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Historic sites and museums: George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Memorial Art Gallery, Strong Museum, Susan B.
Support for libraries: Local government funding for the local library system, in fiscal years 2001-2002, was above the national average. Sections below provide additional information and links about Rochester demographics, travel and tourism, nearby airports, cemeteries, the Monroe County economy, education, environment, genealogy, government, historic sites, Rochester area jobs, libraries, maps, museums, newspapers and other media, nonprofit groups, real estate, recreation, religion, transportation, and weather in the 14611 ZIP code. TopHousing & real estateMedian rent in Rochester, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $473. POLITICSRochester political reportMonroe County supported John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.
TopTrafficThe average commute time for Rochester workers is 19 minutes, compared with 26 minutes nationwide.A total of 41 fatal motor vehicle accidents occurred in Rochester between 2001 and 2003, according to reports gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is a good place to Attend festivals, visit museums and art galleries, visit coffeeshops and interact with idealistic young people with fresh ideas and hearts of gold. New legislation now requires all homeowners receiving a Basic STAR exemption to register with the New York State Tax Department in order to receive the exemption in 2014 and subsequent years. Gary Martin, President, Production Administration, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, said, “From Rochester to Manhattan, this is the first time an entire Spider-Man production will be shot in The Empire State. The production is so large that it will use space at two separate stage facilities on Long Island, Grumman Studios and Gold Coast Studios, as well as the Marcy Armory in Brooklyn. In 2012 alone, it is estimated that the 134 projects that have applied for the program will result in $2.2 billion in spending in New York. Since Governor Cuomo took office, the program has averaged 134 applications per year, nearly double the average of 72 per year over the life of the program prior to January 2011. More than half of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll oppose putting a casino in downtown Rochester.
The Buffalo News last week reported that the Seneca Nation of Indians wants the right to develop a casino in downtown Rochester as part of a settlement with New York in a dispute over $572 million in gambling revenue owed the state and local governments. Meanwhile, Finger Lakes Casino & Racetrack—one of the state’s racinos—has begun work on a $12 million expansion that will add hundreds of video lottery terminals and is part of a larger plan that envisions full casino gambling eventually. In August 2011, 63 percent of respondents to an RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll favored legalizing private, non-Indian casino gambling in New York. Instead, far less than half the $50 million in a state grant program was awarded, leaving some unsuccessful applicants wondering about New York’s commitment to reform.
But a review of the first year of the program shows that less than half the funds — $17 million — were awarded. That doesn’t sit well with East Greenbush schools Superintendent Angela Nagle, who spent 30 hours with a team of administrators putting together a management efficiency grant application.
The state program is clearly modeled on the federal Race to the Top program, which used relatively small amounts of money to bring about significant change in the nation’s public schools. Race to Top pitted states against each other to make sweeping changes to law by dangling federal money in front of them. The state money that was not dispersed should have been put back into school aid, where it could go directly to classrooms and make a difference to children, said Billy Easton, executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education, which advocates for more equitable school spending. Cuomo, a Democrat, is facing resistance from Republicans who have partial control of the state Senate. In 2011, several legislators protested education cuts outside the Executive Mansion, and Cuomo was booed during his dinner speech. This year, Cuomo hosted legislators for a reception at the Executive Mansion where he feted former New York City Mayor David Dinkins. According to RIT President Bill Destler, “Downtown Rochester is at a critical development juncture. The new center will be located in the former Rochester Savings Bank building on Franklin Street. Monroe County ranked 175th among the largest 329 counties nationwide in terms of employment growth percentage in the first quarter, a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. Some 370,700 people were employed in 18,200 establishments in the first quarter, an employment increase of 1.4 percent. Saratoga County ranked 40th, the highest on the list in terms of percentage of employment increase among the 18 counties ranked in New York State. BLS reported an average weekly wage of $892 in Monroe County, up 5.1 percent from the first quarter 2011. In Erie County, some 23,800 businesses employed 449,400 people in the first quarter, a 1.1 percent increase. Data in the report include counties with annual average employment levels of 75,000 or more in 2011. New York has been ranked first in the nation for entrepreneurial activity, according to the State Entrepreneurship Index, a state-by-state measurement of entrepreneurial activity. The ballpark is notable also as the home field for the Negro National League New York Black Yankees in 1948, and the American Football League Rochester Braves in 1936, and the American League Rochester Tigers in 1936 and 1937. The house at 500 Norton Street remains at the site today and now is occupied by one of the city’s four Neighborhood Service Centers. Behind the building at 500 Norton Street is a one story structure that was added to the site after the ballpark’s demolition. On the eastern side of the building at 500 Norton Street are three plaques honoring the history of the ballpark.
