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Over the weekend, a few SAS commenters got into a long discussion about the pace of work — or lack thereof — along Second Ave. Meanwhile, as time ticks on, the MTA’s plans for a tunnel boring machine launch fall further behind schedule. A few weeks ago, at a Community Board 8 meeting, the MTA unveiled a new schedule of contracts for the Second Ave.
The original IRT subway took four years to build for the section from City Hall to 137th street, and the Lenox Ave line to the Bronx and extension to Bowling Green opened shortly thereafter (1905 or 1906). Well you should keep in mind that they’re building a subway line beneath a highly developed urban environment. Your comment got to a broad statement that I made, that there has to be a more efficient means to construction projects in general. Surface-based solutions are great, but they are not a replacement for subways in high density areas. Failure to coordinate seems to be a major source of delay, and with this many companies and people involved, coordination is essential. Most Popular Most Read Most Shared 1 NYPD officer shoots and wounds knife-wielding man in Brooklyn 2 Off-duty NYPD cop charged with DWI in Manhattan 3 Man in critical condition after assault by group of men in Queens 4 Two men killed, at least five shot in overnight NYC violence 5 L train rider says tunnel shutdown will force him to move 6 Gangster in bag with feet in concrete died before he hit water 7 Bronx priest hit with stray bullet from Queens drive-by shooting 8 Afrika Bambaataa molested 'hundreds' of boys, bodyguard says 9 Man who has racked up 92 arrests cuffed again for swiping card 10 Man fatally struck by two hit-and-run drivers in Queens 1 Subway surfers find odd way to ride, die 2 Eight decades after she had to leave school, great-grandma, 100, receives high school diploma 3 Ita€™s bin a mess 4 Fake prince swiped $80K antique from Rockefeller: Suit 5 Titanic-inspired scenic view from park 6 'Game of Thrones' inspires fun run in Queens Daily News Pix Manhattan From 1939 Times Square to the Towers in the 90's, the Daily News has the legendary photos of NYC. President's Day 2014 Monday is a federal holiday and the New York MTA will have a special schedule for holiday hours on Monday Feb. Most New Yorkers would know how to get around the city even if they were blindfolded, those who live and work in the city know the schedules almost as well as they know their own address. Hudson Rail Link, the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry and the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry are not operating.
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Buy IMAX Worldwide - 5136 Teakwood Candle , from IMAX Worldwide for $60.71 only in Timeless Elements. People who are in the neighborhood on a daily basis see little day-to-day progress while those who come through the Upper East Side see that something has happened but aren’t quite sure what. Subway, it would be shocking to see a timeline of this project pushed back four years over the span of 36 months. Originally slated to take 37 months, that aspect of the project is now scheduled for 51 months. Soon, the MTA Inspector General will release a report that promises to be critical of the pace of construction. Now we have much better technology than hundreds of Irishmen with shovels, why can’t we build subways any faster? I did state the observation that, as a daily witness to construction at the site, I see everyday.
They had to relocate utilities, lay down tracks, relocate utilities back, cover back the street before store owners yelled at them too much for disrupting business.
They work best as ways to speed up local connections — connections that would be generally made by walking. In a city where people are incapable of moving a subway line from one street to another, this counts for a lot. For the folks who just arrived and for those visitors to the city, the mass transit system is so massive that it can be confusing. Ben at The Launch Box wrote upsome observations and analysis of this new document, and I’ve posted it above. With contract lengths receding ever on into the future, it is of little wonder that people in the neighborhood think nothing is getting done.
With the hard evidence, though, it’s very tough to believe the delays are a thing of the past and that this subway line will open by the end of 2016 or the start of 2017.
Two-and-a-half years to rebuild an existing station … that was designed with this sort of reconfiguration in mind?

The MTA Long Island Railroad will add one extra westbound morning train on the Ronkonkoma Branch. Now, with unstable buildings and negligent landlords plaguing construction, utility relocation work is progressing south of the launch box area, but the tunnel boring machine and the excavations that require blasting are in limbo. Click the thumbnail at right for a comparison to a schedule released three years ago on July 11, 2006. There absolutely must be more efficient means to accomplish this endeavor, and they owe it to those that are affected by the construction. She has been a guest author on BBC radio and her online articles are read by more than a million people each month. When do we look for surface-based, light-rail solutions to the East Side transit congestion problems?
I suppose NY can and should look at N-S streetcars (It should definitely look at E-W systems), but as duplication, not a replacement for the subway.
Can the city afford to wait another seven or eight years for a subway line that may never fully open when more cost-efficient solutions are out there? Surely someone involved with the planning for this must have brought this up, at some time. Systems work will last for 67 months, and Transit plans to run non-revenue tests for three months before an estimated December 2016 completion date. At the Launch Box, Ben notes that overall construction time has increased from seven years and one month to nine years eight months.

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