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A Bay Area based photographer, writer and all around design junkie I'm obsessed with finding beauty both in the home and on the open road. I grew up in Los Angeles, which more or less is a city that runs on cars, and it can be isolating.  People barely even carpool and you find people alone as they navigate through their day. What’s the hold up?  Does your public transportation in your city affect your mood?  If so, how? Last updated: 21 Mar 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. 10 Instant Ways to Calm Yourself Down The Difference Between Sex and Love for Men Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Metro recently posted a map (by designer Jake Berman of Studio Complutense) of what the Los Angeles rail system might look like in 25 years, and I was impressed. I wanted to compare their map it to the present day, so I started deleting rail lines. I attended the opening of the Long Beach line with my stepdad, who was still crying about the loss of the Pacific Electric big red cars he had enjoyed in his youth.

I love this prediction that 2040 will bring extensions to almost every subway and light rail line, lots of new Rapid buses, a high-speed elevated line to Santa Ana, and a bullet train to San Francisco. Ask Chris: Is It True That the Metro Will Give You a Note for Work or School if a Bus or Train Makes You Late? I’d be very concerned in the 2040 map that there is no single line along the I-405 corridor from the north San Fernando Valley to LAX. I am not in tune with things that used to be second nature to me, driving stresses me out much more than it used to. I cannot wait to move to the city and to be able to sit and read while someone else shuttles me around.
Then I wondered what the network looked like 25 years in the past, so I deleted everything added after 1990. In a few weeks the Gold Line to Azusa and the “subway to the sea” Expo Line to Santa Monica will debut.

Instead one would have to take three different lines and still face a gap south of the Expo Line. Then I moved to Boston for three years and decided to rely on public transportation for my primary means of getting around. Perhaps part of that is that I'm a little out of practice when it comes to driving, but it also has to do with traffic, parking and all the other little headaches and expenses that come with driving a car. The radical difference between the first image and the second is enough to convince anybody that the vision in the third is definitely on its way.
Now I've relocated again, this time just outside the Bay Area, and I find myself, once again, needing a car to get around.

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