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These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. Because HO needs more “shoulder room” than HOn3, 18” radius turns and #5’s are bigger than the 16-18” turns and #4’s of the original plan, and because the room can fit it; I increased the size of the layout one foot on the long axis so my plan is 8’ x 11’ and is fit into a 10’ x 14’ room. As far as the schematic layout of the tracks, curve for curve, tunnel for tunnel, bridge for bridge, the only change I made was to completely redesign the tracks at Montrose, turning it into a seaport (Tiburbon on my layout) and add a wye behind Tincup leading off through a bookcase to staging tracks in the corner.
Like the Frenchman’s Axe: the handle replaced three times, the head replaced twice, but still the same axe – I consider my plan to be largely the same as Furlow’s SJC despite all my tweaks. Drawing the initial plan of your layout feels really hard in a CAD system compared to pencil and paper – so much so that you can begin to wonder if CAD is really the way to go.
The initial CAD drawing may take longer to get down the first time than a cranking out a similar pencil and paper drawing but CHANGES to your plan are where the CAD simply kicks butt. Using pencil and paper it would have taken me many hours to redraw the layout with different turnouts. 3rd PlanIt has fairly deep terrain generating and editing capabilities but at that point in the process I made the decision that the time-to-benefit ratio was not good enough for me to go deeply into that on my plan. Starting in the November 1983 issue of Model Railroader and finishing in August 1984, Malcolm Furlow explained how he designed and built the San Juan Central in HOn3. This is a scan of the cover of my (now very tattered) copy I bought in the late-1980′s while working at a model train store in LA. The SJC is currently owned by Charlie Getz who has lovingly restored it to better-than-new condition.
I wanted a top banner that was consistent with the look and theme of the model railroad I’m building. Then simply clipped and pasted it into the top banner that was supplied with the WordPress theme I’m using. The larger scales (1:48 or larger) allow better detail and generally your model trains will have better operating characteristics. As I discuss elsewhere I want to build a layout that borrows heavily from Furlow’s HOn3 San Juan Central. I have many classic HO structures, a couple O scale structures, many HO standard gauge kits, several HO locomotives, one HOn3 boxcab engine. I believe projects turn out best when you acknowledge your compromises and confirm to yourself that you are really okay with them.
I’m building an HO version of Malcolm Furlow’s San Juan Central as descibed in his HO Narrow Gauge Railroad You Can Build (1984). Coming posts will describe planning choices I made as well as progress reports on what I’m doing currently. Hi guys, thought you might like to see the latest project from Stoney Creek models, Roger Malinowski's single stall stone enginehouse kit.I am modifying it a bit by installing interior planking and braces, that is why the bottom boards have been placed over the floor edges. Rick, I should have started this with the wall assembly but did'nt even think of posting it until this morning. Welcome Peter, Roger makes a nice kit, I just like to add a little to them as far as detail on the inside.I now have 2 walls planked and braced should finish up tomorrow and I will post a pic. As a sidebar to the construction notes above I thought I would share my lumber suppliers with you guys.

