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Public transport in South Africa entered a new era with the successful opening of Phase 1 of the Gautrain rapid rail project on the 8th of June 2010. On the 2nd of August 2011 the route linking Rosebank in Johannesburg and Hatfield Station in Pretoria was opened.
The Gautrain project is a Public-Private-Partnership and includes a 15-year maintenance and operating period after construction.
The operations are led by RATP Development – the transit operator responsible for public transport in Paris and its surroundings.
Whenever we think of Mumbai, two things which immediately come to our minds are the dabbawalas and the local trains. Despite facing a backlash online and a possible penalty from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), SMRT is encouraging more schools to charter trains from them during off-peak hours if they need to transport a significant number of students.
He was referring to SMRT's decision to allow Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) to charter five trains to transport 3,000 students to the Schools National C Division rugby final at the new National Stadium on Tuesday.
That night, the LTA said it would take "appropriate action" against the public transport operator for not seeking its approval before providing the charter. While SMRT acknowledged its failure to inform the authority and added that it would do so in the future, it said this was not the first time it had provided such services without informing the LTA. As to comments by commuters on why SMRT was able to pump in extra trains for this purpose but not when they complain of crowded trains, Mr Lee explained that the trains used were withdrawn during off-peak hours due to low passenger loadings. Said Mr James Fong, 49, a trainer: "As long as it doesn't affect the daily train services, I am not bothered. Mr Lee emphasised that all stations along the Circle Line remained open to other commuters and trains ran at their usual frequency. He said that he was "grateful that the school informed us beforehand", as this gave SMRT time to make operational scheduling decisions and minimise the impact on other commuters.
Sign Up Now!Enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited digital access to The Straits Times.Get your free access! SINGAPORE - I took a train to work recently and saw how bad the situation was during the morning rush hour. Trains full of passengers would stop at a station, and only three or four people would manage to squeeze into each carriage, but not without consternation from passengers already on board.
I suggest that during the morning and evening rush hours, trains be classified as "even" or "odd".
But all trains will stop at interchange stations so passengers can change to other trains if needed. As each train makes fewer stops, time will be saved and the operators will be able to deploy more trains.

Perhaps my suggestion can be tried out on the East-West Line first, and if successful, adapted for the whole rail network.
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We collect zip code so that we may deliver news, weather, special offers and other content related to your specific geographic area. Officials say the increase is to prepare for the surge of students, staff and other riders that are expected when the University of Washington and Capitol Hill stations open in the first quarter of 2016. Because of the extra trains, six buses that currently use the transit tunnel in downtown Seattle will be diverted to surface streets. SBS Transit will be adding a total of 34 more train trips on the North East Line during peak hours.
Trains are controlled by Bombardier LTD (A Canadian firm), Mohan was overly excited when seeing the sign of Bombadier on the trains. The opening came 3 weeks ahead of schedule and just 44 months after the first sod was turned. The final leg of the system between Rosebank and Johannesburg Park Station opened on 07 June 2012 bringing the total number of stations in operation to 10 along an 80km route alignment. Following an international tender process, the Bombela Concession Company was appointed by the Gauteng Provincial Government to design, build, operate, maintain and partially finance the Gautrain project. While the former is restricted to Maharashtra only, the latter is not really unique to that part of India, but is present in every nooks and corners of the country—and, herein lays the twist.
Tens of thousands of students from many schools have experienced similar charters done in support of National Education shows in recent years - all moved efficiently and safely and without fuss.
Most people whom The Straits Times spoke to felt SMRT should have sought approval from the authorities before it entered into the private arrangement.
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It contained the timetable, fare for each ride, traffic services, weather and other information.
To excel in something unique to that part of the country is much easier than the one which is present everywhere. Here we need just an will from your officer to put their valuable time to look in to the problem. A safer continent with so much of security, felt safe to travel on public transport for once in RSA.

Ok, let’s cut down on all this and look at some of the unique features of local trains in Mumbai straightway— 15.
I turned my head toward the direction of the noise and saw lights, and the noise gets louder.
Cheap fare Mumbai might be one of the most expensive cities in India, but if you’re traveling around in a local train, then you’re lucky!
If I had the confidence to travel on this before I would’ve done so in many occassions. To travel a distance of 118-120 kilometers (maximum), you need to shell out as less an amount as 30 bucks! My RSA stay is coming to an end and I experience this trip a month before my leave is saddening.
That is all I heard for a long time until the train moved away and the silence creped in again.
You have every right to feel lucky if you get a proper place to stand in the local trains of Mumbai in peak hours. But for those who travel daily on the local trains, there’s always the fourth seat available irrespective of the “width” of the persons seated. The trains are never quite full for the passengers commuting daily—by hook or by crook, they have to enter the train even if the next train is to arrive after 3 minutes.
Live telecast of Ekta Kapoor’s soaps If you’re too much into the drama of daily soaps, you’re surely going to have a great time at the train where you’ll get to see quarrels, fights and even an insight into the tidbits of personal “saas-bahu” quarrels. Video coach You would know the significance of “video coach” only if you’re a daily-passenger of the Mumbai local trains. These are the first class female coach (for the polished ladies!) attached to the general male coach with only a window in between. The cult of window seat The biggest deal onboard the local trains is when you get the window seat—you’re none less than a prince. And, if you happen to get hold of a window seat if you hadn’t board the train from its inception point, then you’re surely the Hero of the Day!

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