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JFK AirTrain har mange stationer i lufthavnen, blandt andet ved terminalerne, parkeringsområderne, hotel shuttlebusserne og biludlejningsfirmaerne. Private shuttle busser er en praktisk og prismæssig overkommelig transport mulighed mellem lufthavnene i New York og bymidten. Passagerer med et forbindelsesfly i en anden lufthavn i New York skal indlægge rigelig tid i rejseplanen til transport. New Yorks offentlige trafik er ganske veludbygget og når ud til hver eneste del af byen, som kan have turisternes interesse. Pennsylvania Station is the main hub for subways and railways coming in and out of New York City.
Coming down escalators form the main street, like many other subway systems, you enter into a massive cavern. But as we got closer to the central Amtrak area, I found a few 24 hour restaurants, a bunch of homeless, and a waiting area, “exclusively” for people with Amtrak tickets. Multiple times I got in and out of the “exclusive area” without the ticket checker so much as looking up from the TV show playing on his or her tablet, phone, or mini TV. I, like many others, refused to look at or acknowledge them, and just keep pretending to be asleep with my jacket covering my head.
As for the seat themselves, they seem to be set up to purposely make you as uncomfortable as possible. The only redeeming thing about Penn Station is that there was an ample selection of food services and a few 24 options. But if I were to need a night in the city before a train ride again, I would probably do what I did this time, go out with a friend and wander the streets until I’m exhausted then attempt faint rest in Penn Station until I can have good sleep on the train. At first glance it would seem that if they had real ticket checkers at the waiting areas they could have comfortable seating without the homeless problem. I can see how Penn Station could be kind of an intimidating mess but its safer than it seems. The reason it is set up like that with extremely uncomfortable seating is because years ago, Penn Station (and most other transit giants, like Grand Central and Port Authority) were filled with homeless people. I don’t understand how the trains are so much better than the lounge…but I am happy that that lounge is NOT better than the trains!
Doesn’t it just get to you how purposefully uncomfortable they try to make waiting areas? Maybe it’s just a cost issue and getting as many seats for the high quantity of traffic is more important, but wouldn’t you rather have people feeling happy about their experience?

I find it more odd that a 24 hour waiting lounge (which will obviously have overnight travelers) is so anti-overnighters, but maybe that is so the ticket checkers can just stay on their portable tv’s and not actually have to do their job – making sure the people entering the waiting areas actually have tickets!
The terror group ISIS said today that its "fighters" were responsible for the attack, according to an ISIS-affiliated website, as authorities search for a suspect on the loose.
The attacks killed at least 31 people and put the Belgian capital on its highest terror alert level. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Statement said in a statement: "The Department of Justice is in contact with our counterparts in Belgium and we have offered any and all assistance that we can bring to bear. ABC News senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas said on "Good Morning America" today that what U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has been in touch with intelligence officials following the attacks in Brussels, said there is a€?absolutely no reasona€? to believe there is a threat against the U.S. Cuomo said there will still be beefed up security from the National Guard, state police, Port Authority and Metro Transit Authority at all major transit hubs, including JFK airport, LaGuardia airport, and Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. ABC News contributor and former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told ABC News this morning that New York City is always on high alert.
In Los Angeles, the LA International airport has increased the visibility of police officers.
Temperaturerne i New York er meget høje om sommeren og kan blive meget lave om vinteren. De giver nemt forbindelse til andre transportmidler i New York, blandt andre: New York Citysubway, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail og New Jersey Transit.
Der er ingen subway linje til New Yorks lufthavne, men det er nemt at kombinere undergrundstoget med andre transportmidler, der ofte krydser hinanden. Desuden er busserne propfyldte med passagerer i myldretiden og der er bestemt ikke garanti for en siddeplads.
Ofte er det mere fordelagtigt at booke en lejebil på internettet, end ved leje direkte hos en biludlejningsforhandler i New York. It is a huge underground maze of track lines and the place to catch a cheap and comfy ride to DC, upstate, Boston, or anywhere else the rail system goes. Which I was extremely tempted to do, but at the point I really noticed them some rail cops were wandering around, due to the awesome angry teens and the need to move the homeless sleeping next to the ticket windows (which were getting ready to open), and to scoot out the obvious thieves who were wandering the lobby scanning for sleepers they could steal from. I expected the hallways to be dirtier, the reception area to be more inviting, and the entirety to be much more secure. The nice(r) side of the waiting area wasn’t as bad comfort-wise – but even less secure (at least the first side of the waiting area semi checked to see if I had a ticket-like thing in my hand once.

Whether it’s a good option is totally up to you, but it is not a $200 a night room or $50+ a night hostel dorm. ISIS claimed it "carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices [in] the Belgian capital Brussels, a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State [ISIS]," according to the site.
In the days ahead, we will continue to work with law enforcement abroad in order to help ensure those responsible are brought to justice. Capitol Police said: a€?The USPP continues to patrol around our treasured icons in the wake of the attack in Belgium. Andrew Cuomo said this morning there is no known credible threat to the state at this time. Alene for det, er der, for de fleste turister, ikke den store grund til at leje en bil i New York.
She never fully looked at me, and I never had anything remotely ticket-ish looking in my hand.
I decided to go freshen up, grab some coffee at Dunkin Donuts (oh how a Dunkies can make things so much better!) By the time I caffeinated, the other half of the waiting area was starting to fill with people so I made my way into this side where I could lay more comfortably and charge my laptop and phone.
I did expect homeless people waiting out the night and elements inside, and that’s fine, but I didn’t think that the waiting area would be so sketchy, AND so terribly uncomfortable! The claim cannot be independently verified and there's been no official word from Belgian authorities. Capitol Police officers stand guard outside at the entrance to the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 22, 2016. I was still assuming there would be benches, or rows of chairs you could easily lay across, or a carpeted floor like the airport waiting rooms. The only way to lay down was to out my feet on my suitcase in front of me, turn half-sideways in the seat, and use the armrest as a makeshift prison pillow. I used my jacket as a blanket (and head covering) and attempted to keep my suitcase and backpack under me in a way that I could feel them, in case any of the lovely and demanding beggars tried to lift them.

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