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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! What makes him any different from someone who lives in a far away neighborhood because his wife and kids like it there? So let's say you live in the city and your wife is selected to be Head of Cardio Thoracic Surgery in a distant exurban hospital. The problem is this board is full of young singles, mostly male, who have no idea what it's like to try to coordinate schedules of multiple family members. More Philadelphians are opting to bike to work, though a majority still take public transportation or drive, according to a new report.
The Alliance for Biking and Walking just released their 2016 Benchmarking report, which broke down how folks commute to work across the nation.
Whenever I see someone throwing and adult temper tantrum, the other 99% of people are just dealing with it.
Highways were sold based on the idea that they would prevent congestion and become an effortless, trouble-free ride home.

In Philadelphia, 10.6 percent of commuters bike or walk to work, placing the city at 7th in the nation.
And it's worth noting that the report still listed Philly's bikeshare system as "planned," though Indego launched in 2015. Of the 498 bike lanes and paths in Philly, only 12 miles are protected, compared to 422.8 miles of unprotected paths.
I usually catch up with the temper tantrum thrower multiple times as he weaves in and out of lanes going no where making it difficult for everyone else because he wants to act like a child, at least when I'm driving.
But highways become even more congested, and adding more highway lanes makes the problem worse via induced demand. But highways become even more congestion, and adding more highways makes the problem worse via induced demand.
That's compared to Boston, who took the number one spot with 16.7 percent of commuters biking or walking. If I'm on my motorcycle, I rarely ever see that behavior as I'm cutting throw stuck traffic like a hot knife through butter.

The difference with transit is that it's easier to add capacity if it is justifiable by traffic: more trains instead of more lines.
Either get something with two wheels so you've basically doubled your number of lanes or just don't drive like a tard. Driving like a tard doesn't get you anywhere faster when traffic is congested which is why no one with a brain does it.
If I get out at 4-5, I'll just grab dinner and do some work until 7 when traffic dies down.

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