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He became her boyfriend — but after a couple of early treks to his place she learned never to venture there during their six-month relationship. The strong sentiment of straphangers like Nkonde has even prompted a local comedian to make a video about a young man’s horror when he learns his date lives off the G train.
MTA to assess complaints that much maligned G train is frequently overcrowded, delayed and rerouted EXCLUSIVE: MTA answers calls issued by state Sens. The MTA has agreed to undertake a complete review of the G train, one of the citya€™s most maligned routes. Riders in north Brooklyn have long complained that the G train is all too frequently overcrowded, delayed and rerouted.
The analysis a€” similar to those conducted for the F line in 2009 and the L in 2011, both at Squadrona€™s urging a€” is expected to be completed by June 2013, Prendergast said.
The previous reviews led to added service, newer trains and the skipping of specific stops to avoid bunching.
The chief complaint about the G a€” the only line to bypass Manhattan a€” entails train size.
Local pols and public transportation advocates also want the MTA to improve the G train public address systems and expedite the placement of countdown clocks. Cyclocross started in Europe more than one hundred years ago when cyclist were looking for a way to stay fit in winter. Cyclocross requires the power of a sprinter, the speed and endurance of a time trialist, the bike-handling skills of a mountain biker and the tactics of a road racer.
It is not surprising that cyclocross has become the fastest growing part of the sport of cycling in the U.S. Events foster a festive atmosphere and encourage everyone to have fun while racing as hard as possible.
The riders have spoken: The G and the 7 subway lines are the worst, according to a YouGov survey of subway riders released on Thursday. Nine percent of respondents said they found the G and the 7 lines to be the worst, beating out the No. Survey respondents said they ranked their choices based off trains arriving too infrequently (44%), delays (43%) and trains being too overcrowded (38%). It wasn't all negative: The 1 and the L (Brooklyn, keep being you) tied for the best line, with 6% each picking those lines.
The big news of the day concerned the looming 12-14 month shutdown of the R train’s Montague Tube beginning this August, but the looming G train work, while less extensive, may be more painful for riders. Shutting the Greenpoint Tube will allow the MTA to repair the damaged systems during periods of lighter ridership, but the impact will still be felt by Greenpointers and Long Island City residents. The MTA dodged a bullet when it avoided damage to movable parts and its rolling stock, but the tunnels absorbed the floodwaters.

What’s the point in renovating these tubes if another storm or hurricane hits NYC later this year or next year? Regarding the ride in the L-Train tunnel: Westbound is riding quite smooth since Memorial Day weekend.
EVERY flooded tunnel that gets fixed needs to have flood resistant electronics, pumps and other non-moveable equipment. Do that and half the city would write checks to Lhota For Mayor, and bring Walder back to run the thing.
Maybe if Lhota hung onto his job for a little while, he would have demonstrated some kind of aptitude that implies he would make a good mayor. I wrote about a scenario just like this when contemplating the deferred maintenance future of mass transit in the wake of Generation Greed.
Sandy has taken that disutopian future, thought to be a decade away (following the unfunding or underfunding of the capital plan starting in 2015), and brought it into the present. So maybe the MTA can use some Sandy money to put the Citibikes in, on the grounds that they would be cheaper than a bus bridge. I’ve actually never seen Nassau St operate as a terminal other than (rarely) late nights weekdays. Hopefully, MTA will not also be doing the southern route portion of the work at the same time. I used to go to Law School in Long Island City (Not for long, turned out to be a clown college) and strangely enough, a native New Yorker from Queens living in Park Slope, Brooklyn actually had to commute to Queens each day using the IND Crosstown Line. If you’re seriously trying to get from Church to Court Square, why not simply take the F to the E or 7? As I noted in a post on the R train blog, the bus really ought to extend all the way to Metropolitan Ave so people can make the connection to the L without having to catch the bus and then transfer to the G. It’s one more stop, not two, but based on the overly simplistic assumption that the cost to run a bus from one stop to the next is constant, extending the bus line from Nassau to Metropolitan would increase the cost of the shuttle bus by 33%. I hope they elevate the subway vents for the G line in the sidewalk 100 feet north of Newton creek, it shouldn’t be that hard or expensive to collar the vent and raise it up 5-6 feet. Also, the MTA just started working on the 125th street viaduct steel replacement on the 1 line, they are currently measuring all the steel for the viaduct to fabricate the sections to replace the viaducts steel.
There must be something obvious I’m missing… but how does having a switch north of Nassau Av allow that station to used as a terminal? Easy – northbound trains stop at Nassau, continue out of the station, switch to the southbound track, and reverse direction (or, alternately, reverse direction, then switch to the southbound track).
Trains can empty passengers at Nassau on the Queens-bound track, as usual, and then switch to the Brooklyn-bound track, wrong rail for a few feet, then reverse back into Nassau at the Brooklyn-bound platform. Scarred by the G train, she met the man she is set to marry in the next few months when he lived within walking distance of her apartment.

Daniel Squadron, Martin Malave Dilan for full-scale analysis of G subway line BY Reuven Blau NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 21, 2013, 8:57 PM A A A facebook Tweet email Robert Mecea for Daily News Garbage bags on the platform are least of problems for G train riders in north Brooklyn.
G trains typically have four cars, while most other lines count trains with eight to 10 cars. The Riders Alliance member is one of the many north Brooklyn residents advocating for improved service.
Twenty percent of respondents called the subway their most preferred mode of transportation (although 34% of respondents picked cars over subways because duh), with the 1 and the F lines having the most riders among the respondents (7%). 2 subway line, which the Straphangers Campaign reported last year as the worst subway line.
Overcrowding is key on everyone's minds, with 29% of respondents listing that as the worst aspect of the NYC subways. And despite the (unfounded) fears of getting Ebola on the subway, 39% of respondents said the subway cars are clean.
The Greenpoint and Montague Tubes were covered wall to ceiling, and now the repairs are coming into view. It would seem the first thing the MTA should do beyond critical repairs is to prevent future tubes from being flooded so the infrastructure won’t have to be replaced all over again. Lots of lost time in setup, takedown, sloowwly moving work trains, re-routing, blocking and unblocking tracks.
It should be rather interesting and it’s a good thing that the bused section becomes so short as a result, although the traffic on Manhattan Avenue can be brutal. Service ended at Lorimer, but trains reversed direction on the switch between Lorimer and Bedford. The signal system probably wouldn’t allow a train that went all the way to Greenpoint to change directions. The train, the only line that bypasses Manhattan in connecting Brooklyn and Queens, is said to be crowded, delayed and altogether unreliable more often than not.
It's definitely a blow for G train riders, who earlier this week believed they saw two women fall out of a portal, lending a kind of magical mystery to the subway.
Now, the MTA says it will perform a full-scale analysis, the first step to possible improvements. Then, during the summer of 2014, for five weeks, the MTA will have to close the Greenpoint Tube entirely.

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