot easier. When you click on a station name, a bubble pops up with the names of the line that service the station, and all the other lines on the screen fade out. This change only serves to strengthen Google’s service in cities, in contrast to Apple’s upcoming iOS maps app, which is said to completely omit transit directions for the time being.
After a while though, since trains run regularly, locals tend to just need directions when traveling outside their neighborhood. For the sake of time-crunched city dwellers and travelers alike, let’s hope that happens quickly.
It includes data from buses and subways, the Long Island Rail Road, the Long Island Bus, the Metro-North Railroad, and the MTA Bus Company.

Public-transit options will appear next to driving directions, and public-transit icons for locations such as subway stations will appear on the map, Google said.
Google recently announced that from now on they will be showing planned service alerts for the city’s subways.
From there, the only thing that can go wrong is a service change, which can screw up an entire trip.
And it connects to regional systems, including New Jersey Transit's commuter rail, light rail and bus service, the Staten Island Ferry, and the Port Authority's PATH Rail, AirTrain JFK, and AirTrain Newark.
By showing planned service alerts, riders will be able to avoid delayed or canceled trains.

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