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After the successful SD-40 and SD-40-2 locomotives years had passed with little new development visible from General Motors. DC Scale and DC Hi-rail: order from the Fill-in Form, copy part numbers and subtract from prices posted below. All new drive system with sprung "Gription®" wheel-sets, greater traction and electrical conduction. All versions will include a larger 5 pole motor with large flywheels and heavy die cast frame. All versions will include fine DX features such as wire grab irons, windshield wipers & more.

General Information: The original plastic village made to scale for miniature railroads in both scales of O-Gauge S-Gauge.
I believe that the eight (8) new figures are from the Littletown takeover and are the seated waving woman, seated man with arm around woman, standing park ranger, train conductor with lantern, passenger waving hat, porter carrying bags & packages, this engineer with lunch box and chubby engineer waving.
In the meantime General Electric forged ahead with engineering developments and a line of 6 wheel truck locomotives that sold well. To regain market share GM introduced its new 710 series engine in 1984 with many new features such as fuel economy and power.
Other than a new power plant the use of a new microcomputer and "L" Logic system, which controls engine speed, locomotive direction, power or dynamic brake mode, traction motor and generator switching.

With all the new design changes, the 60 series models were as revolutionary as the introduction of the Dash-2 models in 1972.

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