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Oct 21, 2009 To avoid these fares, try traveling on off hours if possible; the trip planner. A few months ago, Queens representatives gathered with MTA officials to discuss the old Elmhurst LIRR station. The R and M subway lines that currently stop in Elmhurst take between 30 and 40 minutes to reach Manhattan during peak hours—on crowded trains.
The MTA has long treated its sub-agencies as separate fiefdoms that don’t play well with others. Maybe it’s like one of those elevators in The Far Side cartoons that go down to hell and up to heaven? Cheaper LIRR tickets for inter-borough travel might inspire more people under-served by the subways to leave their cars at home and take the train.
Never mind the fact that the MTA already loses some cash from people who get on at Woodside, but manage to get to Penn before the conductor comes by to check tickets——if they ever do at all. The problem with integrating fares, a la Berlin or Paris, is that the payment mechanisms are incompatible: swipe v. The NY, NJ and CT need to develop a new standardized smartcard payment system similar to the Clipper Card. Whether you are riding on MTA (Subways, LIRR, Metro North), PA (Path, Airtrain), New Jersey Transit or any of the other local transit agencies you should only need one card that carries all passes, in and out of system transfers and a cash balance. One system would make a huge difference reducing the overhead of each transit system developing their own system. If the transit agencies were really smart, they would also allow these cards separately track pre and post tax cash so you could use pretax cash for transit rides and passes, and post tax cash at stores, paying parking meters, tolls when you don’t have a EZpass, or any other fast transaction. From what I remember the new farecard in development for the MTA, is based on PATH’s SmartLink. Just imagine taking the card you would normally use on any MTA service & being able to use that card in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami or any other urban regional system .
London’s Docklands Light Railway manages to circumvent the issue by having card readers placed in stations. Theoretically, LIRR stations could start issuing unlimited ride Metrocards that could work on the LIRR, bus, and subway (albeit at a higher price than the one that only provides bus and subway transfers).
There could be a blended system, like on the Select Bus Service, where you swipe a metrocard and get a receipt before you board.
Aside from the more expensive fares on the commuter rail, there’s also the issue that transferring to the Subway or bus network will cost an additional fare. The Harlem & Hudson Lines serve high dencity neighborhoods in The Bronx that could also benefit with cheaper fares.
In addition to the high fare, the problem at Metro-North stations in the Bronx is frequency. But to the credit of the commuter rails, there is the majorly added convenience of scheduled stops.
If you look at transit systems in Europe that should serve as a model for New York, none of them charge a premium fare for an equivalent trip on regional rail vs subway.
Unless you are headed to Penn Station or it’s immediate environs taking the M or the R is the best route. Only because the entirety of the Metro is considered Zone 1, even where it stretches outside Zone 1. Unfortunately, that’s yet to come to fruition but conceptually it would solve a lot of problems. They should consider the RER example in Paris, where they use a common ticket for the Metro and the suburban services (but once they go past a certain boundary, zonal fares apply). Portland OR has a law on the books called the metropolitan housing rule – it basically states that developers have two options in providing afordable housing.
That said, we should certainly adopt the pricing model common elsewhere that varies the fare based on distance and time, not mode.
The Port Washington branch peaks at 8 tph, but that includes locals and expresses – any potential Elmhurst station would see half that service, at best.
Off-peak, the Port Washington branch runs 1 tph, compared to 6 tph on the M (on weekdays) plus 6 tph on the R. If there were no cost to reopening the station, then, of course, I’d say it should be reopened, even if it attracts few riders.
The stations that are being renovated for $30 million are already in use by lots and lots of real people.
In the 1970’s the MTA seriously considered stopping transit from serving the South Bronx because the neighborhood was devastated.
In the 1970?s the MTA seriously considered stopping transit from serving the South Bronx because the neighborhood was devastated. No, I can’t, but somebody can model the ridership impacts over time before we commit to spend $30 million. On the LIRR its $2.25 cheeper to get on in Jamaica, if you are already on the subway or have an Unlimited you might as well crowd up the E train out to Sutphin Blvd if you have ten minutes to spare.
With a smartcard, the price of a subway fare can be deducted from the cost of a commuter train fare if a transfer is required. I can’t speak to the LIRR, but in my experience the M and R have plenty of room to spare in comparison to their loading guidelines (145 per car on the M, 175 per car on the R). The one huge thing is that an LIRR stop in Elmhurst will provide relief on the E & F trains, because most passengers from the neighborhood transfer to the express at Roosevelt Av. Track repair should continue through this Friday, and customers are advised to expect some AM and PM peak cancellations this week.