Nathan, your track spacing will increase considerably, and your minimum vertical separation is much greater, so that may affect the grades you need if you are bringing track over your right of way.
Beetle RTR power chassis with 27:1 gear ratio for good low speed performance and smooth running. Also new are the LNER surburban non corridor teak coaches in a brake 3rd, composite, 1st class and 3rd class. I used a modeling clay model of the layout to work out the 3D aspects of the scenery (I’ll write about that in a future post). Soon Kalmbach published the articles in book form as HO Narrow Gauge Railroad You Can Build: A Narrow Gauge Project Railroad.
What I know of how Malcolm works makes me suspect the trackplan was made on the fly and that the actual layout has even tighter turns but the plans were later redrawn with 16, 17, and 18″ radius turns. Combined with modest size this means there are not many different ways to move cars and trains around the layout. Charlie hosted vistors during the 2004 National Narrow Gauage convention in Santa Clara, California and I have several photos of it online.
I scanned an image of Tiburon, California taken in 1922 found in the book The Northwestern Pacific. The smaller scales (1:87) allow more terrain, allow more scale miles of track for a given space, take more work to detail and more work to operate well. Bachmann (with a bit of help from Life Like) now provides excellent low cost small and medium size steam engines that look and run great — and I already own several. I decided that my goal for 2006 is to work continiously — at least 12 hours a week — on a model railroad and that in this year I must make significant overall progress on the layout.
I’m finding it stunning that simply saying “good enough” suddenly gives me license to proceed.
Will plank the walls and frame out the window openings and then interior brace it.Even though most wont be seen,I am also installing lighting so I want the interior detailed non the less. I've got this kit on the shelf so this will be a big help when I get around to building it.
If you look at your instructions for the assembly of the walls it is reccomended that you use drywall coumpound for a filler on the corners.I do not like that method as the filler accepts stain differantly and will cause a fill line.
I am retired and on a fixed income so hobby shop dimensional lumber is a luxury I seldom indulge in. Room's more than sufficient for a 0n30 layout, take a look at Verne's Arizona desert inspired layout. I never scratch built anything before I started 0n30 & now all my buildings and terrain is scratch built. I’ve had work related experience with CAD systems and while 3rd PlanIt is not flawless it is certainly good enough to have been a great help in planning the layout. I only had to go back once to buy one more 10-foot 1×4 because I made an oops and forgot to leave myself a long piece. There is currently a pretty good variety of structures, a great variety of On3 rolling stock and scratchbuilding materials. To meet this goal I have taken the following attiude: it does not have to be a perfect layout. I started planning in October and November, building benchwork in December, and started roadbed in January 2006.

The product reviews are based on my personal experience with items I purchased unless I say otherwise. I use the kit as the foundation and my own ideas to finish,I use Tom Yorkes method for coloring the stone rather than Roger's.
Jerry, if you wouldn't mind, when you paint the stone walls you can elaborate on Tom's technique. I carve the walls and fit with no filler and only use white glue if light shows thru the corner. I have found other sources to fill my needs and over the years have developed methods to make them convincing. No problem with the help and guidance of this and a few other forums and groups and really enjoy the companionship they give me as I am a bit isolated here in Malaysia. Turns out Walthers looked like they were going to be out of stock for weeks or months on those items.
On30 has a lot of energy in it these days and I love the slightly less formal atmosphere of the On30 comminuty. The stone will be done on the outside after I am thru with the interior so as to minimize handling after staining it.
The only warning on this kit is the webbing in the window and door openings on my kit was extremely thick and it took quite a while to cut out, even being careful I broke both wall castings. In my opinion the Micro Lux or simular type saw is a must, for the cost of a kit you can get years of use cutting your own bass wood. The interior posts are 12x12's and I will frame the window openings with 1x8's.This has proved to be a lot more labor intensive but I feel since this structure will be in the front of the layout and lit the extra work will pay off.
Whether you choose to use standard HO flex track for your logging empire, or opt for the On30 trackage from ME or Peco, you can use an old OO track plan - just use more clearance on parallel curves and at junctions.As to the size of O scale buildings, I cannot blame you for being a bit apprehensive about their dimensions, but that is really only a problem if you are attempting to depict a city or suburban site.
I rip it down to manageable size on my full size table saw and then on the small saw with a carbide blade. I also show the corner detail on the castings hope you can make it out, photography is not my strong side for sure. Inspiration, imagination, creativity, a track plan, and best of all - a space in which to build your pike!!Would like to see your prospective track plan when you get around to it. 2x10's in the instructions to compensate for the extra thickness created by the interior walls.
The next item on the agenda while I wait for the trusses to dry after building will be to color the rock work.
I use these for platforms, bridge abutments, retaining walls, flatcar decks, lumber loads, building walls etc. For driven piles or trestles I use dowels of various sizes I find at Wally World(Wal Mart). For 65cents you have 36" long piers and they take stain great after roughing up with a file card.

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