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I am working on my 15mm Battlefield for this year’s Millennium Con XIII and decided to tackle my tree stands this weekend!
Then, I sprayed all of the bases black, painting gray along the edges and sides of the bases (since I am doing an arctic terrain, I did not want a hard black edge to the tree bases) and waited for the paint to dry.
Some Clear Matte Acrylic sealer was sprayed over the stands to make sure the flock stayed put.

Once this dried, taking and old brush I dabbed more scenic cement on the trees and the bases, then shook the soft flake snow over that to coat trees and bases in snow.
Here are some new Eurasian Empire Ships including a Kirov Class Battlecruiser and a Jian Class Attack Cruiser. Share:One Tablescapes Tiles Display Board in the Deadzone a„? theme with four tiles (one tile design), and a border frame unit.

This is a good look at my terrain in action using figures by GZG, Rebel Minis, Old Crow, and Critical Mass Games.

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