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Plans 16 and 17 have their basis in the traditional oval layout, sometimes called a continuous run.
Each one has a twin circuit of main line with a group of sidings on the inside of the inner circuit.
However, on table top layouts, a corner is often the most convenient place to site a level crossing.
Footplate, the home of model railway in Kidderminster has been alive and kicking for 10 years now. This plan neatly comprises three scenes that collectively reflect a nerwork Southease and Urban theme.
The station is sneakily designed to look far more than it really is, with curves hidden beneath buildings (see plan). An ever present fact with model railways is that curves are usually much tighter in radius than on the prototype.
Operation can be as simple as watching the trains go round or made more interesting with the introduction of a basic timetable.
The plan itself is the development  of an idea by Neil Ripley and a full account of it was featured in Railway Modeller , May 2007. This simple layout is an example of the gtraditional oval and is ideal for the beginner with scope for development as shown in plan 6. We know that getting started in model railways can be confusing, with so many options available and many unfamiliar terms being used. They are however substantially different; one has a single island platform and extra sidings at the end of the layout, the other has twin platforms with a central passing loop.

With this in mind, the standard Setrack level crossing is available with a number 1 radius curved track centre section, ST-266, as well as the straight track section ST-268. This could be a wagon repair shop, a loco stabling point, part of an international freight depot and even different things at different times of operation if you make some scenic units interchangeable. Here is plan 32 from the previous edition incorporated into an oval design comprising of a through junction station with a branch platform. Although the layout could be construceted completelt from scratch, the plan pre supposes that an existing Thomas set in the familys possession can be developed into more of a scale model, This way the railway grows up with the child, a development that will almost certainly welcomed by any adult enthusiast involved.
The design is such that the cdentral area is protected from young hands by its position and can be quite detailed with more delicate features such as trees and telegraph poles.
It can sometimes seem daunting to find which path is the best for you.At Anticsonline help is only a phone call away.
Scenically both are different, individually, they could be treated in other ways too, by removing or adding features to suit your personal choice. The third scene (see illustration) would occupy the area currently shown at the extreem right of the plan. To get around the issue many modellers hide the curves under the scenery, often with a hill or townscape.
Additionak; interest is provided by the two short sidings allowing some shunting, using the station loop for running round. The outer area has very basic scenery and a push along roadway where the very young, less aware of the very fragile nature of models can play and watch the trains go by. By installing two seperate speed controllers, or if you have chosen to use a DCC system, ypu can shunt the sidings whilst having a train run round the oval at the same time.

Modern type barriers, LK-51, are available as a seperate item and are essential for updating a layout. It would be made up primarily of pre-war housing, elevated to disguise the tight radius trackwork hidden beneath. On this plan the curves are hidden in two ways, firstly the station roof has been extended over the right hand curves. Additional scenic features like plug in trees could be added to the outside area for the adult only operating sessions and more detailed rolling stock could be used at this time too. Whatever control system you use, you will need to fit two Peco power feed clips at the positions shown.
There would be quit a lot of repetative modelling here, though it is worth it for the impacy. Secondly, the innermost curves on the right hand side of the plan could be hidden beneath a scen such as the houses created from distinctive 19th century terraced houses. Several manufacturers , including Metcalfe, offer a variety of different styles and types of Victorian terraced houses show. Although there is a lot of repetative modelling in the scene, the finished model captures the spirit well.

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