Approximately 3,700 feet of track was damaged on one of the LIRR’s crucial four main tracks between Jamaica and Penn Station, thus limiting the Railroad’s ability to run its normal compliment of rush hour trains.
LIRR crews are working around-the-clock and readying equipment so that the process of removing and replacing damaged track, running rail and electrified third rail can begin.
While this work is being performed, most AM peak and PM peak trains will run on regular schedules. WCSC-TV reports that a representative at the chain reached out to Brown to apologize and offer a free meal for the group.

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I had no idea what this kid was talking about and was largely uninterested until that Rocky anthem came on. Toothpick- Funny, awesome, good looking people with a lot of friends and likes to hang out. Note: We have made every effort to offer the most convenient schedules for your trip to and from Fire Island.
As for alternates, in most instances convenient connections can be made through Ronkonkoma Station - and we have noted on the Fairy Schedule. Walk to the Ferry (map) - On a nice day with 30 minutes or more to spare, a brisk walk to the ferry can take 25 minutes. Colonial occasionally runs a Monday trip to Manhattan (Penn Station) from the 12noon ferry.
You have to inquire at (888)451-9511 to see if the service will be offered, and which ferry it will meet. Walk to the Ferry - On a nice day with 30 minutes or more to spare, a brisk walk to the ferry can take 25 minutes. Whether you want to talk or text, use wireless Internet, or just in need of using your "buddy finding" app. We are all sharing a link to the mainland, and that signal is wirelessly transmitted around the community. TPP Wireless (operated by Pines Pantry) - Hourly, daily, and seasonal residential service available.
Find out when your train leaves from NY Penn or Brooklyn, and which ferry you will meet to get to Cherry Grove or The Pines. Navigate to Cherry Grove and Pines schedules, and other options, by clicking on the appropriate text. Using diesel trains that don't require third-rail power, the LIRR will provide scoot service on the Long Beach Branch, making all stops between Long Beach and Lynbrook - approximately a 20 minute run.
The Long Beach branch train service will not run on weekends or holidays, including Thanksgiving.
Three of the four electrical substations along the Long Beach branch that feed electricity to the third rail were heavily damaged by flooding. In addition to the limited weekday modified train schedule for Long Beach Branch customers, the LIRR will continue to operate bus service on the Branch on weekends and holidays between 6 AM and 9 PM.
Starting at 6 AM, the LIRR's weekend bus service makes a loop between the LIRR's Long Beach and Lynbrook stations -; making stops at Island Park, Oceanside, East Rockaway, and Centre Avenue stations along the way.
The buses are expected take approximately 45 minutes to travel between Long Beach and Lynbrook.
LIRR - Long Island Rail Road NY schedule, times, information, train schedules, Accumulations. Shuttered in 1985 due to declining ridership, politicians want to reopen the station with the neighborhood booming, and the MTA isn’t opposed to the project. The LIRR train from Elmhurst would arrive at Manhattan’s Penn Station in roughly 15 minutes. With an elevator, the project would likely reach its $30 million estimate; without, it could afoul of ADA regulations and cost $20 million.
While back-office functions have been combined in recent years in an effort to eliminate redundancies, fare policies have remained stubbornly separate, much to the detriment of transit usage. It does POP on Muni and Caltrain (inspectors tap card to confirm payment), Fare card gate entry and exit on BART and tap boarding on all the regions different bus systems. The fracturing of cash metrocards between MTA, Path and Airtrain is frustrating, if I have cash on a metrocard i shouldn’t be limited to just the subway because it is set to auto-refill.
Also, the more that people have the same card, the more likely they are to jump on a bus or train rather than drive. Since retailers are prohibited from directly passing these fees on to customers, the MTA would need to raise all fares by the amount of the transaction fee to avoid loosing money. You are correct, a single card standard should be used throughout the entire tri-state region if not across the entire country.
It provides a solution by allowing POP operation, while also allowing for fare integration with the Underground. The point is an integrated transit system where everybody takes the best route to their destination. Since all of the Metro had a flat fare and was in zones 1-2, there was no point in installing gates that require you to insert a ticket to exit. I’m going to bring up something that I read about a few years ago that relates to your post above related to gentrification. There’s certainly plenty of room for better coordination, both within the MTA and with other agencies in the region, but NYCT and the LIRR are distinct agencies. It would take a massive service boost, which simply isn’t warranted, to come close to the headway on the subway.
