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Like I said in the begining, until you are sure of your goal you cant decide on the way to get there, everyone else has (and is entitled to) their own preference and opinion for their goals. But with that said I'm still glad I went with HO because the size of the equipment as well as structures are much smaller and being small you can have a lot more and a good looking layout because the absence of detail in scenery is not missed as it would be on a O gage layout. I model in HO because of the greater availability of items I can buy that are not only RTR, but also detail parts and kits of the type I want to feature on my layout.
If I was starting out like you at 64 and with an already well developed involement in another hobby or interest that will influence or be part of model railroading, then I would opt for O. Depending on where in the Ol' West you see your model railroad running there are some modeling advantages in choosing O or even narrow guage O.
I certainly wouldnt want my dog picking up and running with the following items, yes O scale is bigger and sturdier but bachmans later offerings are loaded with detail and still delicate.
Expense, space and time involved are all relative to what you want to achieve, until you are absolutely sure of that, read, investigate and learn everything you can before jumping in and making the all to familiar expensive mistakes. However, old style Lionel and similar O gauge are bullet proof and require more basic plan for the smaller space than does HO scale.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke thoroughly used up totally worn out and loudly proclaiming WOW!
Christmas vacations start today and I worked a few hours on completing the boiler detailling.I added the builder plates and air strainer, scratchbuilt a numberboard and washouts, installed the headlight bracket and marker lights.
I wasn't sure of the proper size, Matt, and had to check the only three CNR locomotives I have. I am continually amazed at the skills of the steamfitters on this forum.This locomotive is beautiful. After I got commited to HO I learned that O gage rolling stock turned a lot sharper than HO.
I am uncertain if this swing by some modelers to O was sustained or not, but many of these folks did produce detailed models that were absolutely stunning.
I already have started the planning for a simple out and back track plan plus the rolling stock, engine and caboose necessary to make it happen. That shooting you like to do will probably see a bit of a slow down in ammo supply once you start buying stuff for trains.

I started off in O-27 and moved into O gauge via Lionel post war as a child and recently looked over the offerings availible in O gauge in two hobby shops.
The front location of the screw is partially responsible for this because it induces a stress in the plastic tab glued on the boiler. I had to flatten some brass wire to make flatbar and skipped a few steps because I lacked the tools, but I'm quite satisfied with the look.
The solution was to glue styrene blocks inside the cab, near the back, to keep it aligned with the floor. With a desert there can be some pretty dramatic scenes with in a scene such as a train or bank robbery or a gun fight in progress or some modeling opportinities around a water filling or fuel(wood) stop. What I can do HO in that room, I would have to make a more simple plan that still operates in O gauge.

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