The first plaque details what the land there was used for prior to construction of the ballpark, as well as significant milestones in the ballpark’s history.
In 1956, local Rochester businessman Morrie Silver helped purchase the team and it’s stadium from the St. What appears to be the outline of Silver Stadium’s first and third base foul lines still can be seen in the Google Maps Satellite View of the former Silver Stadium Site (you will need to zoom in on the site). The ballpark faced east, with the first base foul line running diagonally toward Norton Street.

Silver Stadium was a single-deck ballpark with a roof covering the grandstand from first base around to third base.
Silver Stadium closed after the 1996 season and the following year the ballpark was demolished. After the ballpark’s demolition, the city added a new street, Excel Drive, which runs north and south through the center of the former ballpark site.
Where once sat the third base grandstand is now a one-story industrial building at 85 Excel Drive, currently housing SPEX Precision Machine Technologies. In what was once the right field corner and the right field bleachers sits a large warehouse at 10 Excel Drive. Just beyond the warehouse, across Norton Street, is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, whose steeple was readily visible beyond the right field bleachers back during the time of Silver Stadium. In what was once left field also sits a large one-story industrial building and parking lot. In addition, several of the industrial buildings that sat beyond the home plate grandstand remain at the site. The former school building at 1550 N Clinton Street, which sat behind the first base grandstand, remains as well, and now houses a ministry. In 1997, the Red Wings moved three miles south of Silver Stadium to a new state-of-the-art minor league facility located at 333 N.
Frontier Field pays homage to Morrie Silver with a statue outside the ballpark’s front gates. Although Silver Stadium is now a lost ballpark, much of the outfield and many of the buildings surrounding the stadium site remain as they were were back when baseball was played at 500 Norton Avenue.
If you live in Rochester and attend Red Wing games, a pilgrimage just three miles south of Frontier Field to the former site of Silver Stadium is a must. Many great ballplayers and managers made the ballpark their home, including Rochester Hall of Famers and Baseball Hall of Famers Cal Ripken, Jr., Red Schoendienst, Earl Weaver, and Johnny Mize.
Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!: Protect New York's lakes by arriving with your boat cleaned, drained, and dry. OCCUPANCY-Limited to 6 individuals per campsite and 2 tents or 1 unit of hard wheeled camping equipment and 1 tent.
GENERATORS-The use of generators may be limited to no more than 5 hours per day and fall between the hours of 9 a.m.
ACCESSIBLE SITES-At least one member of the camping party staying on the site must be mobility impaired (i.e.
SWIMMING-Is allowed at campgrounds with supervised bathing areas during designated hours when a lifeguard is on duty.
PETS-Are allowed with proof of a currently valid rabies vaccination in the form of a current year's tag or a certificate issued by the veterinarian. Additional InformationNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Buck Pond CampgroundTake the Virtual Tour! After moving to Rochester from Long Island in 1995, I began digging into the history of this place. The impressive reach of the subway was possible because it utilized the bed of the old Erie Canal.
Subway car (Car 60) is in the custody of the Rochester Chapter NRHS, at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.
This is a rate of 1.9 fatal crashes per 10,000 population, which was lower than the national norm. Homeowners will not have to register in order to receive their 2013 STAR exemptions and will not have to re-register every year.
The press release, which appears below, says that locations in the Rochester area will be scouted on Friday.
We are thrilled with the extraordinarily skilled craftspeople, crew and facilities that exist throughout the region and all of the local businesses whose work will help make this project possible.
Upstate, the production expects to hire approximately 250 crew members and a few hundred extras. The production expects to shoot for 150 days, including 50 days in Bethpage and 10 to 15 days in Rochester. For example, the production will require 3,000 hotel room nights in Rochester as well as 3,000 hotel room nights in Bethpage and Plainview on Long Island. Since the film tax credit program started in 2004, it has leveraged an estimated $12.1 billion worth of direct spending and has been a huge job generator for New York. In this year’s budget, Governor Cuomo has proposed a 5-year extension of the program and other changes to increase transparency and accountability.
Andrew Cuomo unveiled a proposal to add up to seven casinos on non-Indian land, with the first three located in Upstate New York. The state constitution prohibits forms of commercial gambling, other than video lottery terminals.
Out of about 700 school districts in the state, only 38 applied for management efficiency grants, and 16 received a total of $7.1 million in grants. The full amount was not awarded because districts were supposed to meet minimum requirements and those that did not were ineligible to win money, Education Department spokesman Jonathan Burman said.
In this year’s budget, Cuomo has proposed setting aside $25 million to spur a competition to implement full-day prekindergarten programs for high-needs students as well as $20 million to extend learning time.
