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If you looked at the MTA’s website in the days following Hurricane Sandy, you probably saw a subway map (pdf) that wasn’t what most straphangers were used to. Gordanier says he’ll keep updating the MTA’s subway recovery service map until things get back to normal. Example: two hours before this story aired on WNYC, the MTA restored full service on the L line. The Nevins Street subway station in Brooklyn is notable for having an abandoned underground level. Last week, we reported on the MTA’s special armored money train that delivered fare collected from all over the transit system to a money room once located at 370 Jay Street, the subject of a current exhibit at the New York Transit Museum. Today, we are pleased to share with you photographs of what these tunnels looked like inside 370 Jay Street, places that may have already been sealed off with the large-scale renovation of the building by New York University. Earlier this week, one of our favorite mappers Vanshnookenraggen posted to his Tumblr a vision of the IND (Independent Subway) System, if its map had been colored according to an original coding system devised by Squire J.

There is a line of the IND (Independent) subway that no longer exists, created specifically for the 1939 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. But then the under-river subway tunnels flooded, and the MTA had to convey to riders what was and wasn’t running. His task was -- and is -- to quickly translate the continuous service changes into a stripped-down map. It is certainly not notable for being in Manhattan, which is where it is this morning in front of the New Museum at the intersection of Prince and Bowery. This building was designed especially for this purpose, and selected for its location atop the Jay Street subway station. These photographs were submitted to us from an anonymous source, and appear to be taken after the closing of the money room in 2006. In the worst of times, we pull up our scarves or shirts over our noses and try not to breathe.

Just colored lines on a gray and white background showing what’s operational, and shaded out lines showing what isn’t.
These subway entrances to nowhere are some of our favorite incongruous moments in New York City, which pop up for film sets like the 7 train entrance to nowhere. A crashgate along the Jay Street southbound F line subway track allowed the fares to be unloaded directly into the basement of the building, into special tunnels inside what looks like a uniform government building. Vickers was the chief architect of the New York City system, before and after its amalgamation and his background as a painter probably contributes to the creative color system. As Vanshnookenraggen writes, “Color coded stations were grouped between express stations to alert a rider which zone they were going through.

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