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BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): “S” IS FOR SURFER!">BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): “S” IS FOR SURFER! After the combined inspiration of what I’ll refer to as “Murilee’s Barrage o’ Volvo”—recently featured in his “Junkyard Finds” column—and my most recent “BODACIOUS BEATERS” entry—featuring a purple Chevy II Wagon—I have no choice but to segue to today’s entry! Just to set the record straight, my use of the phrase “Wonder Years” (in Parts One and Two) is not sourced from any past television series, but rather, from the original source: an advertising campaign from the ‘60’s (it may go back further than that, but that’s when it was introduced into my consciousness) featuring a brand of sandwich bread.
After viewing Murilee’s succession of Volvo features, I was tempted to throw my hat in the ring with a very cool continuation on that theme…and I will…but maybe for the entry after this one. Considering the recent entries in my “Memoirs of an Independent Repair Shop Owner”, it’s looking like I’m going to have to “go with the flow” and dig up another memory of my early automotive history for this entry in “Bodacious Beaters”. This time the subject is the very first car I ever owned—and it was one of these: a 1966 Chevy II Super Sport with 283 cubic inches of Bowtie Smallblock under the hood, and the venerable two-speed aluminum Powerglide under the SS console shifter! BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): MO’ VALIANT!">BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): MO’ VALIANT! As in it looks as if it was really done in the early ‘80’s and just left to its own devices! The very fact that I’ve allowed myself to be delayed in making this entry underscores the fact that the experiences I related in Part One, and am about to relate here, really have had a profound and lasting influence on my priorities. As I mentioned in Part One, with the variety of racing venues proliferating the Greater Los Angeles Area in the decades of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, it was really hard NOT to be favorably influenced by all of these motohappenings. BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): REALLY VALIANT!">BODACIOUS BEATERS (and road-going derelicts): REALLY VALIANT!

Typically, when you’re talking in antique vehicle terms, one might consider spotting something like this early ‘60’s Plymouth Valiant; a rare sighting in ANY circumstance.
As with many young lads growing up as the motor sports world was rapidly advancing in the 1960’s, I was totally fascinated with just about anything sporting wheels—especially if there was a powerplant involved.
Since I’ve gotten myself started on a racing theme (see a recent entry in my “Memoirs of an Independent Repair Shop Owner” column), I figured I’d keep it going with this BB entry. With the rising cost and generally limited choice available to those motoring enthusiasts out there—and we know that the spirit is alive and well, in spite of (and because of) recent economic developments—events featuring alternative ways of expressing such enthusiasm are certainly newsworthy.
Dump trailer project - weldingweb., I think you may be wasting your time with that single axle, but it's your project. List american pickers episodes - wikipedia, free, This is a list of television episodes of the american series american pickers. Baurspotting, Thanks to our friend artur tadevosyan for the heads up that this project is back on the market, craigslist in bangor pa.
Remote control battle ship this could be the most mind-blowing thing that we have ever seen listed on craigslist.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. A neighbor across the street used to shuttle a group of us teenagers to High School in a sedan version. This time it appears to be a ’63 Convertible model, done up in early ‘80’s Sunset Strip Heavy-Metal Hair Band red and grey primer, no less!

Sierra, there are always plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, especially after the snow thaws.
To find one largely intact, still operational, and out on the street—well, that puts it on another level!
When I first drove my Odyssey I wondered why I put up with large intrusive consoles for all these years.
I recall the gear shift lever of exaggerated length, the rather organic engine thrash and gearbox whine demonstrated during acceleration, and the leisurely progress of this activity charted by a horizontal left-to-right “red tape” speed indicator. To be able to lay down a form of written history that includes such occurrences is one of the main reasons I’m logging all of these “Memoirs”. A forum is thereby provided that can be both informative to younger generations, and allow the generations that “were there” to recall and discuss these events. So, in between warm-weather projects, I’ve been staying fairly occupied with motorcycle preparation (for both road trips and off-road excursions), and field “testing”.

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