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Depending on a city's layout, planning and public transit, getting around town can be completely effortless or totally enraging. The top spots in Public Transportation and Pedestrian-Friendliness were especially surprising: a mixed bag of major metropolises and smaller-scale cities, some cities with sprawling transit systems didn't crack the top spots. In cities like Chicago, despite a flood of complaints about CTA service following a recent pass fare hike announcement, some folks really like the public transit -- particularly the tourists. Other entries on the list were even more eyebrow-raising, when a small Georgian city beat out New York and it's expansive MTA and endless walkability.
Readers who take issue with how their city fared can also pit two cities head-to-head and see which one comes out on top.
The list quickly descends from 11% in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area (fourth place) to 8.2% in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area (tenth place).
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. If people are so turned off by public transportation, they should try another way of getting to work: carpooling.
People don't use mass transit because they don't like it, not because they need an education. Please, try to keep in mind that a vast majority of the American landscape is NOT a big city.
Public Transit systems lead to a lot of government waste and tax payer fraud through over-budget contracts with "friends of the politician", unions and every spiraling maintenance costs without the constraints of a competitive system to keep everyone honest.

New York City, with it's 13 million people, cannot even turn a profit, let alone break even. MTA New York City Transit is the largest public transportation agency in North America and one of the largest in the world. English: The New York City Transit Authority (MTA New York City Transit, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of NY) provides local bus, express bus, subway, bus rapid transit, and paratransit service in the City of New York.
The responsibilities include assisting in the preparation, planning, analysis and milestone review of NYC Transit’s multi-billion dollar, five-year capital program and evaluation of capital project proposals. Interested candidates must apply by December 23, 2013 by going here and selecting Job ID # 77783.
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The commuting report is part of the American Community Survey, and it details the average commute time for Americans along with their mode of transportation. Coming in a very distant second was the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont metro area, where 14.6% of the population hops on mass transit daily. At rush hours they are crammed, most of the time you are in a confined space with people you would cross the street to avoid if you were walking. If you wish to learn more about the inner working of the largest agency, and have fun while doing it, then you should apply for an opening for a full time Associate Staff Analyst position with the Capital Planning and Budget group at MTA New York City Transit.

The Analyst will support the economic cost-benefit analyses of selected capital projects and will participate in the preparation of the Twenty Year Needs Assessment as well as funding considerations within the five year capital program. The Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area is a close third, with 14% of the population on the metro and buses daily.
They even host holiday give-aways, such as a free $25 gas card for people who successfully set-up a carpool for the week of Thanksgiving.
Face it, people don't want to deal with other people, and THAT's the major failing of public transit.
Check out the job description for more information on Qualifications and Selection Methodology.
Nine of the ten cities on this list have less than 15% of the population commuting on mass transit. If those are our highest statistics, perhaps Americans need a bit of a mass transit education along with additional infrastructure support.

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