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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. I am planning a small layout in 7mm scale to try it out and wondered if some kind soul could please tell me what width i would require in mm for two parallel tracks?
Next question, do i need to respace sleepers on peco O gauge track to make it look more realistic as i had to do in OO? I would say no as there are two types of 7mm Peco track Bull Head and Flat Bottomed and they have two types of rail retainers with careful weathering and ballasting a very realistic effect can be achieved.
All the info you need on track plus a lot more is available in the guild manual - available to members. Ken Payne used Peco track and points throughout on his layout looks pretty good to me and stuff runs really well on it. Peco 00 is sized to suit H0 for the American and European markets hence the incorrect sleepering for 00.
Do Peco make one of those red spacer things to help laying parallel track like they do in N and OO gauge?
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To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. See what’s going on within our online store, in our bricks n mortar site in Liverpool, UK and order fulfilment centre in Widnes, Cheshire. Note I have created a link to the Peco templates for the most popular 'O' gauge points on a click through to each one in the above list.
It’s strongest period was when model railways were considered toys, with emphasis placed on cost, durability, and use by children. Remaining a popular choice for collectors, and with a number of changes in recent years, having addressed concerns of scale modellers, making O scale more popular. To accompany the controller range Gaugemaster offer a vast range of switches and electricals for most concievable situations including general wiring, point switching and lighting. Many of our scenic products are suitable for O gauge from trees and shrubs to grass mats and scatters.
In addition to their extensive N and HO scale ranges, Atlas also produce a range of high quality O scale locomotives, rolling stock, and track, with power and control equipment available as well.
As with the N and HO ranges, Atlas produce a complimentary range of buildings and accessories as well as all the track you need to get your locomotives running. Accurately scaled and highly detailed, the Atlas O scale range is America’s favourite large scale train set, and is now fully available in the UK from Gaugemaster and leading Model and Hobby shops.
With both ready-to-run train sets and individual items on sale, the range is accessible by both beginners and those wanting to add to their existing layout. The building range is made up of both kits and ready built items, each part moulded in appropriate colours with detailed texture allowing them to be used straight out of the box.

Springside offer loco, coach and wagon detailing accessories such as axle guards, vents, brake standards, head and tail lamps, brake shoes, tools and fire irons, chimneys, steam pipes, vacuum pipes and a many other parts. Hand painted figures for the railway and many other general layout detailing accessories complete their range. Preiser manufacture figures in many scales and their quality and detail speaks for itself, see the Preiser page for more details. I will then have some 14 feet from the end of the curved section of track (which includes one half of the run-around loop) If I have the buffer stops up against the wall, I can probably get an 8 or 9-foot run-around loop. If you are only operating smaller locomotives (I've got mostly 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 tank locomotives) then a 40" curve shouldn't be a problem. A 'modern' house, (built 1970), has a second bedroom of 14ft x 7ft, so with those setrack curves, one could have a continuous run or a U shaped layout.
From the discussions above - I spoke to PECO at Telford today at length re a 3 way point - i.e. Having chatted with Mr Peco on Saturday I suspect they think there's a market now - those curves don't look too bad and will suit a lot of the current RTR offerings. With set-track curves available at a reasonable price, I think that we're going to see a lot more O gauge layouts that follow the classic "Started with a trainset loop of track and it expanded from there" scenario. Peco ST-725 Setrack O Gauge Bull-head 2nd radius Standard Curve, length 410mm, 16 inches, radius 1020mm, 40.5 inchesSuperbly detailed Peco O Gauge Bullhead Rail track feature wood grain sleepers in the correct scale width and has integrally moulded scale chairs with square headed fixing bolts and wooden keys.
So, at 40.5" diam, one 'could' have an 0 gauge 6ft x 4ft oval with siding(s), that is something I think 'we' should tell people.
Trainsets used to get around this problem by mounting the couplers on the bogies, although obviously this doesn't work on 4-wheelers. Another way arpund bufferlock is to drill just behind the bufferheads and put a piece of 0.3mm wire through. Very very glad to see that these are nearly ready for sale - I might finally be able to get cracking with my layout soon! Down to 5ft most things are ok but may need a bit of tweaking and propelling long coaches can cause buffer locking. Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply, but we are generally faster, particularly during business hours. The matching setrack cureves have also been announced for release 2015 and the template image for these is shown above. In Europe, its popularity declined before World War II due to the introduction of smaller scales. Other specifications exist around the world.Gaugemaster offer a number of controllers specifically for O gauge both cased and panel mounted. They then branched out on to the OO Scale market with lots of wagons, coaches and locomotives with great success.
They have fine details asuch as rotating roof fans, detailed interiors, powerful 5-pole motors, NEM coupling pockets, screw couplings, 4-character lighted headcodes and directional lights.

The O gauge selection includes not only the railway related figures such as passengers and station workers from different eras, but also figures for many more situations from farm animals to truckers and hitch hikers. A GWR home or distant signal, long ladders, telegraph poles, SR concrete fencing and windows and door frames. Mr Peco did say that they knew they had to do the points but it was when they could fit them in. In the last year or so, there has been the promises, and at least an actual release of small locos, at a more reasonable cost cf other rtr 7mm locos. The Hudswell Clarke, and Fowler from Ixion and the Terrier from Dapol, as well as several different companies selling RTR wagons might be just enough to get people started.
Perfect for small industrials, perhaps in an exchange siding with some NG, although we have had a DJH 9F round the curves! Why large radius curves are usually needed often isn't so much to do with a loco's ability to get round them, as it is because of the couplings - especially buffers & 3-links, especially on longer locos and stock. As I said when I posted my You-tube link last page, my Atlas SD40 can get round a 2' radius corner, but it can't pull stock through it as the ends of the loco - and hence the couplers - swing out too far, simply dragging stock off the rails. It passes muster and as Pete said, ballasting and weathering will go a very long way to hide any discrepancies. As you go below 5ft you will need to consider extra work such as larger buffer heads to minimise buffer locking.
Unpainted figures can be found in larger packs and some layout accessories are also avalable such as pallets and barrels. This has definitely sparked an interest in folk to buy rtr instead of having  to kit build.
If you want to build your own pointwork, you could match it with C&L plain track which is accurate, and not significantly more expensive than Peco.
However, for many modern O gauge applications a standard unit such as the model 100M (12v  - - - DC, 1 amp) will be more suited. The BR wagons feature working axlebox springs, 3-hole disc wheels and movable brake levers. The O Scale range of Dapol Wagons feature extremely high detail including sprung buffers, three link couplings, die-cast chassis and free running wheels. Simple pre-set track makes it easy to lay track on the floor or wherever you can find a bit of flat space for a few hours, so there is a new market developing quite quickly.

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