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Theatre In New York, a new source for everything happening on stage in New York from Broadway to Off-Off-Broadway, has been launched. Like its sister sites, Theatre In New York will have a variety of pages and features designed to help facilitate the theatregoing experience, including the popular Review Round-Up, theatre map, childrens shows, half-price tickets, top rated shows, and more. In order to better serve this market, Theatre In New York will have a couple of new features not found on the other sites. Anyone planning a trip to NYC during the holiday season (or New Yorkers looking for ways to to entertain the visitors) will be able to take full advantage of Theatre In New York's variety of resources in planning their New York theatre experience. Let the OnBoard Tours Customer Service Ambassadors help you plan your night out on Broadway. You can try to buy tickets online, but you would be taking chances on the quality of the seats. Another benefit from buying Broadway Tickets from OnBoard Tours is that you can save money on your sightseeing tours.
Questions About our Tours?Our Customer Service Department is always happy to answer any questions you might have. Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) gives a tour-de-force performance in this solo play as Alex, an out-of-work actor taking the unusual position of caretaker for the items in Barbra Streisand’s basement. Actor-pianists Jeff Blumenkrantz and Brett Ryback comprise the whole cast and orchestra in this musical whodunit.
Derived from the most passionate and romantic portion of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel War and Peace, the innovative musical invites theatergoers to dine and drink with the lovestruck arisocrats of old Russia. The action starts when the new floating casino Barracuda turns upside down in New York harbor.
This international sensation combines cabaret, circus and burlesque with a generous side of beefcake.
The hallmarks of Off-Broadway are intimate spaces and the ability to take risks that big Broadway productions can’t afford.
You’ve never experienced anything like Sleep No More, a weird, dream-like presentation where audience members don grotesque masks and wander through several floors of a converted warehouse as silent actors play out scenes suggested by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Hitchcock films.
Husband-and-wife TV stars Megan Mullally (Will and Grace) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) star in this two-character drama from Sharr White (The Other Place, The Snow Geese). You’re unlikely to get more eclectic programming than underwater puppetry and punk-rock Kabuki.
Downstairs from KGB bar, a rough-and-tumble performance space presents an appropriately revolutionary aesthetic. New York City's Broadway theater district is considered by many to be the epitome of world-class stage talent and entertainment. Broadway is a generic term that has grown to encompass more than just Broadway Street in New York City. New York City Broadway shows got their start in 1882, and since then have attracted international recognition and stage names such as Irving Berlin, Julie Andrews, and Jackie Gleason.

Broadway shows in New York may run for several weeks, months even, and Broadway musicals tend to run the longest. Seeing a Broadway show is one of the most popular New York tourist activities and accounts for a multi-billion dollar annual business.
Experience firsthand the excitement of one or more 2016 Broadway shows in New York during your stay, and see the theater that has been called, along with London's West End Theatre, the highest level of English theater.
Theatre In New York will join its sister sites Theatre In Chicago, Theatre In DC, Theatre In Boston, Theatre In LA, Theatre In Minneapolis, Theatre In San Francisco, Theatre In Seattle, and Theatre Atlanta in providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on live theatrical entertainment. One of these will be a page listing just the shows playing (and upcoming) on Broadway, with links to ticket pages and show websites like always.
Theatre In New York also expects to roll out new features in the coming months so keep checking back. What’s really weird is the structure has been fitted out to resemble a mall, and the megastar sometimes descends the stairs to pretend to be a shopper. Ryback plays Officer Marcus, who must determine who killed writer Arthur Whitney at his own birthday party. Seating is cabaret-style and audience members will receive an assortment of Russian snacks (including the show’s signature pierogies) as the story of love and battlefields, highlighted by Dave Malloy’s electropop score, unfolds around them.
What follows is a hilarious send-up of disaster flicks of the 1970s such as The Poseidon Adventure, The Swarm, Airport 1975, and The Towering Inferno. Every patron’s trip is different—you proceed at your own pace and in whichever direction you wish. Offerman plays a cowboy-poet hooked up to an oxygen tank in a trash-strewn trailer in the wilds of Colorado. Broadway shows in New York have included famous productions over the years such as Phantom of the Opera (the longest-running Broadway production), Cats, and A Chorus Line to name just a scant few. It is an entire area on and adjacent to Broadway Street in midtown Manhattan, in and around Times Square, and includes several theaters of varying sizes and popularity.
The Annual Tony Awards in June is a gala event that recognizes all Broadway Theater production effort, and is presented by the League of American Theatres and Producers and the American Theatre Wing. In an effort to make seeing New York City Broadway shows more affordable for everyone, same-day tickets are sold for several Broadway and Off Broadway shows, and many Broadway theaters also offer special student rates or standing-room tickets to help ensure that more people have the opportunity to see Broadway shows. New York City, of course, is the home of Broadway and the largest theatre market in the United States. Because of the popularity of Broadway shows, and the vast number of productions playing in New York at any given time, this will help ease the task of sifting through the entire database of productions. Unlike most Broadway shows that open without an anticipated end, most of these shows are short runs (closing dates are noted below).
You’d think this would be a dream job with the opportunity to bond with the diva, but Alex soon discovers you shouldn’t get too close to your idols. Blumenkrantz enacts all the suspects, any of whom could have done it since Whitney wrote thinly-veiled novels about all of them.

The cast (which includes musical theater vets like Drama Desk winner Mary Testa, who is in the show until January 20) are beset by creatures like sharks, piranhas, killer bees and rats. The Union Square Theatre is transformed into an intimate cabaret space and the acts take place just inches in front of you on a tiny platform. Big Broadway stars like Patti Lupone and Ben Vereen show up here to do nights of their favorite music, putting you close to some of the most famous voices to grace the much bigger Broadway stages.
One minute you’re attending a grand ball for the Macbeths and the next you’re wandering through a spooky graveyard.
Mullally is his estranged wife returning to him after 20 years for a tearful and rage filled reunion. Off Broadway shows and even Off-Off Broadway shows refer to the smaller productions located on these adjacent streets.
Though don’t despair, if a show picks up speed with audiences, they do get extended (sometimes multiple times). Urie won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance and is dazzlingly funny as the put-upon protagonist and a host of other characters, including La Streisand herself. They also try to survive earthquakes, flood and infernos while warbling such pop hits of the era as “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “I Am Woman,” “Sky High,” “Knock on Wood” and “Signed Sealed Delivered.” Through March 31, St.
These include a hunky Australian performing acrobatics in a bathtub, a lovable clown enacting Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain” in zero gravity and a leather-clad juggler lip-synching a Queen song as he tosses objects with ease.
Upcoming events include a night with Anneleigh Ashford, who was nominated for a Tony last year for her role in Kinky Boots, on February 3.
You can be peeking into a sinister orgy, watching a trio of weird guests perform a gravity-defying dance in a forbidding hotel or checking in at a nightmarish mental institution. Off Broadway shows are often frequented by theatergoers who prefer a slightly smaller, more intimate setting, and account for a vital portion of New York City Broadway shows.
Some Off-Broadway shows have even become so popular that they get to move up to the big leagues with Broadway transfers – recent examples include Rent and Avenue Q, which is back Off-Broadway and still filling the house. The show recently was extended through the end of August, but Urie will give his final performance on March 16. Griff, the psychiatrist treating Arthur (and everyone else in the cast); and a boys’ choir hired to entertain at the party. On February 16 will be the music of Rogers & Hammerstein, with songs from The Sound of Music, South Pacific, Carousel and more.
Here’s a rundown of current and upcoming shows off the beaten path you’ll want to check out.

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