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The Orange Line has seen the most dramatic changes over the past 20 years than any other of Boston's transit lines.
Before the Washington Street Tunnel was built, the Main Line El trains shared part of what is now the Green Line subway with the trolleys. There were plans to extend the line from the northern, and southern elevated, but those was scrapped, in favor of a decision to tear down the remaining elevated lines.
The northern portion of the El was removed in 1975, when a new northern Orange Line was constructed along a Boston & Main rail route, into Somerville. In 1987, the southern elevated was removed when the new southwest corridor opened, completing the new Orange Line project. Expansion proposals for Washington Street Service: The Orange Line elevated over Washington Street was demolished in 1987 after the southern end of Orange Line was relocated. Several proposals have been on the boards to furnish a direct transportation route from Washington Street to downtown Boston. For our station by station tour, we will begin at Oak Grove in north Malden, the current northern terminus of the line.
Heading south, the line travels through a small depressed right of way, then through the center of Malden.
Just south of Wellington, the line crosses the Mystic River on a large modern bridge, shared with the MBTA commuter rail line. Just down the tunnel, and alongside the opposite platform we come into Downtown Crossing, formerly known as Washington. Continuing southwest, then west, we emerge out of the subway along side the Massachusetts Turnpike, and MBTA Commuter Rail, and Amtrak tracks.
The next stop is Roxbury Crossing, a central island station with the two tracks on either side.
Currently the Orange Line uses a fleet of Hawker-Siddeley built heavy rail cars, known as 01200 series. Everett (Main Line El), Sullivan Square (Main Line El), Thompson Square (Main Line El), City Square (Main Line El), Charles River Bridge (Main Line El), North Station (Main Line El), Washington Street Tunnel Portal (Main Line El), Mass Pike Bridge (Main Line El), Tower D - Location of Wye with Atlantic Ave. You can open, download and print this detailed New York map by clicking on the map above or via this link: Open the city map.
The subway map of New York you can open, download and print by clicking on the map above or via this link: Open the map of New York metro. The crown on the head of "Lady Liberty" has 7 rays, symbolizing seven oceans and continents. Once known as the Main Line El, the Orange Line consisted of an elevated line from Everett, through Charlestown, and entered a shared portal with the Green Line at North Station. Platforms were raised in certain parts of each station to allow for both street cars and El trains. Stations on this part of the route are large modern concrete structures, featuring a center platform with the tracks on either side.

After running through an industrial area at ground level, the Orange Line approaches the large elevated double deck structure of Interstate 93. This tunnel, built in 1974, takes the line under the Charles River, and into North Station, the next stop. Here passengers can transfer to the Blue Line, operating on the lower level of this station. Here a transfer to the Red Line can be made, and there is direct access to the underground portion of Filene's department store.
The old route used to go due south, out of a tunnel portal and on to the Washington Street elevated. This alignment follows a depressed walled right of way, and is shared with commuter rail, and high speed Amtrak trains. This station, like the others is a concrete structure, partially covered by a bridge, The next stop is Massachusetts Ave.. These cars known as 01100s had been in service since the 1950's, and saw service on both elevated, and the northern extension before they were retired in 1981.
When people approach New York, the torch of the statue is often the first thing that catches the eye. No need to say that the choice of food in all of them is not limited to hamburgers and hot dogs only.
In addition to the dishes representing national cuisine the restauranta€™s menu contains many Italian specialties.
It then exited the subway in Chinatown, and proceeded as an elevated line over Washington Street through the south end, about four miles to Forest Hills.
The MBTA thought of using overhead wires on these proposed lines, and provisions were made for this on new equipment.
This would use a dedicated route in Washington St., and enter the unused Tremont Street subway tunnel. The pre-1975 North Station stop used to be aboveground on the Main Line El, next to the existing Green Line stop. The "El" used to take the line into the south end of Boston at Dudley Square, and ending at Forest Hills.
Since this route opened in 1987, it has provided faster and more accessible service than the old elevated. This station, like the others is a concrete structure, partially covered by a bridge, with a center platform. They have been in use since 1981, and are currently the only type of passenger equipment in regular service on the line. The elevated lines were once connected to another defunct elevated line over Atlantic Ave., which skirted Boston harbor.
This procedure ended with the construction of the Washington Street tunnel through downtown in the early 1900's.

The extension ran through a new length of subway under the Charles River, exiting out of a new portal on the other side.
This route could even be extended further southward and bring rapid transit into areas that have never had it before. The 01100 cars were a favorite for fans, as the small motorman's cab allowed for passengers to stand at the front, for an operators view. This tunnel connected with the Washington Street elevated in Chinatown, ran under downtown, and exited along side the current Green Line in the north end of Boston.
For now, Green Line cars still use the old portal, but the "Big Dig" and North Station renovation projects will eventually see the old Main Line El portal competely abandoned. When the elevated was to be demolished, residents even asked if the northern part of the el could be retained until replacement service was found. Southward from Malden, the line rolls on an exclusive right of way, and ducts through a small tunnel to allow B&M rails to cross over. After descending the flyover, the Orange line follows a surface route below the double deck structure of I-93.
The platforms are on either side of the two tracks, but not directly across from each other. The (currently disused) Arborway Green Line route passes over the corridor just north of the Forest Hills stop. It was thought that if the Orange Line was extended, they would opt to use overhead collection. One of the most recent ideas is to use alternative fuel busses along a dedicated lane, into Tremont Street tunnel.
The next stop is the NE Medical Center, which features two platforms across from each other, with the two tracks in the middle. Alongside the "southwest corridor" runs Amtrak's "Northeast Corridor", with new catenary and high speed Acela trains.
Basically, on the outbound platform, you have to look down the tunnel to see the inbound platform. This made the Washington Street tunnel the only connector between the north and south elevated. Only time will tell what idea will be put to work to solve the transportation problems on Washington St. The first station encountered is Haymarket, where another interchange with the Green Line can be made. This station has been remodeled since the 1970's, and its platforms are now directly opposite from each other.

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