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Chci se zeptat kde bych na internetu mohl sehnat podklady k primnereni dilu letounu jak to je na prvni obrazku ???? Building and rigging period plastic ship models are the most challenging aspects of building plastic kits. Among plastic ship models, I think it's fair to say, sailing ships are the most challenging of all. One of the bigger plastic model ships on the market today - Lindberg's Sea Witch in 1:96 scale.
It shouldn't come as a surprise, that in general the bigger the model, the more difficult to build.
To represent the canvas sails are made of has proven a difficult task for the plastic kit manufacturers. Typically made from beige or off-white thin styrene.I think we've all heard how difficult it is to work with vacuum formed parts. If you want to improve the appearance of any model sailing ship, the sails is where you'll see the most bang-for-buck. Standing rigging serve the purpose of holding mast and spars in place and offer structural support. Shrouds and Ratlines on one of the more humorous pirate ship model kits - the "Jolly Roger" by Revell.

The bigger kits generally have ratlines that are made of soft plastic threads that have been fused together. I think it's been at least 30 years or so since one of the major model kit manufacturers released a new Age-of-Sail model kit of any importance.
As a result, few of the kits available truly measure up to the quality we're used to in other categories. At 1:75 scale, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus fame, could be built as a diorama.
Find the best age-of-sail kits available from Heller, Airfix, Revell, Lindberg, and Academy. It's not that gluing the plastic pieces are any different than any other type of kits, it's the rigging that will test your skill and your patience.
They are often molded in white or off-white plastic.The injection molded sails are way too thick to look right and are difficult to be painted and weathered to look right. Generally the sails supplied with the kits are either white as snow or an almost skin tone. This is really difficult to pull off, but can earn you at least a nod from your buddies and a ribbon at an exhibition.I'd only try this on the largest of ships, and use the finest of fabric, such as silk or very fine muslin. The vacuum formed sails typically look OK as they are.Personally, I prefer the vacuum formed sails, despite their flaws.

Neither is very accurate.Real canvas sails have a natural raw cotton color that bleaches out to a milky very slight off-white from the sun's rays and bleaching salt spray.
This is not for rookies though.One thing you may read in model ship building books is to color the sails in tea. So, essentially a beige-brown-khaki type color.Both types of ropes came in several different diameters. They are more difficult to work with, but generally yield a better appearance on the model.
Not that there are any losers here, but the Preussen and Passat are on top, followed by Le Superbe, Mayflower, Cutty Sark and Wasa. I have no clue how this practice got wind (excuse the pun), but the result is anything but realistic.
This is adequate for most builders.More important than using several different gauges of thread on the same model, is to default to a thinner of two diameters. If you're unsure which of two thread thicknesses to use, chances are the thinner will be less offending on the model.

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