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Blood Ties is a remake of a 2009 French crime drama, Les Liens Du Sang, and is the story of two brothers (played by Clive Owen and Billy Crudup) set in the 1970s -- one bad guy (involved in organized crime) and one good guy (a New York City Police Detective). Filming on Thursday, June 7 involved a car chase scene with a NYC police car, an unmarked police car, and actor Clive Owen (actually his stunt double).  See below for photos. Remember the blue and white NYC police cars of the 1970s?  The blue car on the right is an unmarked police car.  Both cars were used in the car chase scene. Actor Steve Mack - he plays an undercover police officer.  An actor for 29 years, he has played in many cop roles.

This actor plays a bad guy (can't tell you what he did in the movie without giving it away!).  His character is Tony Guida.
Filming in Canarsie is now complete.  We can't wait to see Blood Ties when the movie comes out in 2013! When the word "staycation" was introduced into the general lexicon several years ago as consumers began reducing expenses due to the struggling economy, she focused on several New York area locations that would provide getaways and leisure close to home. Linda has tackled diverse projects at the Canarsie Courier over the past five years--including travel, local history, and human interest.

A NYPD helicopter was searching by air and officers could be seen going into a wooded area, Smith reported.The suspect may be armed and residents are being urged to avoid the area if possible and report any suspicious persons, police said.

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