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But as nice as the motor was, DaCobraman decided it was time to change the motor for something that was more useful on the street.
This entry was posted in classic cars for sale, cobras for sale, muscle cars for sale and tagged bam427, broward auto mall, classic cars for sale, david wood, richard winters. 1959 Plymouth Savoy - More photos and a walk-around video of a 1959 Plymouth Savoy with impressive tail fins. The Broward Auto Mall sells Classic Cars and right now they have an absolutely beautiful Mercedes-Benz for sale.
As an investment, classic cars are not only a good investment but one of the few types of investments that someone can actually enjoy. So if you are getting the itch to make an investment, why not consider looking for a Classic Collectible Car to add to your Portfolio and while you are at it, maybe you should consider this Mercedes-Benz for sale to be a prime candidate to diversify your Portfolio. So the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters have saved her from this boring existence of almost two decades. Richard Winters, the curator of the Broward Auto Mall just loves having a Mercedes-Benz for sale of this stature.
So if you see a Shelby Cobra for sale, don’t buy it until you have had a chance to see and hear what DaCobraman of the Broward Auto Mall has to say. So next time you see a Shelby Cobra for sale, think of the Broward Auto Mall and of course call DaCobraman to see what he has cooking before you make a decision about purchasing a Shelby Cobra Kit Car.
Once you memorize the formula, all you will ever need to do is Google the formula and you will always be able to find the Broward Auto Mall and yours truly, the one and only, Richard Winters, alias, DaCobraman. Cobras for Sale and DaCobraman have been on a roll, in the month of February, the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters, alias DaCobraman sold a Dark Blue Contemporary Cobra with a very rare Boss 351 engine. And then again  in the month of March, DaCobraman sold another Cobra, this time it was an absolutely gorgeous Tangerine Orange Hunter Cobra with an amazing 427 small block motor pushing almost 500 ponies with 485 pounds of tire thumping torque. But the coolest part of all this is that DaCobraman is already working on selling another Cobra for the month of April. So if you are in the market to buy a Cobra, then by all means please look up DaCobraman to see what his current inventory of Cobras for sale are? Although the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters have been selling Classic Cars for quite sometime now. Just this week, DaCobraman sold a gorgeous Tangerine Orange Hunter Cobra with a smoking hot Ford 427 small block pumping out almost 500 horsepower and producing almost the same amount of tire smoking power and torque that you would expect from a Shelby Cobra.

And just to get you really excited about Cobra Kit Cars For Sale, last month DaCobraman managed to sell one of his favorite Replicas out there. The Inventory of Cobra Kit Cars For Sale is always changing, but rest assured, DaCobraman always seems to find a Serpent to buy or sell. And just so you know, the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters have sold a wide variety of Cobra Kit Cars For Sale.
As following are some of the different Cobra Kit Cars for Sale that DaCobraman would love to own, as well as sell, are the Kirkham Cobra and the Superformance Cobra. Give them a call at the Broward Auto Mall and ask for DaCobraman, he can always be reached at 786 285-9747. And in the last few weeks she has had the pleasure to stretch her legs cruising the Streets of Coral Gables, South Miami and Pinecrest. He might even have a nicer, faster and better priced Shelby Cobra for sale waiting for you. Although the Cobra was bought locally, this one will be exported to Lebanon once a few things are sorted out.
The deal he trying to put together for the month of April is to move an ERA Cobra which is painted in the Classic Shelby Cobra Racing finish of Viking Blue.
And if by chance you would like to use their services to sell your Serpent, then give the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters a call at 786 285-9747 to see how they can assist. We cannot explain it, but there are always a few Cobras deals going on when it comes to DaCobraman. Last year the Cobra Kit Cars For Sale reached and all time high for the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters.
And he has been buying, selling, trading and consigning classic cars for quite sometime now.
In miles, the conversion equates to a car that has not even reached 40,000 original miles since leaving the showroom floor back in 1982, over thirty years ago.
Just sitting there collecting dust and dreaming of the day when she will have the opportunity to hit the Streets of Miami again. Winters sold two Mercedes-Benz 6.9 Sedans and has already sold one earlier this year and knows this one will go quickly also. DaCobraman is always working an angle to see how he can find, trade, sell or put another deal together to get someone into a Cobra.

Spoke with the seller in Virginia the previous week about getting photos of the Cobra to show customers and before he could even get the Tangerine Orange Hunter Cobra up on his website, he received a call the following week and had the Screamming 500 horsepower Orange Serpent sold to a gentleman in Louisana. This ERA Cobra is top notch and one of the nicest Cobras for Sale that Broward Auto Mall has to offer.
Go ahead and Google either one and you find plenty of info regarding cobras for sale, videos of DaCobraman and more things relating to the Broward Auto Mall and Richard Winters, the proprietor. You have to understand that a Mercedes-Benz for sale never lasts too long on the market when they are a very rare and sought after machine like this one. But what makes this Cobra extra special is that she is a FIA289 Cobra with a set of Webers for carbs and is maxing out her stroked out 393 engine at around 400 horsepower. And if by chance you are looking to sell your current Shelby Cobra, then by all means, please allow the Broward Auto Mall the opportunity to market, advertise and sell your Shelby Cobra for you. Less than 7400 of these high powered beasts were produced during the mid to late 70’s. But unless you are dead set on assembling and building your Cobra, he would always recommend just coughing up the dough and buying the Shelby Cobra of your dreams completed. He has personally owned four Cobras at one time, all of which were equipped with the Real McCoy, the infamous and legendary Ford FE 427 Sideoiler Race engine that originally came in the Cobras from the 1960’s. And don’t kid yourself, 286 horsepower is some serious juice and is what made this Mercedes-Benz for sale 4 door sedan a star during her heyday.
Three of the Shelby Cobras were produced by Contemporary Motorcars of Mamaroneck, New York.
She knows that her high torque engine can move her big body with speed and style whenever she wants. And now, this Mercedes-Benz For Sale is available to the general public and the world after more that 18 long years in captivity.

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