But there is a cost, and a strong case needs to be made that this is a better expenditure of $30 million than other projects. Aside from potential reverse commuters – the real estate market could very well change because more professionals priced out of other neighborhoods may be willing to move their if they have a faster ride. But, aside from the Third Avenue el, there were no serious proposals in the 70’s to close any of the subway lines (or stations) in the Bronx.
But I don’t think it would be feasible to have someone from the LIRR or Metro North or NJ Transit get a free subway transfer like your saying in LA.
All that is nessessary is the card reader on the TVM would recognize a transfer & ajust the fares accordingly.

Has anyone ever walked from the area of the Elmhurst Station to where Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av is?
The job will also require the use of a specialized concrete track-laying machine that will remove and replace some 1,600 damaged ties.
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In some instances there are no connecting services (where the LIRR schedule service and the Sayville Ferry schedule coincide at a reasonable time), or alternate services available.
Given the circumstances the service works surprisingly well, however, it is effected by weather (rain, fog, and heat) and the number of users at any given time.
Optionally, you can change the name of the title of the icon as it will appear on your home screen. Cuomo announced that the LIRR is resuming limited weekday train service between Long Beach and Lynbrook on Wednesday, November 14th starting at 4:58 AM, marking the first time trains will run to the hard-hit City of Long Beach since Hurricane Sandy knocked out third-rail power to the entire branch. One substation in the Long Beach yard sustained damage from both sea water and sewage that overflowed from an adjacent sewage treatment plant. 6th as a comfort station, allowing residents to warm up, use toilet facilities and access power strips to charge cell phones and other electronic devices. With a population increase of 45 percent between 1980 and 2010, the neighborhood, currently served only by the M and R trains, is at least a 30-minute train ride away from Midtown and could use speedier transit. Williams added, will be a ridership study to be conducted in the next year or so, that will analyze the potential market for the LIRR in Elmhurst.
It shouldn’t cost that much more to take the LIRR from Forest Hills than it does to take the E or F trains, and if the MTA is seriously about adding another LIRR stop in Queens or Metro-North access in the Bronx, the fare policies should be better unified. It tracks free transfers that may exist between systems, so if you have a Caltrain monthly pass, you can get your free transfer to the local bus system.
MN, NJT and LIRR could then add fare gates at major stations to ensure all riders at the busiest of stations have paid when the conductors can’t always check all of these tickets before the first station.
If the latter is the option, the second building MUST be in the same area as it’s counterpart.
The LIRR unions are unusually intransigent, but they might be willing to accept it if it says in the contract the savings in unit cost have to go to more service rather than layoffs. It’s a 10 minute walk, tops, and the Elmhurst Station is one station away from those express trains. Once the new concrete ties are in place, the running rails and third rail are then re-installed on this almost three-quarter mile stretch of track. In the AM Peak, since the damaged track is used more extensively, customers should expect approximately 11 cancellations, 5 diverted and four trains that will go only as far as Jamaica.
Penn Station customers should take the 5:46 PM Huntington-bound train from New York to connect with the Far Rockaway train at Jamaica. I mean, I guess he had his hands full knocking people’s lights out, packing pigeons beaks, and also packing his own beak. I envisioned myself rolling out of bed, slapping my contacts in, and putting on my deodorant to the tune of Rocky.
Occasionally the bus service will choose to take you to Ronkonkoma Station rather than Sayville Station. So the bay-side, or houses on higher elevations will have better reception than beach-side houses. During off peak periods, customers may have to wait at Lynbrook for up to 15 minutes for connecting service. Crowley, adding that the move would also open up Elmhurst as a neighborhood for additional people to explore. Also this should save the transit agencies from having to maintain so many ticket machines (half of which are broken).
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Adding cash and buying passes can be done on the internet, or can be set to automatically refill. Some may call that practace forced gentrification, but it keeps lower income residents out of the clusters of housing projects you find in many large cities. Regardless of fare, an Elmhurst LIRR station would attract very little ridership away from the subway.
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The oyster card in london has the added benefit on the Tube that it will limit your maximum cost for a day to the price of a day pass.
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