In New York, the competition helped spur a new teacher evaluation system and alignment with tougher curriculum standards, known as the Common Core. The undistributed $33 million could have saved hundreds of jobs for teachers, who work directly with children, he said. State law gives the governor a strong hand in negotiations by limiting changes legislators can make to budget bills; if Cuomo left language in, he could essentially dare legislators to pass it into law along with the rest of the budget or shut down state government if they refuse.
Several members of the caucus of legislators of color held a news conference earlier Sunday pushing this point.
The ballpark opened in 1929 as Red Wing Stadium, and was home to the International League Rochester Red Wings. The Red Wings were then an affiliate of the St.

Next to that gate was a two story house that served as both a ticket booth and administrative offices for the team. Louis Cardinals, thus ensuring that the Red Wings would remain in Rochester should the Cardinals decide to relocate to another town. Louis Cardinals departed Rochester and the Baltimore Orioles became affiliated with the International League Red Wings.
Uncovered bleachers extended along the foul lines toward right field with a smaller uncovered section near left field. In its place the city constructed 14621 Industrial Park (the reference to 14621 is the area’s zip code).
Two single story warehouse buildings now sit just beyond what used to be the center field fence.
When comparing Silver Stadium to Frontier Field it is easy to appreciate the team’s decision to construct a new ballpark in the heart of downtown Rochester.
From July 1 through Labor Day only 14 cumulative nights will be permitted at any campground. Please note that there may be times when lifeguards are unavailable, and for the safety of our customers these beaches will not be open and swimming will be prohibited. Campers can walk dogs on a leash no longer than six feet as long as the animal is under control. However, its two economic engines - Kodak and Xerox - have cut local employment dramatically in recent years. Based on the information provided in the registration process, the Tax Department will monitor homeowners’ eligibility in future years.
The cast also includes Jamie Foxx as the villain Electro, Paul Giamatti as The Rhino, Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn. The production will have the biggest stage footprint ever seen in New York with massive sets being constructed at three facilities in Long Island and Brooklyn. By shooting the film in New York, we are able to streamline our production needs and realize enormous benefits and efficiencies as a result of the state’s motion picture tax incentive program.
This Friday, the production will be scouting locations in Rochester for scenes, one of which will be a car chase.
In addition, the production is using several Long Island-based businesses for purchasing food and equipment, including spending approximately $279,000 for container rentals from Mobile on Demand Storage of NY, Inc. Passing a constitutional amendment requires approval from two consecutive Legislatures, followed by a public referendum.
The school performance grant drew 74 applicants, but only $10.2 million was handed out to 23 districts. It was up to the Cuomo administration to determine what would happen to the grant money not awarded, he added. The two-story building is somewhat reminiscent of similar buildings at League Park in Cleveland and Braves Field in Boston. Spearheading a stock drive, he and 8,221 others bought shares in the team in order to purchase the franchise and the stadium from the St. Given how much of the field remains unencumbered, a baseball game very well could break out on that field at any time, helping to bring back to that area a game that was played there for over 60 years.
Visit the NYSDEC website for more information on inspecting and cleaning your boat and gear. No chainsaws are allowed in campgrounds, and cutting down trees, alive or dead is prohibited.
An adaptation of the old Erie Canal; what creativity, ingenuity, determination, and foresight it must have taken to construct. Opponents say it creates an unfair system of winners and losers, and that kids pay the price. While polls show a minimum wage increase is supported by more than three-quarters of New Yorkers, it has a harder road in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Private funding sources, combined with public and academic programs, fuel many of the new ventures. The Lake Kushaqua and the Kushaqua Narrows form most of the western and northern boundaries of the campground.
From Adirondack Northway (1-87), Southbound: Take Exit 38, then take Route 374 west to the Route 3 junction. Then to be overshadowed by the conflict and heartbreak of its eventual decline, abandonment, and conversion into a highway.
Coffee in Hicksville, $19,000 for auto parts from Quick Auto Parts in Hicksville, and $16,000 for food from Bagelboss in Hicksville. A non-profit organization, High technology of Rochester, Inc., has been created by industry, government, and academia to foster the areas high tech industry. Silver’s death in 1974, his widow Anna Silver remained with the team as a Member of the Board of Directors from 1975 to 1990, and as Chairperson of Board from 1981-1990. The Silver’s daughter Naomi Silver currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Red Wings. The major species of fish found in Buck Pond are northern pike, yellow perch, and brown bullhead. This web site exists to help spark public dialogue around how we can better connect the neighborhoods of Rochester NY, surrounding communities, and their cultural offerings.

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