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Cars For Sale Rally Div Rallycross Car Pictures, Cars For Sale Rally Div Rallycross Car Images. Established as a local mechanical workshop in 1971, by 1982 Autotech had built a reputation as specialist mechanics and automotive repairers for Alfa Romeo and other European cars providing general maintenance and servicing to these motor vehicles, as well spare parts. I really hope this NBN thing lives up to expectations, I really could do with a faster phone.

PS Mine is still in a state of disrepair still after the accident at Alpine!!!Not sure now when it will be even started to be fixed! Funny, I read the ad yesterday, was interested, rang and was given DS's phone to ring for more info. Autotech is well known and highly respected amongst Canberra?s motor sport competitors and motoring clubs and are renowned as expert engine tuners and diagnosticians across the local region.

In 2008 the business moved to Hume, ACT to larger premises where the business also includes a dedicated dyno suite.

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